What Can Amber Teething Necklaces Do For Your Baby?

By Abby Logiste
on May 03, 2019

What Can Amber Teething Necklaces Do For Your Baby?

The Effects Amber Will Have on Your Baby   

Anything and everything you do with your child or put on your child are carefully picked out by parents. If your child is uncomfortable and in pain, the only thing a mom or dad wants to do is help them feel better. Whenever possible, parents prefer to use efficient methods that are natural that will not cause any adverse effects. Baltic Essentials Amber is natural and safe enough for your baby to wear daily while giving your child positive effects. Amber releases succinic acid from the resin it is made out of which is easily released into the bloodstream once it is activated and warmed by the body. The benefits amber teething necklaces can do for your baby are truly incredible for parents look holistic options.


Teething and Ear Relief

The succinic acid contained in amber is most notorious for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect that work together in teething teething pain. Since the mouth and the ears are connected, it is also possible for a child's ear to become irritated Image result for no teething painas well, but amber is just as effective for easing the discomfort and swelling at the ears too. Results vary, but many parents find that their baby has relief from teething within an hour. Babies only have to wear amber to get these results, and they should not chew it. The reduction in inflammation it causes is excellent for just about any inflammatory process such as in the throat, stomach or respiratory system which can even help accelerate wound healing.

Eliminate Redness and  Drooling

Other symptoms related to teething such as redness or drooling can also be treated effectively when using Baltic Essentials Teething Necklaces. The same anti-inflammatory effects that are delivered via the blood help the body get rid of the redness that often accompanies teething and swollen gums. When your child is feels that pain, it is a defense reflex for them to keep their mouth open in order to reduce the amount of pressure on the gums. When the pain is no longer there, your baby is able to behave as they normally do. This is one significant reason why the teething necklace is able to stop any excessive saliva.


Increased Immunity

Many parents wonder what can Amber teething necklaces do for their baby. Baltic Essentials Amber reduces and helps prevent colds and flus not only thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects, but because helps boost the immune system and provide antioxidants. There has been research that discovered micronzation of the healing stone improve assimilation induced from stress weakened states. Any time the body is in a less than favorable environment, stress can inhibit proper flow of energy within the cells. These effects, if not reversed, later affect the cell's metabolism which ultimately puts a great toll on the body. Complications of stress are typically worse in infants because their body is still growing and they have yet to develop an adequate level of stress relieving hormones. However, this process is often reversed due to the natural energy emitted from amber that helps stimulate renewal and a better state of energy balance. So what can teething bracelets do for babies? There are plenty of benefits in easing pain and relieving stress.

Promote Sleep and Reduce Fussiness

It is not your imagination if your notice your baby has become a lot less fussy and has an easier time going to sleep. The energy released from amber also promotes a sense of calmness your baby can enjoy as it helps improve their mood and they cry less. If you have a baby that is having trouble falling or staying asleep, you may notice the teething necklace will make a difference. As a note, you want to be sure to remove the necklace from your child's neck after they do go to bed. Baltic Essentials Amber is a unique product that your baby can continue to use as they grow older for the many years to come.

Babies Have No More Teething Pain with Baltic Essentials Amber

By Kristen M. Miller
on April 30, 2019

End Teething Pain

Teething Pain 

Teething pain is a temporary feeling 80% of babies will experience when the teeth begin to erupt through the gums. Although symptoms will vary, your baby may go through several conditions -- many of which are often misdiagnosed as something else. 

       Common Teething Symptoms                                          Common Misdiagnosis

                       Irritated Ear                                                                   Ear Infection

                       Irritated Bowel                                                                   Rash

                       Runny Nose                                                      Sinus/Cold Infection

                    Trouble Sleeping                                                                  Colic

                 Fussy/Picky Eating                                                Stomach/ GI Issue

If your baby is in the teething phase, Baltic Amber beads put a stop to teething pain where they can stay smiling. Putting Baltic Amber teething beads on babies may seem like a trendy new concept, but in fact, it has been a common practice since ancient times. As far back as the time of Hippocrates (c. 460-c. 370 B.C.), the great Greek philosopher known as the “Father of Western Medicine”, Baltic Amber has been used as a remedy for many ailments. Even as recently as the 1940s, Baltic Amber teething beads have been a favorite of German mothers and nannies for soothing teething pain and easing fussiness in infants.

