Promote Sleep and Ease Discomfort in Your Baby

By Abby Logiste
on October 18, 2017

promote sleep in babies

When Problems Interfere with Sleep

Caring for a child is a lot of work during the day and throughout the night. Mothers often learn to distinguish the type of cries their babies making in order to determine what is wrong with them. Sometimes moms know what to do to fix a crying spell and other times it the solving it can be a riddle. One of the saddest things to witness when a child is unable to sleep at night because they are uncomfortable or are in pain. This discomfort may be from a variety of things such as fever, teething, or gas problems. When a baby cannot have a restful sleep, the parents also can't seem to sleep well for themselves  either because the baby or the worrying keeps them awake. There is only so much a parent can do in this situation, but continuing to comfort and ease the symptoms do help. 

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How Can I Tell My Baby is in Pain?

There are times we simply do not know if a baby is crying because they are in pain, because they are hungry or because they need their diapers changed. If you still uncertain it helps to observe for squirming or arching of the back (as if to get away from the source) to find out if your child is in any discomfort. They may also let out sudden shrills of crying that last for a long time along with periodic pauses. It may seem as if they stopped breathing, but it is often a way for them to rest, catch their breath, and cry some more. You should also check their temperature, undress, and inspect them to find if the discomfort stems from a physical source

Hazelwood for Gastrointestinal Related Sleep Problems

There are so many physiologic processes that go on within infants who grow at a rapid rate. Although the stomach may be fully developed at 20 weeks during pregnancy, it is still quite immature, and babies may be prone to gas, constipation, GERD, and heartburn. Any or a combination of these problems are already troublesome during their waking periods, but it is also just as much as a pain during the night.Hazelwood Bracelet - 5-6 Inch Hazelwood Bracelet Eczema Colic Reflux GERD Pink Rose Quartz Amethyst Green CrBlue Turquoise Ysocolla Or Baltic Amber Mixed For Baby, Toddler, Pre-Teen Baltic Essentials Hazelwood can promote restful sleep in babies with gastrointestinal related problems by regulating the body's pH, reduce free radicals, and eliminate excess acidity. The natural wood is also able to improve internal gut issues so your baby can feel get better while enhancing their bedtime. The bracelets and the necklaces should never be worn in order to prevent choking when the baby is sleeping at night unsupervised.

Amber for Sleep Problems Related to Teething and Fever

Almost every parent may run into the teething and fever problem that interferes with their baby's rest time. Although the baby has to wait for the course of the fever and teething process to be over, it does not have to be completely uncomfortable for them. Baltic Essentials Amber promotes sleep in babies going through teething or fevers. Amber
contains succinic acid that provides anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that allow swelling and pain to go down for both of these problems. Like Hazelwood, the necklaces should be worn as an anklet when it is used during the night. Amber is also completely natural and there are no side effects to worry about, there will only be benefits.

Baltic Amber Bracelet - 6 Inch Baltic Amber Bracelet Rainbow Honey Amber Pink Rose Quartz Red Agate Amethyst Aventurine Cyrsocolla Newborn Baby, Infant, Toddler

The Many Uses of Baltic Essentials Hazelwood

By Abby Logiste
on September 08, 2017

Natural Benefits of Baltic Essentials Hazelwood

The Beginnings of Hazelwood


Hazelwood is considered a medicinal source that was discovered years ago, and there are about 20 versions of these plants known today. It is thought that Aboriginals were the first to learn about Hazelwood. To this day, it is used for its ability to neutralize acidity in the body and create an alkaline environment. This amazing ability occurs because of the wood's powerful ability to absorb excess acid from the skin when it is worn. The wood is also capable of reducing free radicals because it is rich in anti-oxidants. It is best to keep the wood moist to get the most out of it. Although they are safe to wear in the shower, water containing chlorine will affect the longevity so it should be removed during contact with these water sources such as the pool.

