Do Amber Teething Necklaces Really Work For Babies?

Do amber teething necklaces really work?
The Science Behind Amber

When you learn what amber is and what it does, you can understand why it is powerful in helping your baby. Amber teething necklaces are made from the fossilized resin of trees, and its discovery dates back hundreds to millions of Image result for scienceyears ago. The active ingredient of resin is the succinic acid that is released from the bead that is absorbed into the bloodstream when it is warmed up from the skin. It is the oil from the acid that provides immense anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and analgesic effects on the body. The trio make it the perfect combination at relieving teething pain along with many of its associated symptoms such as redness, drooling, fussiness, and ear pain. The succinic acid also contains immune boosting and antioxidant rich properties which are most useful in easing or preventing the flu and cold. The swollen, sore gums your little one may initially feel will go away as the new teeth grow in over the span of a few weeks or months. The end result? A very happy baby.

The Benefits Come Soon

A common question many ask is do the amber teething necklaces really work for babies. The great thing about using Baltic Essentials Teething Necklaces for babies is knowing that relief is only moments away. Parents notice a positive change in their child after wearing it within half an hour. Of course, not everyone will see the exact same results and others may notice the results in several hours or a few days. The teething necklaces also provide lasting results when they continue to be worn with adult supervision, but be sure to remove them anytime your baby is asleep. The jewelry is also best worn when it is not too tight, but not too lose Image result for happy babywhere your child can tug on it. Doing so prevents them from chewing on amber as the product only needs to be in contact with skin to work, and not the mouth. Leaving amber alone and allowing them to forget that the necklace is there allows the beads to work its magic.

For the Child That Wants to Chew

Sucking, biting, and chewing on things are actually natural reflexes a baby must have and should be allowed to do during their development. If you find that your infant still wants something to chew on even if they are relieved from any pain with the help of Baltic Essentials Amber, you should still allow that to satisfy that need to chew. In addition to using the teething necklaces for your baby, you can still give them products that are safe for them to chew on such as chewable toys, damp cloth, or a teether. All of these items give just the right amount of texture your baby can handle to gnaw on safely. You can even allow them to chew on your finger if their teeth are not completely grown in (a full set of teeth would be painful). Children, namely those under 12 months explore and have fun by putting things in their mouth so it is okay to give them such products. Of course, always be sure to monitor them and provide the right teething products they can use safely. The teething process should be a fun phase for parents and babies, and it most certainly can done. Do amber teething necklaces really work? Amber teething necklaces really work for babies!