Get Rid of Teething Pain With Baltic Amber

What is so special about Baltic Amber that sets it apart from other Ambers?? Baltic Amber comes from a specific region in western Russia, Lithuania, and Poland that was once home to a forest approximately 44 million years ago, and is the world’s largest deposit of amber. The trees there were primarily evergreens that produced a sticky resin, which eventually hardened into amber.

Amber exists all over the world, but amber from the Baltic region was primarily produced by an extinct species of tree, closely related to the Japanese Umbrella Pine. Baltic Essentials Amber has a high concentration of succinic acid, and is considered very potent. The healing power of Baltic Essentials Amber is well documented through the centuries, from physicians such as the Persian Avicenna to scientists such as Nicolaus Copernicus. It has been a mainstay in alchemy and healing arts since long before the birth of Christ.

Baltic Amber Benefits for Teething Pain

The ancients may not have understood why Baltic Essentials Amber works as a healing agent, but learned through experimentation and observation its positive effects on the body. Today we know that Baltic Amber is comprised of succinic acid, a very powerful antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals (rogue molecules) and balance pH levels. In fact, succinic acid is a very common modern food additive due to its ability to reduce acidity in foods! Baltic Amber beads are thought to impart succinic acid through the skin and reduce and even eliminate the pain and colic of teething babies. Because of the antioxidant properties of succinic acid, Baltic Essentials Amber is also thought to bolster the immune system while reducing inflammation at the cellular level. Even though they might not have known why it worked, it seems that the German nannies were on to something!

The idea of putting Baltic Essentials Amber Teething Necklaces on babies to reduce and eliminate teething pain might not have much in the way of recent scientific studies, but it is backed by thousands of years of knowledge and human studies, handed down from generation to generation. If Baltic Amber has worked so well for so long, it stands to reason that it should continue to work well far into the future. BalticEssentials has a huge selection of timeless, authentic Baltic Amber teething necklaces to help ease your little one’s teething pain and restore peace to the household.

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Do Amber Teething Necklaces Really Work For Babies?

By Abby Logiste
on November 14, 2018

Do Amber Teething Necklaces Really Work For Babies?

Do amber teething necklaces really work?
The Science Behind Amber

When you learn what amber is and what it does, you can understand why it is powerful in helping your baby. Amber teething necklaces are made from the fossilized resin of trees, and its discovery dates back hundreds to millions of Image result for scienceyears ago. The active ingredient of resin is the succinic acid that is released from the bead that is absorbed into the bloodstream when it is warmed up from the skin. It is the oil from the acid that provides immense anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and analgesic effects on the body. The trio make it the perfect combination at relieving teething pain along with many of its associated symptoms such as redness, drooling, fussiness, and ear pain. The succinic acid also contains immune boosting and antioxidant rich properties which are most useful in easing or preventing the flu and cold. The swollen, sore gums your little one may initially feel will go away as the new teeth grow in over the span of a few weeks or months. The end result? A very happy baby.

The Benefits Come Soon

A common question many ask is do the amber teething necklaces really work for babies. The great thing about using Baltic Essentials Teething Necklaces for babies is knowing that relief is only moments away. Parents notice a positive change in their child after wearing it within half an hour. Of course, not everyone will see the exact same results and others may notice the results in several hours or a few days. The teething necklaces also provide lasting results when they continue to be worn with adult supervision, but be sure to remove them anytime your baby is asleep. The jewelry is also best worn when it is not too tight, but not too lose Image result for happy babywhere your child can tug on it. Doing so prevents them from chewing on amber as the product only needs to be in contact with skin to work, and not the mouth. Leaving amber alone and allowing them to forget that the necklace is there allows the beads to work its magic.

