How Old Should Your Baby Be to Wear Amber Necklaces?

Why Everybody Loves Amber

Nature has made it so we can help our body heal itself whenever we are dealing with physical or psychological distress. In this day in age the power of nature can be forgotten as modern medicine is pushed and promoted heavily. Although medicine does work and there are benefits to it, there are often downsides also associated with its use that can range from minor to debilitating to detrimental. These same risks are tenfold in babies, which is why administering medication of any kind is significantly reduced and must be calculated accurately by their weight. No parent likes to see their child ill, but many --if not all-- would prefer not to give harmful chemicals to their child if they can help it. Holistic remedies continues to be used by people who want their child to feel better without having to worry about the harmful effects. Baltic Essentials Amber is a completely natural option parents can use on their babies minus any potential negatives as there is when using chemicals. Still, countless parents wonder how old their baby should be to start wearing amber necklaces.


Knowing When Your Baby Can Wear Amber

Baltic Essentials Amber is an amazing product that is completely natural and safe for babies to wear. Any one of any age can enjoy the benefits of amber, but it is much more exciting to know there are symptoms and conditions the necklace can specifically address, common issues babies may develop. Baltic Essentials Amber is able to ease teething or ear pain, colds, gas, colic, and reflux and many other conditions in babies. While there is no completely restricted time on how old your baby should be to start wearing amber bracelets, babies can normally start wearing them at birth. It is also a perfect queue they are ready for the benefits of amber once they show signs of teething. After that, the sky is truly the limit and there is no age cap. Many parents are ecstatic to find the natural remedy can improve symptoms within a few minutes or days of wearing it. The active ingredient, succinic acid, is released from the beads and are transferred to your child's bloodstream and provide analgesic and anti-inflammatory powers that can even boost their immune system.

Your Child's Age and Amber

Once you understand your baby's developmental stage, you can understand why it is best to allow babies to wear amber necklaces from birth. Babies receive a great deal of "help" from their mothers due to the antibodies they receive while in the womb as well as through breast milk in order to build their immune system. By the time they are a few weeks old, Baltic Essentials Amber allows the immune system they built on their own to grow stronger and boosts immunity.