Hazelwood Necklace: Effective Remedy for Eczema, GERD or Colic

Remedy for Babies

January 02, 2017 2 min read

Digestive Issues at a Young Age

Does you baby suffer from GERD, eczema or colic? Then purchasing a Baltic Essentials Hazelwood Necklace may be the best solution in order to help your baby do away with such discomforts.. There isn't a parent alive who would want to see their baby suffer from skin problems or digestive issues from time to time despite using medication from time to time. 

Our Baltic Essentials Hazelwood Necklace is more than just a necklace  -- it works to create a more alkaline environment within your body once it comes in direct contact with your skin. It can also help remedy or even prevent several symptoms that caused by acidosis. It is a natural remedy sold in the form of necklace. Our products are pure and safe for your little one to wear throughout the day without worry. 

Helpful Facts about Hazelwood 

Keep in mind that whenever your baby sleeps, it is recommended that you remove the necklace instead put it on his/her ankle in order to avoid risks like choking.. You need to ensure the safety of your baby first. Wrapping the necklace and putting it around your baby’s ankle while they sleep or rest is the best option. Your baby will still be able to benefit from the effects which keep the necklace warm. It is just as easy to convert it right back to a necklace in the morning. .

Baltic Essentials Hazelwood Necklaces also helps to reduce free radicals produced within the body because it is high antioxidants that get released through your pores. The wood, is able to absorb the excess acidity from the body until equilibrium, or balance, has been reached. Moreover, it also has the potential to improve conditions that is caused by excess acidity, including internal gut issues and eczema.

The Hazelwood Necklaceis one of the best products that Baltic Essentials provides. As regard to the quality of the product, you can expect that once you use the product, you will have no reason of returning it to the company.

Our hazelwood necklaces assures you the following:

  • Each of the Hazelwood necklaces is knotted individually to ensure its safety once it is worn by your baby or infant. Doing so will keep your infant away from obtaining some of its many pieces in the rare event the necklace breaks.  
  • The necklace comes with a safety found at the end, making it impossible for an infant to unscrew the necklace on its own. Moreover, it eliminates the hazard of an infant to take off the necklace.

Baltic Essentials ensures reliable response for your orders and fast delivery. The company will deliver the product on time. Every Hazelwood necklace is offered on its various colors and styles so you will have the chance of choosing which necklace you want for your baby. In the convenient form of a necklace, you can now help your baby feel comfortable and free from symptoms he/she might suffer from!

Baltic Amber Necklace - 11 Inch Baltic Amber Necklace Raw Mutli Bean Amber Newborn Baby, Infant, Toddler


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