For the Child That Wants to Chew

Sucking, biting, and chewing on things are actually natural reflexes a baby must have and should be allowed to do during their development. If you find that your infant still wants something to chew on even if they are relieved from any pain with the help of Baltic Essentials Amber, you should still allow that to satisfy that need to chew. In addition to using the teething necklaces for your baby, you can still give them products that are safe for them to chew on such as chewable toys, damp cloth, or a teether. All of these items give just the right amount of texture your baby can handle to gnaw on safely. You can even allow them to chew on your finger if their teeth are not completely grown in (a full set of teeth would be painful). Children, namely those under 12 months explore and have fun by putting things in their mouth so it is okay to give them such products. Of course, always be sure to monitor them and provide the right teething products they can use safely. The teething process should be a fun phase for parents and babies, and it most certainly can done. Do amber teething necklaces really work? Amber teething necklaces really work for babies!


How Old Should Your Baby Be to Wear Amber Necklaces?

By Abby Logiste
on October 23, 2018

How Old Should Your Baby Be to Wear Amber Necklaces?

Why Everybody Loves Amber

Nature has made it so we can help our body heal itself whenever we are dealing with physical or psychological distress. In this day in age the power of nature can be forgotten as modern medicine is pushed and promoted heavily. Although medicine does work and there are benefits to it, there are often downsides also associated with its use that can range from minor to debilitating to detrimental. These same risks are tenfold in babies, which is why administering medication of any kind is significantly reduced and must be calculated accurately by their weight. No parent likes to see their child ill, but many --if not all-- would prefer not to give harmful chemicals to their child if they can help it. Holistic remedies continues to be used by people who want their child to feel better without having to worry about the harmful effects. Baltic Essentials Amber is a completely natural option parents can use on their babies minus any potential negatives as there is when using chemicals. Still, countless parents wonder how old their baby should be to start wearing amber necklaces.


Knowing When Your Baby Can Wear Amber

Baltic Essentials Amber is an amazing product that is completely natural and safe for babies to wear. Any one of any age can enjoy the benefits of amber, but it is much more exciting to know there are symptoms and conditions the necklace can specifically address, common issues babies may develop. Baltic Essentials Amber is able to ease teething or ear pain, colds, gas, colic, and reflux and many other conditions in babies. While there is no completely restricted time on how old your baby should be to start wearing amber bracelets, babies can normally start wearing them at birth. It is also a perfect queue they are ready for the benefits of amber once they show signs of teething. After that, the sky is truly the limit and there is no age cap. Many parents are ecstatic to find the natural remedy can improve symptoms within a few minutes or days of wearing it. The active ingredient, succinic acid, is released from the beads and are transferred to your child's bloodstream and provide analgesic and anti-inflammatory powers that can even boost their immune system.

Your Child's Age and Amber

Once you understand your baby's developmental stage, you can understand why it is best to allow babies to wear amber necklaces from birth. Babies receive a great deal of "help" from their mothers due to the antibodies they receive while in the womb as well as through breast milk in order to build their immune system. By the time they are a few weeks old, Baltic Essentials Amber allows the immune system they built on their own to grow stronger and boosts immunity.

Are Babies Meant to Chew on Amber Teething Necklaces?

By Abby Logiste
on September 13, 2018

Are Babies Meant to Chew on Amber Teething Necklaces?

To Chew or Not to Chew the Teething Necklaces

There are some parents who are uncertain as to whether amber teething necklaces are meant to be chewed on to bring out the most relief for their kids. This thought is often because amber necklaces are often compared to the silicon necklaces that babies are meant to chew on to meet their chewing needs. So are babies also meant to chew on Amber teething necklaces? Amber is much more solid in consistency unlike silicon necklaces and chewing rings which would not make them suitable for chewing while kids are teething. This is especially true for babies that already are starting to grow in their teeth. Although amber is not necessarily toxic to their health even if they do so, the necklace would not work as it is meant to and will have little to no effect on addressing the teething problem.