Healing the Body the Right Way

Baltic Essentials Hazelwood can be used to help heal a variety of ailments such as:

  • Teething issues
  • Indigestion (heartburn, ulcers)Baby Hazelwood Necklace - 11 Inch Hazelwood Necklace Eczema Colic Reflux GERD Raw Honey Baltic Amber Mixed For Infant, Baby, Toddler
  • Eye Complications 
  • Heart Disease
  • Cavities
  • Altered pH
  • Hemorrhaging
  • Psoriasis
  • Skin Problems (acne, dermatitis, eczema)
  • Gastrointestinal Issues
  • Morning Sickness
  • Constipation

The Necklace or Bracelet will last for months at a time after buying them. The best way to know when you need to replace the wood is by simply observing it. Baltic Essentials Hazelwood, namely the ends, start to turn a dark color. Keep in mind you want to ensure it is the flesh of the wood that is darkening rather than the outer bark when you are checking to see ensure whether it is still potent or not. Should the outer bark be the area that has darkened or peeled away, there is no need to be worried as it is a normal occurrence that happens due to wear and tear. Others may realize it is time for a replacement when they start to notice their old symptoms creeping up on them again. 

8" Hazelwood (For Heart Burn, Acid Reflux, Eczema) Raw Cherry Baltic Amber Bracelet For Adult, Teenager

Baltic Essential Hazelwood is safe for kids to wear all day, but young children should not wear the necklace or bracelet at night in order to avoid choking as this best ensures its safety. Parental supervision as always recommended. If you would like your baby to wear it, pick a size that would make it difficult for them to lift it over their chin as the Hazelwood should not be chewed. The best size for babies 3-6 months old is typically 11 inches and babies over six months will need their necklace to be between 12-13 inches. It will be most helpful if you measure their wrist yourself prior to purchasing to ensure the best fit, and the same also goes for the bracelets. Cleaning Hazelwood is quick and easy -- all you need is a damp cloth. Baltic Essentials Hazelwood is 100% authentic. Anyone who wears the jewelry will be able to benefit from its healing powers not long after wearing it. Once you try this natural alternative, you will probably wonder how come you did not know about it earlier.


Baltic Amber vs Hazelwood

By Abby Logiste
on September 06, 2017
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Baltic Amber vs Hazelwood

What is Amber and Hazelwood?

Baltic Amber is derived from fossilized tree resin and comes in array of  colors and shapes. It's active ingredient is succinic acid, which is a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory agent. Once it is warmed against your skin, the acid is sent directly to the bloodstream where it heals and strengthens the immune system. These positive effects all work wonders for soothing inflamed areas, get rid of drooling by stimulating the thyroid gland and treat autoimmune disorders. Wounds healing is accelerated, respiratory conditions are cared for, and a variety of infections are eliminated all by the use of amber.

Hazelwood originates from the branches of Corylus cornuta, a widespread indigenous type of bush that grows throughout Canada. The wonders of Hazelwood doesnt stop even after harvesting the twigs; it continues to flourish even after pruning. Hazelwood is also a powerful Baby Hazelwood Necklace - 14 Inch Hazelwood Necklace Eczema Colic Reflux GERD Rose Quartz Green Jasper Or Baltic Amber Mixed For Toddler, Pre-Teen, Some Teens, Tiny Adult anti-inflammatory agent with the added benefit that it is rich in antioxidants. It works best for those with skin issues, digestive complications and oral pain. The most notable effects of Hazelwood is that is can stabilize the acid-base balance of the body by maintaining the pH. Excess acid contained in the body is drawn out and absorbed into the wood.

Are They Safe?

