A Thoughtful Father’s Day Gift for the Executive Dad

Gift for Daddy

June 03, 2016 3 min read 1 Comment

A Working Father

Executive. Upper Management. Boss. Big Kahuna. Big Cheese. Head Honcho. Leader. Director. Do any of these words describe your favorite dad? Maybe all of them do! Dads, who are also working professionals, have a lot on their shoulders; not only do they worry about their families to keep a room over their head, but they also have businesses, companies and other employees to worry about as well. 

Balancing Work and Home

It takes a strong man to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. At work he’s faced with decisions and deadlines, hiring and firing, profits and losses -- all the things it takes to keep a business running.  It is his job to please his superiors while still demonstrating to his employees what  real leadership is like. He has to do tasks  that he’d rather not do, go to meetings,  and attend conference calls that take up  a lot of time. He has to accept  responsibility and be the place where  the buck stops; he has to please his  customers without sacrificing his bottom  line.

 At home, he’s faced with mortgage  payments and utility bills, school plays and baseball games, lawn mowing and car maintenance, and all the things it takes to ensure his home is a happy one.  He has to make sure his family is financially stable and physically secure while being a loving husband and father. At other times, he has to be the amateur plumber, handyman, and monster slayer.  He also has to impart wisdom to his children and teach them to be responsible and conscientious adults, but he still has to let out his inner child come out every now and again and make time for himself and have fun with his friends.

The Perfect Gift for Dad to Relieve Stress

What can you give the man who has to be everything to everyone all the time and takes it all in stride? Surely he doesn’t need another tie to remind him of work or a socket wrench set to remind him of his “honey-do” list.  A man of his caliber needs something as strong as he is to help ease all that pressure and stress, and to help him stay grounded.  Fortunately, BalticEssentials.com has the very thing he needs- a Hazelwood and Black Onyx Necklace that puts the Earth’s healing energy right where he needs them to be. 

All of that worrying and fast pace between work and home is sure to give him an upset stomach --and possibly a heartburn on occasion when he rushes to eat-- so Hazelwood is there to bring his body back to neutral pH levels by absorbing excess acid.  Black Onyx is a stone that has been highly regarded since ancient times for its ability to enhance one’s determination and strength, bring balance and harmony to the mind and stimulate wise decision making.  When those two substances are combined, they give a hard-working professional dad the tools he needs to succeed. 

So for the man who strives every day to give his children all the advantages he can and strives to be a good boss, make sure he has an extra advantage to combat the hundreds of stressors he encounters on a daily basis with a one-two, punch with the Hazelwood and Black Onyx from Baltic Essentials by his side this Father’s Day.

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June 06, 2016

Perfect timing! My dad will love this.

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