Traveling Essential!

The vacation season has officially started and people everywhere are taking planes, trains and automobiles to their favorite destinations for a little rest and relaxation. While doing fun things at your destination is by far the best part of the vacation, the journey to get there is usually the worst part.  Between highway construction zones, cancelled flights, lost luggage, traffic jams and constantly eating out, sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation.

While you’re making your hotel reservations and packing your suitcase, be sure to include a Hazelwood and Rainbow necklace from to ensure your vacation is more on the happy memories side and less on the stressful side. If your vacation includes restaurant hopping and indulging in delicious foods you don’t normally eat, you’ll be thankful you brought your Hazelwood along.  Hazelwood comes from a woody shrub that is known for its ability to absorb excess acid from the body, making it more alkaline to prevent tummy aches and gastritis.  If you find yourself stuck next to an annoying passenger or squirmy child, Amethyst can calm your emotions and help you take it all in stride.  If you find yourself arguing with your loved ones because everyone wants to do something different, Pink Rose Quartz can help you dispel anger and open your heart to giving love.  If the thought of flying or getting on a boat makes you feel anxious, Lapis Lazuli can help instill a sense a calm and serenity. Turquoise has long been used as a traveler’s amulet to protect against accidents and lost luggage, and can also help reduce jet lag. Chrysocolla can give you a natural energy boost to help you keep up with all the sightseeing, and Aventurine can give your confidence a boost to try new things. And if all that walking, swimming, hiking and playing leaves you with soreness and a headache, you’ll be well-prepared with Red Agate and Baltic Amber, for natural pain relief.

So whether you’re taking a trip around the world or just to the next state over, don’t forget to bring your Hazelwood and Rainbow necklace along for the ride – it just might mean the difference between a wonderful vacation and one you’d rather forget.