Since Amber and Hazelwood are all-natural, they do not contain any harmful ingredients that could harm the body. They also do not cause any adverse side effects even if it is worn all day. In regards to Amber, the knots made prior to and after every bead is the most notable safety feature. Loosening this knots or breaking the jewelry is virtually impossible because of this and it eliminates the risk of choking in younger kids. Baltic Essentials Amber necklaces and bracelets are held firmly by the clasp attached to it. Like amber, hazelwood jewelry is attached by secured clasps that prevent the beads or any small part from breaking free. The wire is extremely strong so even if tension were to be applied, the thread will remain intact, preventing beads from falling out. Both amber and hazelwood necklaces should be taken off the neck at night in order to prevent choking when they sleep unsupervised. 

Is Amber Better? Is Hazelwood Better? Baltic Amber Necklace - Luxury Baltic Amber Necklace Arthritis Raw Polished 19 Inch Teen Adult

Amber and Hazelwood have their own list of benefits although they also have similar effects that can be used for certain conditions. For example, the pair are excellent anti-inflammatory agents. However, the properties, although similar, are still different and a certain condition may be more effective with one than the other. It helps knowing the what problem you have to determine what will work best. Knowing that, it is hard to say one works better than the other. Typically, one or the other is sufficient enough to get the job done. Still, there is a definite enhanced difference if you choose to use both amber and Baltic Essentials Hazelwood together to achieve pain relieve from teething. Baltic Essentials sells authentic amber and hazelwood that will last you for months after your purchase.

Hazelwood Necklace: Effective Remedy for Eczema, GERD or Colic

By Abby Logiste
on January 02, 2017

Remedy for Babies

Digestive Issues at a Young Age

Does you baby suffer from GERD, eczema or colic? Then purchasing a Baltic Essentials Hazelwood Necklace may be the best solution in order to help your baby do away with such discomforts.. There isn't a parent alive who would want to see their baby suffer from skin problems or digestive issues from time to time despite using medication from time to time. 

Our Baltic Essentials Hazelwood Necklace is more than just a necklace  -- it works to create a more alkaline environment within your body once it comes in direct contact with your skin. It can also help remedy or even prevent several symptoms that caused by acidosis. It is a natural remedy sold in the form of necklace. Our products are pure and safe for your little one to wear throughout the day without worry. 

Helpful Facts about Hazelwood 

Keep in mind that whenever your baby sleeps, it is recommended that you remove the necklace instead put it on his/her ankle in order to avoid risks like choking.. You need to ensure the safety of your baby first. Wrapping the necklace and putting it around your baby’s ankle while they sleep or rest is the best option. Your baby will still be able to benefit from the effects which keep the necklace warm. It is just as easy to convert it right back to a necklace in the morning. .

Baltic Essentials Hazelwood Necklaces also helps to reduce free radicals produced within the body because it is high antioxidants that get released through your pores. The wood, is able to absorb the excess acidity from the body until equilibrium, or balance, has been reached. Moreover, it also has the potential to improve conditions that is caused by excess acidity, including internal gut issues and eczema.

The Hazelwood Necklace is one of the best products that Baltic Essentials provides. As regard to the quality of the product, you can expect that once you use the product, you will have no reason of returning it to the company.

Our hazelwood necklaces assures you the following:

  • Each of the Hazelwood necklaces is knotted individually to ensure its safety once it is worn by your baby or infant. Doing so will keep your infant away from obtaining some of its many pieces in the rare event the necklace breaks.  
  • The necklace comes with a safety found at the end, making it impossible for an infant to unscrew the necklace on its own. Moreover, it eliminates the hazard of an infant to take off the necklace.

Baltic Essentials ensures reliable response for your orders and fast delivery. The company will deliver the product on time. Every Hazelwood necklace is offered on its various colors and styles so you will have the chance of choosing which necklace you want for your baby. In the convenient form of a necklace, you can now help your baby feel comfortable and free from symptoms he/she might suffer from!