Babies Should Wear Amber Teething Necklaces

Some may also believe babies are meant to chew on amber teething necklaces because the "teething" part is taken in the literal sense rather than knowing it is meant to solely define what the product works on -- another innocent notion. The beauty about amber is that it requires no effort on your part, or your baby, to reap the benefits. Your job is virtually done after you place it around the neck in order to let the necklace do its job. Rather than having to chew on them, Ba12.5" Polished Amber True Rainbow Baltic Amber Necklace Round For Baby And Toddler 5 Months To 5 Years Most - Screw Claspltic Essentials Amber provides teething relief for babies by naturally due to the resin it contains that is full of anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It also helps with drooling and redness associated with teething. By ensuring it remains in contact with the skin, these properties are easily sent over to the skin. The secret to activating amber is heat transference to the surface of the body rather than the mouth where the oils which allow the oils to be released. The longer the beads are worn, the longer the effects will continue to last although you want to remove the necklace once your child is asleep. Baltic Essentials Amber is your baby's natural and effective teething miracle!

Your Little One Can Use Amber For A Long Time

There is no time limit as to how long your baby should keep other than ensuring they do not wear it to sleep. Once you notice your kid is unusually fussy or are displaying other signs of teething, the necklaces may be worn immediately to provide relief. Every child is different and the teething phase may last a few  weeks. For others, it may last a few months so it is critical to read how your child's progress rather than focus a number although learning estimates are helpful. Even after the teething phase is over, Baltic Essentials Amber bestows multifunctional benefits and rather than thinking it obsolete, it is also great for a variety of other symptoms. Other than teething, amber is just as excellent for colds, gas, reflux, or help your baby sleep and remain more relaxed making these necklaces truly worth the purchase.


What Color Amber is Most Effective?

By Abby Logiste
on August 22, 2018

What Color Amber is most Effective?

 Taking a Deeper Look at Color

When you look at all the types of Amber there are, it can seem as if there are as many colors as there is in the rainbow. Another thought that may also come to mind is if there is a color or colors that work better than others or what color amber is most effective. If not, some question if a certain color is meant to be more effective for a certain conditions than others. These questions are useful to ask as they help determine your choice. Before you make a purchase it is important to be able to be able to have the facts rather than the myths that some sites may advertise. All in all, there is actually no single color that is more effective than the other.

What you want to want to look for instead is the quality. True amber is comprised of 3-8% succinic acid, which is the active ingredient responsible for its anti-inflammatory properties. There is no single color that contains more succinic acid, although the lighter colors, namely milk / yellow butter amber followed by lemon and honey, are one of the purest forms of amber mother nature creates. Hence, they do typically contain higher amounts of succinic acid compared to the darker colors, although it is not by much.


Amber that is kept clean will ensure your beads stay effective for a long time before you need to replace it.


Baltic Essentials Amber

Baltic Essentials only sells pure Amber from the Baltic Sea to ensure you get a product that is effective to work on a number of conditions. This means all amber, no matter what color you get, is effective at helping us.  You should buy amber from a trusted source that guarantees results time and time again. You may use it to treat back pain or headaches or to help ease the symptoms of discomfort caused by chronic conditions such as arthritis. The natural healer can also be used on kids, and it is excellent for easing teething pain, redness and drooling.


The Benefits of Amber for Babies

By Abby Logiste
on June 29, 2018

Benefits of Amber for Babies

Is Amber Safe for my Baby?

Babies can experience extreme discomfort when they begin to sprout and may begin to become fussy and cry. Baltic Essentials Amber provides natural teething pain relief for babies. The same goes for easing pain related to earaches and a sore throat. The succinic acid within the beads are released to the bloodstream when it is worn on the skin as it provides immense anti-inflammatory properties that is perfect for treating tender gums.  The sedative-like effect of amber allows your baby to be free from teething pain as it treats the swelling. Other problems like drooling and redness can also be alleviated in babies and toddlers as it promotes a better, and well-rested sleep. Another benefit of amber helps alleviate stress in babies as it wards away negative energy. Drooling is reduced because amber helps stimulate the thyroid gland. Kids experience speedier healing and recovery time when they are sick as it builds the immune system.  Children often feel better within half an hour of wearing the necklace. Baltic Essentials Amber is dubbed as the no fuss alternative for teething for these reasons and because it is simpler.

