Baltic Essentials Wholesale Associate 10-Pack

$ 300.00

We are excited for you to join our wholesale program and become an associate. Use coupon: ASSOCIATE at checkout.

Your Associate pack will come equipped with 10 Baltic Amber teething necklaces. 8 will be from the raw & polished collection, 1 from the flower selection, and 1 from the semi-precious line. Please note that due to high demand, we are unable to fulfill every request for customization. However, if there is a specific necklace you are seeking, please comment when you purchase and we will do our best to fulfill.

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If you prefer to purchase a different mix, email us for details:

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You may purchase from our large variety of Baltic Amber & Hazelwood:
11 inches is typically newborn through 11 months
12.5 inches is typically 5 months through 5 years
14 / 15 inches are typically our pre-teen and teen sizes
16-21+ inches are our adult sizes
Our essential oil diffuser and diffuser necklace line as well as our Dog and Cat collars for fleas and ticks

Each necklace will come with a tag that has our certificate of authenticy, ready to display at your store.

If you have a Texas shipping address, you will be charged 8.25% sales tax on your online orders. If you are a resaler and charge taxes to your customers, you can submit an exception certificate to us, to have the taxes reimbursed! Please email that to us!

Here is some more information on the products:

* Baltic Amber for children: relieves symptoms caused by inflammation, fever teething, red cheeks, drool

* Baltic Amber for Adults: inflammation caused by swelling, back ache, sciatica, arthritis, tooth ache, hypothyroid, migraine, carpal tunnel, and more. - safe for pregnancy

* Pink Rose Quartz: Helps to ease the loss, calm stress, helps with low confidence & quells anger.

* Amethyst: relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Alleviates sadness and grief, and dissolves negativity.

* Lapis Lazuli aids in stress, anxiety, and ADHD

* Turquoise: Aids in purification and detoxification. Air purification for asthma and allergies.

* Aventurine: Promotes a feeling of well-being and self-worth

* Crysocolla: Promotes energy

* Red Agate helps to calm the emotions. It cleanses the lymphatic system and the pancreas. Can be so helpful for dizziness, headaches and impaired balance.

While the stones are pure, the colors in red agate, green crysocolla, & blue lapis lazuli are enhanced and may fade over time.

What's great about our all amber teething necklaces is that the amber is 100% PURE Baltic Amber - that's the bead for teething, inflammation, fever, common colds, and immune boosting.

We're often asked: which is best, raw or polished? bean or round shape? which color works best? For 99.99% of all babies, ANY color, polish, or shape will work well. If your baby does NOT respond well within 30 minutes, give it a full week. If your baby is still not responding, just contact us and we'll work with you to exchange or refund.

What size is best? We suggest newborn through 11 months can fit the 11 inch well. In fact, many children up to 3 years can still fit this necklace, but for the average baby, 11 months is maximum. If you can fit 3 fingers in, it's a great fit. From 5 months to 5 years, we suggest 12.5 inches. The necklaces are stretchable as well if you need an extra inch. Without pulling at the clasps, gently pull bead to bead until you've gone around the entire necklace one time. Try out the new size and repeat if a longer length is desired.

How to clean them: Just use hot water and cloth to wipe the beads if needed. Can they get wet? Yes, they can but we prefer to keep them chemical free as the chemicals may interfere with the effectiveness. This often means removing during bath and pool.

Is there actual food in the necklace? No, the colors of the necklace are shades: Milk is a whitish yellow, Lemon is a lemony yellow. Honey is a golden yellowish brown. It can vary light to dark based on when the amber was mined. Cognac is a darker brown and varies from light to dark based on when the amber was mined. Cherry is typically black in color. Occasionally you may notice some red or ruby tints but cherry is mostly black. Multi or Rainbow are a mix of three or four colors above typically. We also have semi-precious rainbow and that mixes the gemstones in our necklaces.

If I purchase two, will they be identical? Probably not! The amber is all natural from the earth. Each bit of tree resin is hardened into a bead to be placed onto the necklace. The beads are sorted by size and strung. But color, shape, texture can vary from necklace to necklace. It is more rare to find two that are exact.

Necklaces are not for baby to chew on, the Amber & other stones releases microscopic amounts of oil, as it warms with the body's natural temperature, that is absorbed into the skin and bloodstream. Baltic Amber contains succinic acid (anti-fever, anti-inflammatory), the compound that gives Baltic Amber teething necklaces the therapeutic quality. **FOR CHILDREN UNDER 3*** Teething Necklaces should be removed during naps and when unsupervised.

Baltic amber is an organic substance, a “fossil resin” produced by pine trees which grew in Northern Europe. By having the baby wear the necklace everyday it helps reduce the common symptoms related to teething such as: red cheeks, fever, swollen gums, and diaper rash.

Let me know if you have any more questions too! :)

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