Baltic Amber Necklace - 11 Inch Baltic Amber Necklace Raw Mutli Bean Amber Newborn Baby, Infant, Toddler


The Relationship between Colic and Breastfeeding

By Abby Logiste
on June 08, 2016

Breastfeeding and Colic

Dealing with a Colic Baby

As much as we know about colic today and what it does, no one is completely sure of how it is caused. However, what we do know is that a colicky baby goes through a crying spell for 2-3 weeks after they pop out of the oven. You could talk and walk as much as you want, you could rock the baby to see if it pacifies them, and no matter what you do, they are completely inconsolable.  Then, suddenly, right before you were about to pull out the last of your hairs, they stop on their own when they are three months old. 

Breastfeeding your Baby

It is possible for any baby to get colic, but moms out there who decide they want to breastfeed should know that there are a few things you want that may potentially result in colic or fussiness, assuming they are putting on weight normally and are healthy. One known situation is due the milk itself. Of course, breast milk from a mother is the best milk that a baby could have for growth and developmental reasons, but there is one idea you should understand.  

Foreign Proteins in Breast Milk

For some babies, the proteins consumed in a mom's diet that seep into the breastmilk that may affect your baby. The primary foreign protein that can cause this is ironically also milk, but from a cow, because it is often loaded with hormones. Nonetheless, the appearance of cow milk protein and other types of proteins (such as from meat or beans) should not necessarily be thought of as completely bad. In fact, in more cases, it is quite the opposite, and it is good because it will desensitize your newborn to these proteins. However, you do want to check your diet, namely the proteins you consume, if you ever notice something is not right. 

While colic is a temporary issue that is bound to go away, mothers will do what they can to nip colic in the bud and treat it. One way, in this situation, would be for the mom to stop consuming dairy foods and products altogether. However, if you do want to try this, know that you want to cut dairy off by one type of food at a time. It is important to be thorough and look at food label to see if there is anything that has dairy. The only exception where cow milk protein is ok to have would be when it has been altered (denatured). Here is the method you want to try:

  1. Completely eliminate dairy in your diet for 7-10 days and if you notice it was not a beneficial change for the baby, you may add dairy back to your diet.
  2. In the event you do notice a positive difference, slowly add dairy into your diet once again

As a note, remember to stay on top of your calcium intake while you eliminate dairy by getting it in other foods.  If doing this does not change anything, another idea would be to take pancreatic enzymes, such as Pancrease 4 or Cotazyme, during each meal. A single pill will be all you need; it will work to breakdown foods in the intestines that way there is less of a chance it will get absorbed in the body as a complete protein and show in breast milk. The addition of enzymes lowers the amount of whole protein entering the body and making its way to the milk.  

Gas Pain in Babies From Colic

One of the reasons babies with colic cry is because of the gas pain. You can try the method mentioned above to see if your babies symptoms go away in the process. You can also treat gas pain naturally in babies using Baltic Essentials Hazelwood Necklace (11 inches) in combination with the method or alone. Hazelwood is able to balance the body's pH and make it more alkaline when the baby wears it. Excessive acid in the body, such as the gut, is eliminated through your pores. Our Hazelwood Necklaces eases the babies digestive system, and provides a calming and healing effect that will allow the baby to feel better and cry less. That is something any mother would love to have less of.

 Hazelwood Necklace - Hazelwood Necklace Turquoise Baby, Infant, Toddler, Big Kid. 12.5 Inches The Hazelwood Is Specific In Fighting: Colic, Acid Reflux, Vomiting, Stomach Issues, GERD, & Eczema. Turquoise For Asthma And Breathing

Baltic Essentials Hazelwood How it Helps Alleviate Constipation

By Abby Logiste
on June 08, 2016

Treat Constipation

According to the Medical News Today, constipation is a condition that plagues the digestive system and affects 15 – 20% of the United States population. This occurs because the colon has absorbed too much water from the food you’re eating, which makes it hard to go to the bathroom. Relief from this ailment can be challenging and sometimes even frustrating. There are a few over the counter remedies, but if the problem progresses it is best to see your doctor.

