Custom Request

We no longer carry Malachite & Rhodonite in stock but we can help you with a custom design.Please know that our custom orders do take approximately 2 weeks or more to complete, and we're not able to accept coupons, returns, or exchanges on custom orders due to color and sizing.

Email your request to:
What size necklace or bracelet would you need?
We have 11" for newborn - 1 year, 12.5" for 5 months - 5 years, 14" preteen, and 16-20 inches for adults. However, we can make any size you need! Bracelets are typically 5.5" and knotted for babies and toddlers, 6.5" for preteen, and 6.5-7".5 for adults. If unsure, measure where you'd like the necklace or bracelet to be and add about .5-.75" for the clasp.
AMBER & GEMSTONES Which amber beads or semi-precious gemstones do you need?
Amber is great for inflammation, for babies: teething, insomnia, gas pains. For toddlers: growing pains, sport injuries. For Preteen: cramps, migraines, etc. For adults: Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, back pain, Sciatica, Migraines, and more.
Hazelwood is great for GUT inflammation: eczema, acne, GERD, colic, rash, heartburn, reflux
Semi-Precious is great for hormonal support. Pink Rose Quartz for sadness and depression, Blue lapis or black onyx for anxiety, stress, ADHD type symptoms, Purple Amethyst for anger and stress, Green jasper for energy, Turquoise for air purification, Red agate for balance and dizziness.
Our blue lapis is naturally enhanced for color and may fade over time.
We are unable to customize: Adjustable black clasps, flower, bean, or nugget necklaces at this time. Which symptoms are you experiencing? We'd love to help put together the perfect product for YOU!
We can allow about 6 total options in one necklace. That includes any amber colors or gemstones.
We cannot mix amber, hazelwood, AND Gems unless we do hazelwood as every other. If you need less hazelwood, we can split your request into two necklaces.
One last thing, please send your email address for the invoice.
Many of the options can be found here, just click, filter by the specifics you're looking for and see if you find the one you need!
For nebulizers or specialty items (Custom, Silver or Gold Clasps, Surprise), please refer to our policy here. Many of these items are not eligible for return or exchange.