So, Is Amber Safe for my Baby?

The answer is Yes! Baltic Amber, when used according to the safety instructions is a safe necessity for babies.  

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Perfect Baby Shower Gift Ideas

By Abby Logiste
on May 30, 2018

Perfect Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Welcoming a New Baby

There is no better realization for mom to experience than to discover that she is pregnant and will be giving life to an amazing human being in the next nine months. The good news will travel everywhere from informing the father, the parents and friends who will be eagerly waiting for the birth just as much as Mom. This is a perfect reason why baby showers are held because it presents an opportunity for everyone to get together and share the wonderful experience as one.  The celebration is bound to be a party with cake, games, and amazing conversations, but it also helps mom and dad with a few necessities their future child will need.

Baby Must-Have's

Inviting your first or another child into the household is a beautiful thing, but it is also very expensive. Although babies are cute, they are not cheap so it is nice to be able to get a little help from people in your life who may save your hundreds or thousands of dollars. The most basic essentials every parent knows they need are diapers, bottles, car seat, clothing, a thermometer, bathing material, formula (if you aren't breastfeeding) toys, and a crib. The list seems to go on indefinitely as you raise your kid and notice a few things you forgot to get or need to get because a new situations calls for it. Although parents would never wish of it, there are times when their child gets sick. There is a sense of duty to care for babies even more (if that is possible) when they are not feeling well.

Baltic Amber and Hazelwood Make Babies Happy

Baltic Essentials Amber is a great baby shower gift because it can naturally ease common baby troubles such as fever, teething pain, fussiness, excessive drooling, and red cheeks. It is an excellent analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent.  Baltic Essentials provides only authentic, pure amber to ensure effective results that will last for months. The secret weapon of amber is in its active ingredient, succinic acid, which travels directly to the bloodstream after the beads are warmed from the body. There are no side effects to have to worry about when using the necklace. Just keep in mind that the jewelry should be removed at night when the baby is sleeping unsupervised.

Another great baby shower gift is Baltic Essentials Hazelwood which also can be useful for a variety of ailments. It can restore the normal pH balance of the body by eliminating excess acidity. These benefits are notably most beneficial for the gastrointestinal system for babies who suffer from gas, colic, acid reflux, and Hazelwood Necklace Rainbow Baltic Amber Honey Pink Rose Quartz Red Agate Aventurine Cyrsocolla Baby, Infant, Toddler, Big Kid. 12.5 Inch The Hazelwood Is Specific In Fighting: Colic, Acid Reflux, Vomiconstipation. Like amber, hazelwood works by transferring its beneficial properties to the blood when it is being worn and will continue to do so for months. The necklaces also should not be kept on during the night, and it should be made a routine to remove during sleep or nap sessions. It is a great gift because it can leave mothers estatic knowing they can improve their child's health the natural way without using having to resorts to using medications. 



Make Teething Pain a Thing of the Past

By Abby Logiste
on March 23, 2018

Make Teething Pain a Thing of the Past

The Process of Getting Teeth

While many people parents are aware that their babies will gain teeth, a handful of them are not sure of an approximate time or understand the signs of symptoms of discomfort due to the teeth growing in and may associate it with something else. Having insight in both situations allow moms and dads to have the upper hand as it can help facilitate and make the teething process easier. Most babies will start to show signs of teeth by the time they reach six months of age, but there are early and late developers who may have teething signs as early as three months or as late as their first birthday. Overall, the lower central incisors are the first to show (between 4-6 months) followed by the upper central incisors (around 8 months). The lateral incisors appear around 9-12 months of age. Finally, the first molars, canines, and second molars make way at 14 months, 18 months, and 24 months, respectively. Understanding this range ensures parents know all babies are unique in their development pace. Nonetheless, by the time your baby is three, they will have their entire set of primary teeth and ready to eat just about anything like an adult.