However, wouldn’t it be nice if you could treat your discomfort without using medication? We all worry about the safety of using medication for long periods of times, and this is often the case for those who suffer from chronic digestive disorders, such as gastric reflux, heartburn and constipation. The ironic thing is that some of the medications used to combat this ailment, can actually cause it to get worse. For example, laxatives are often prescribed for temporary relief, but if overused can cause the problem to become regular and more severe. Treating the root cause of the problem is important, but when you have to move towards taking medicine, why not take something natural? Something that has no side effects and helps work on the root of the problem?

 Baltic hazelwood comes from Quebec, Canada and it is an unconventional and original way to alleviate digestive discomfort. It has been used for medicinal purposes by Indigenous people for hundreds of years, as it is rich in antioxidants, and can also be used as an anti-inflammatory.

One of the best things about hazelwood is its healing properties, which help to neutralize acid in the body. When worn close to the body, particularly the designated area (if applicable), it absorbs excess acid. The wood can be worn on necklaces and work best when kept wet. The decrease of acid in the body can help against constipation, as well as other ailments:

  • Morning sickness
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Acne
  • Dermatitis
  • Headaches
  • Cavities
  • And even helps with teething and diaper rash for babies

    Having a healthy PH level is great for your health, as balancing the acid-base portion of your blood is important to normal daily function, healing, and digestion. A slight change in the acidity of your body can cause humongous damage to your digestive system.

    It is important to take action as quickly as possible because if left untreated, acidic ailments forces the body to borrow minerals, such as calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium from our vital organs and bones to neutralize the acid on its own, in order to remove it safely from the body. However, using hazelwood greatly reduces the stress that your body faces, when trying to balance the acidity levels and can increase your energy levels, which can be diminished from the amount of work your body has to do to function.

    Take the challenge with Baltic hazelwood and neutralize the levels of acidity within your body. Not only will you help your chronic constipation; you will reap the benefits of increased overall health and feel better.

    Treat Gas Pain Naturally For Your Kids

    By Abby Logiste
    on May 31, 2016

    Relieve Gas Pain in Kids

    Gas Pain in Toddlers 

    Whatever comes in must come out as well. We are able to release excess air in our bodies through our mouth by burping or releasing it on the other end. Gas is normal body function; adults and children pass gas between 15-25 times per day. Gas starts to feel uncomfortable when it stays in the body when it is supposed to come out. It is a concern because it will lead to gas pain in toddlers as well as bloating, upset stomach, or cramping.

    Kids have a high change of getting gas pain because they have a fragile digestive system that is still developing and learning how to move the gas more efficiently. The immature digestive system makes food travel down the tract fast where the body does not have adequate time to absorb the nutrients, which is also another reason excess gas occurs. There are a number of causes that can give toddlers such as swallowing too much air, eating foods that increase gas like beans, being lactose intolerance or not chewing food properly.

    One of the most common signs your toddler has gas pain is when they cry sharply. The wails can grow more intense compared to the usual cries they make. You will notice they appear more fussy, they may not want to eat, have troubles sleeping, or draw their legs to their stomach.

    What Are Natural Ways to Treat Gas Pain In Toddlers?

    The end goal for relieving gas pain is to find a way to get the air that is trapped to escape as it should.

    • Exercise - This is a common method that works as it will encourage the gas to exit the stomach by applying pressure. Help your child move their legs by moving it in a bicycle motion and over the stomach. You can also take them out to job, walk, run, or dance, but keep in mind that you should wait at least an hour between feeding and exercising. Refrain from lying them down right after they finish eating as well.
    • Use a Warm Compress - The warm temperature from the compress knocks two birds with a stone because it get your baby relaxed as it helps get rid of the gas hiding in the tummy. 
    • Massage - Massaging the belly is another good way to relieve gas in toddlers and help them eliminated trapped gas in the intestines. For optimal results it is best to rub the area using warm olive oil (make sure you test its not hot) and massage the area in a clockwise direction for a few minutes. Put the toddler on their stomach afterward and message the back.
    • Give them Fennel - Fennel is an antispasmodic that helps trapped gas escape. You should boil 1 1/2 teaspoons in four cups of water for ten minutes and give it to them throughout the day after it cools. Alternatively, they can chew the seeds.

