Are Babies Meant to Chew on Amber Teething Necklaces?

To Chew or Not to Chew the Teething Necklaces

There are some parents who are uncertain as to whether amber teething necklaces are meant to be chewed on to bring out the most relief for their kids. This thought is often because amber necklaces are often compared to the silicon necklaces that babies are meant to chew on to meet their chewing needs. So are babies also meant to chew on Amber teething necklaces? Amber is much more solid in consistency unlike silicon necklaces and chewing rings which would not make them suitable for chewing while kids are teething. This is especially true for babies that already are starting to grow in their teeth. Although amber is not necessarily toxic to their health even if they do so, the necklace would not work as it is meant to and will have little to no effect on addressing the teething problem.

Babies Should Wear Amber Teething Necklaces

Some may also believe babies are meant to chew on amber teething necklaces because the "teething" part is taken in the literal sense rather than knowing it is meant to solely define what the product works on -- another innocent notion. The beauty about amber is that it requires no effort on your part, or your baby, to reap the benefits. Your job is virtually done after you place it around the neck in order to let the necklace do its job. Rather than having to chew on them, Ba12.5" Polished Amber True Rainbow Baltic Amber Necklace Round For Baby And Toddler 5 Months To 5 Years Most - Screw Claspltic Essentials Amber provides teething relief for babies by naturally due to the resin it contains that is full of anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It also helps with drooling and redness associated with teething. By ensuring it remains in contact with the skin, these properties are easily sent over to the skin. The secret to activating amber is heat transference to the surface of the body rather than the mouth where the oils which allow the oils to be released. The longer the beads are worn, the longer the effects will continue to last although you want to remove the necklace once your child is asleep. Baltic Essentials Amber is your baby's natural and effective teething miracle!

Your Little One Can Use Amber For A Long Time

There is no time limit as to how long your baby should keep other than ensuring they do not wear it to sleep. Once you notice your kid is unusually fussy or are displaying other signs of teething, the necklaces may be worn immediately to provide relief. Every child is different and the teething phase may last a few  weeks. For others, it may last a few months so it is critical to read how your child's progress rather than focus a number although learning estimates are helpful. Even after the teething phase is over, Baltic Essentials Amber bestows multifunctional benefits and rather than thinking it obsolete, it is also great for a variety of other symptoms. Other than teething, amber is just as excellent for colds, gas, reflux, or help your baby sleep and remain more relaxed making these necklaces truly worth the purchase.