Give-Away Signs Your Kid is Teething

Whether you are having your first child or your forth child, any parent can unveil signs their kid is teething so long as they look for the right signs: 

  • Tooth visibly peeking beneath the gum
  • Extensive drooling that may be accompanied with a facial rash
  • Irritable or overly fussy
  • Swollen or bulging gums red or sensitive to the touch
  • Chin and face rubbing along with ear tugging (these areas share nerve pathways)
  • Sucking, gnawing, or chewing
  • Reduced appetite or desire to eat
  • Inability to fall and remain asleep

Parents may confuse fever and diarrhea as additional signs of teething, but there is actually no evidence that links either with teething in pediatrics. In many cases, diarrhea may occur because while the child is teething they are putting anything and everything in their mouth to ease the discomfort. This causes an array of bacteria to enter the body and irritate the gastrointestinal system and put the body in fight mode to kill off the bacteria, later resulting in increased temperature.

Giving Your Baby Comfort

It can be tough for your baby to want to do the basics, such as eating and sleeping, when they are teething. As annoying as it may be, teething is a natural process that becomes more of a discomfort when the tooth is irritated so the goal is to allow the tooth grow without the infant disturbing it. It may sound as if it is easier said than done, but Baltic Essentials Amber can help ease teething pain in babies naturally. It is made from fossilized tree resin that provided anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties to the body when the beads are warmed over the skin. These substances head directly to the bloodstream to help ease pain, redness, and reduce swelling, all of which accompany teething. Amber is a great option for parents looking to help their child get rid of teething pain without having to resort to drugs. Keep in mind that the beads are meant to be worn, and not chewed on by kids. Also, the necklace should be removed at night when babies go to sleep and worn when they are supervised.

Let Amber be Everything You Need for Your Baby

By Abby Logiste
on February 21, 2018

Let Amber be Everything You Need for Your Baby

Using Amber on Babies

Amber, made from the resin of trees, has been used for hundreds of years as a natural way to help with ailments and pain generation after generation. Age is not a factor involved as infants are able to wear them to receive the benefits without having to worry about side effects. No one likes to see their baby in discomfort, but there are many factors that play into what can and cannot be given to them Image result for happy baby because of that as there is an extremely narrow margin between therapeutic and toxic responses with drugs. Parents should opt for using natural options for their kids as much as possible to avoid ingredients that can be harmful. While it is lightweight, attractive, and comfortable to wear, Amber continues to be used by millions to this day for themselves and for their children because of the calming yet powerful properties it has and serves as the perfect drug-free alternative for an array of issues. Here are a few baby things Baltic Essentials Amber can provide for your baby: 

  • Increase energy
  • Reduce fever/colds
  • Stop droolingImage result for happy baby
  • Boost the immune system
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Alleviating teething and pain 
  • Natural pain reliever
  • Has a calming effect
  • Reduction of Fever
  • Increased Sleep

Keep Your Kids Safe 

Baltic Essentials sells authentic, pure Amber that is handcrafted into a bracelet or necklace. The strings are knotted by head between every bead to ensure security. If there is such an event where the jewelry breaks, the beads do not scatter around the place because of this adhesion and added the screw clasp. The beads, after being warmed from the skin, release beneficial oils into the bloodstream. Babies love to play with just about everything and put it in their mouth (although there is the potential of the benefits weakening), so it is good to monitor them to ensure they are not chewing the Amber. The wonderful thing about the necklace is it works without effort once it is worn.  Baltic Amber Necklace - 12.5 Inch Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Basic Polish Raw Baby Toddler

Baltic Essentials Amber should also be removed during naps and sleep time and may be placed back on after your child is up. It is also advised to watch your kids when they do have it on and inspect the beads for any signs of tear. Although it is possible to see results in your baby in as little as thirty minutes, the time it takes to notice a difference does range. It may take some time to see the results but allowing your child to wear amber frequently ensure a buildup in the beneficial properties where a difference can be seen in time.

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