    Baltic Essentials Hazelwood

    Another great option to treat gas pain in toddlers is by using Baltic Essentials Hazelwood 12.5 inch Necklaces for toddlers. Hazelwood provides a therapeutic effect on the body that will help treat the pain your toddler is feeling. The wood alkalizes the body and balances the pH, including the gut. Hazelwood allows the digestive system to run normally and more efficiently even when your toddler's digestive system is still underdeveloped and growing. Keeping the attractive jewelry on will also lower the chances of your baby having gas pain the in future. Our necklaces and bracelets are individually knotted to provide a higher level of safely for your child and it will last anywhere from six months to a year.

    Baltic Essentials Hazelwood For Babies With Colic Pain

    By Abby Logiste
    on May 10, 2016

    Treat Colic Pain

    What is Colic?

    Having a baby and taking care of it is a gift in itself regardless of the stressful moments. One of the most common things we expect a baby to do is cry, but when exactly does crying become abnormal? The matter can seem subjective for a parent. Nonetheless, if a healthy baby cries  relentlessly over three hours a day, more than three days out of the week, and for nearly a month without a reason (not hungry, sleepy, wet, or sick), it is called colic. There are a number of reasons why it is often hard for parents to determine whether or not a baby is colic because excessive crying is often thought of as nothing more than the baby acting out of distress until they get what they want.

    Is there a Cause for Colic?

    The reason colic appears in some babies still is still unknown. There is a belief it is due to an imbalance of bad bacteria or hormones in the stomach that cause pain; others believe it is a natural mood or nervous development some babies experience after birth or because they are  hypersensitive to light. Another interesting theory is that an increase in serotonin levels cause intestinal muscles to contract and a decrease in melatonin levels cause the muscles to relax (which should not happen). The first and second notions are the most accepted reason that logically seems to explain why coli  to appears in some infants. 

    What are the Colic signs and symptoms?

    Although colic is a temporary issue, it can be emotionally painful to see just as it is physically draining to deal with. Babies will randomly begin to fuss or cry loudly for an extended period of time no matter what time it is. You may notice: 

    • Hands are clenched
    • Feet are cold to the touch
    • Belly is prominent or distended
    • Legs alternate between extension and flexion (straight and bent)

    Infantile colic usually surfaces when a baby is 2-3 weeks old and peaks by the time they are two or three months old. The deafening cries can be exhausting no matter how early or late in the day it may be. If your baby has colic it is important to avoid overfeeding them, remove extreme levels of anxiety, fear, excitement, or anger in the home, and avoid giving them food that contain a lot of sugar.

    Colic is episodic and should go away after several months; it is not long-lasting issue even though many parents would agree it feels like it. In the event you notice that it continues to persist, then there may be a separate underlying issue causing it. Complications such as an infection, abnormal heartbeat, and inflammation or pressure of the nervous system and brain. Colicky babies frequently become gassy because they swallow a lot of air when they start crying or eating.  If you are uncertain as to whether or not your baby suffers from colic, one good way to find out is actually making the attempt to distract them. If you are able to gear their attention to something else, and they stop crying, it is likely your baby is not colic.

    Treating Colic When it is Present

    There are several approaches you can use to get rid of colic in babies that have it and since it is short-term and non-critical. Because of that, many prefer to use natural methods until it goes away such as using calming techniques and support rather than rely on medicine. Using Baltic Essentials Hazelwood Necklace for babies is an excellent "hands-off" approach that can work for babies that suffer from colic. There are also Bracelets available too!

     Hazelwood helps the body become more alkaline and absorbs unnecessary acid in order to stabilize the body's pH. Colic pain is often localized in the baby's stomach, and Hazelwood helps balance the gut while providing analgesic effects. The extremely fashionable, yet effective Hazelwood beads provide calming effect and can help heal gut issues a baby may have. If you are breastfeeding your baby, it is also important to monitor your diet to prevent or treat colic. 

    Baltic Essentials Hazelwood for Eczema

    By Mary Van Meter
    on May 05, 2016
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    Healing Eczema Naturally

    The Basics of Eczema

    Eczema is unsightly and unpleasant, and unfortunately, has no cure. But it is treatable, both medically and holistically.

    Eczema is a skin condition. The word is from the Greek for "boil over." The appearance of eczema is an itchy, red rash. It can appear all over the body. Most often, it appears on elbows and behind the knees. Eczema can affect people of all ages, including babies.

    When babies suffer from eczema, it often appears on the face, especially on the cheeks and chin. Less frequently, eczema can also affect other areas, such as the scalp, trunk, and outer arms and legs.

    Older children and even adults typically suffer from eczema on joints, like the inside of the elbows and knees. Usually, eczema is diagnosed in early childhood and may disappear with age, or at least become less frequent and less intense. Less often, eczema may appear in older kids or even adults.
    The appearance of eczema varies from person to person, and even body part to body. Eczema can vary in form and be mild, moderate or severe. Usually the common tie for eczema sufferers of all ages is having dry, sensitive skin that may be red at times.


    Accompanying the red rash is an intense itch. Frequently the need to scratch is so strong that eczema patients scratch until the skin bleeds, which just makes the rash worse. This pattern of itching and scratching and suffering is known as the itch-scratch cycle.
    Although eczema can disappear from time to time, and some people outgrow it, there is no complete cure. However there are ways that those that sufferer from the condition can preBaltic Essentials Hazelwood for eczemavent, or lessen, eczema's appearance and itch cycles. Depending on various factors, such as where the eczema occurs on the body, different people may have different types of eczema, which is a catchall phrase for dermatitis, or "itchy rash." Most types can benefit from various treatments.

    Common Medical Management Techniques for Eczema

    Different people may find that different things create triggers for a bout of eczema. Common triggers include irritants, like soap and cleaning chemicals; allergens, like pets and dandruff; variations in temperature, like humidity and sweat; food allergens, stress, and hormonal changes.

    Knowing your trigger can help prevent eczema, even showering after a workout in warm water to prevent triggering a rash caused by extreme heat or cold, may help abate symptoms.

    By identifying triggers, keeping skin moisturized, and keeping nails short to avoid breaking the skin when scratching, can all help to reduce eczema outbreaks.

    In some cases, eczema patients may be prescribed treatments such as topical corticosteroids to alleviate itching or other creams, pills and treatments that help to reduce symptoms of eczema may help. While these protocols benefit eczema, they are not without various side effects.

    Natural, Holistic, and Alternative Approaches to Eczema

    Patients that don't get relief from traditional therapies, or wish to avoid side effects from medications, often turn to other means to treat their eczema. Natural, holistic and alternative treatments for eczema may include hypnosis to reduce stress-related outbreaks, acupuncture for nerve and itch relief, various natural oils to increase moisture and provide antibacterial elements. Diet, including the addition of certain vitamins and Probiotics and the avoidance of some trigger foods, may also provide relief for eczema.

    The options for treating eczema naturally are virtually endless and may also include the use of natural elements, such as Hazelwood.

    How Baltic Essential Hazelwood Can Help Treat Eczema

    Relief for eczema - Baltic essentials hazelwood begins working in just 1 day

    Many eczema sufferers have found that wearing Hazelwood can alleviate eczema outbreaks. Hazelwood helps to balance the pH levels of your body, reducing acidity, which exacerbates eczema, and creating a neutral environment that protects against eczema flare-ups

    Baltic Essential Hazelwood Products are available for eczema sufferers of all ages, including babies, teens and adults.


    Baltic Essentials Hazelwood, Amber, and Ayurveda for Digestive Pain

    By Abby Logiste
    on April 21, 2016

    Treat Digestive Pain

    Digestive Pain

    Digestive pain is never a fun experience to have when it decides to make a surprise visit. It can come in the form of cramps, bloating, or after eating something that didn't quite sit right. 

    gastrointestinal discomfort is often temporary and easy to treat; many find that just walk around the block can relieve them of symptoms. For others, it can be chronic or recurring, and could be a sign of something more serious. If the pain persists, further action may need to be taken.

    Since an infinite number of conditions that may contribute to digestive pain, it is best to consult your physician to determine the source. Identifying the exact cause of your pain could spare you from a lot of unnecessary suffering, and a doctor can usually help you do just that by a diagnosis. However, it’s important to understand that with some illness, treatment plans and medications may only address the painful symptoms rather than targeting the source of the problem.


    Tips you Can Use to Alleviate Digestive Pain

    Taking initiative to treat your digestive pain the natural way is possible without the need of medication. It is also possible for natural alternatives, such as ayuverdics, to improve the overall function of your digestive system. Here are a few natural and holistic tips you can do if you are experiencing digestive pain: 

    1. Meditate: 20-30 minutes of quiet, mindful breathing is extremely beneficial; even a short moment of pausing to take a couple deep breaths can go a long way in managing pain and levels.
    2. Move your body:  A short, 15 minute walk has been proven to help control spikes in sugar after eating. Another idea is to decompress your spine with a little yoga in the morning; it can be used as a form of meditation as well. (wink, wink!)
    3. Eat Your Meals Slowly:  When we can’t digest the food we eat, the acid levels in our stomach start to fluctuate, and the result is acid reflux and/or indigestion. Sometimes when we eat too fast, our bodies may not have enough time to create enough enzymes needed to break down food. Remember, the food on the plate is yours, so take your time chewing, and savor the flavor. 
    4. Use the Naturally Healing Powers of Ginger: Ginger tea has been used for over 2,000 years to treat digestive issues. Ginger contains natural enzymes that aid in digestion. It is also known to stimulate saliva and bile as well as relax the muscles of the intestines. You can get your daily dose in a pinch by simply adding an inch of peeled ginger to a cup of hot water.
    5. Make Lunch Your Biggest Meal: Ayurvedics typically try to eat a light breakfast, larger lunch, and light dinner. There is a method to this; you are able to take complete advantage of the body’s higher secretion of “digestive juices,” which peak around mid-afternoon. You’ll find you have more energy throughout the day with this technique, and that “food coma” that used to hit right after dinner will be old news.

    One popular ayurvedic food choice is Haritaki fruit, which is rich in amino and succinic acids. The pair deliver anti-viral nutrients to the body which help combat E-coli, salmonella and cholera. While the fruit is meant to be ingested, the succinic acid found within can actually be delivered to the bloodstream transdermally too needing only your body heat, and the healing powers of Baltic amber. Baltic has been for centuries to treat pain naturally, and is known for its highly anti-inflammatory properties and high levels of succinic acid. These properties improve acidic balance in the blood stream. It also delivers major benefits to the liver, gallbladder and stomach; all important organs of the digestive system.

    The Baltic Essentials Rainbow Honey Necklace relies on the succinic acid-rich properties to treat the body, as well as rose quartz and amethyst to lower stress, and turquoise to purify and detoxify the body. Combining these elements with red agate, known for cleansing the lymphatic system and pancreas, will make for a smart, and stylish, way to help keep your digestive health in check. Baltic Essentials can aid in treating the source of the problem in the digestive organs to treat the pain rather than treat the symptoms itself. 

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