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Healing Eczema Naturally

May 05, 2016 3 min read

The Basics of Eczema

Eczema is unsightly and unpleasant, and unfortunately, has no cure. But it is treatable, both medically and holistically.

Eczema is a skin condition. The word is from the Greek for "boil over." The appearance of eczema is an itchy, red rash. It can appear all over the body. Most often, it appears on elbows and behind the knees. Eczema can affect people of all ages, including babies.

When babies suffer from eczema, it often appears on the face, especially on the cheeks and chin. Less frequently, eczema can also affect other areas, such as the scalp, trunk, and outer arms and legs.

Older children and even adults typically suffer from eczema on joints, like the inside of the elbows and knees. Usually, eczema is diagnosed in early childhood and may disappear with age, or at least become less frequent and less intense. Less often, eczema may appear in older kids or even adults.
The appearance of eczema varies from person to person, and even body part to body. Eczema can vary in form and be mild, moderate or severe. Usually the common tie for eczema sufferers of all ages is having dry, sensitive skin that may be red at times.


Accompanying the red rash is an intense itch. Frequently the need to scratch is so strong that eczema patients scratch until the skin bleeds, which just makes the rash worse. This pattern of itching and scratching and suffering is known as the itch-scratch cycle.
Although eczema can disappear from time to time, and some people outgrow it, there is no complete cure. However there are ways that those that sufferer from the condition can preBaltic Essentials Hazelwood for eczemavent, or lessen, eczema's appearance and itch cycles. Depending on various factors, such as where the eczema occurs on the body, different people may have different types of eczema, which is a catchall phrase for dermatitis, or "itchy rash." Most types can benefit from various treatments.

Common Medical Management Techniques for Eczema

Different people may find that different things create triggers for a bout of eczema. Common triggers include irritants, like soap and cleaning chemicals; allergens, like pets and dandruff; variations in temperature, like humidity and sweat; food allergens, stress, and hormonal changes.

Knowing your trigger can help prevent eczema, even showering after a workout in warm water to prevent triggering a rash caused by extreme heat or cold, may help abate symptoms.

By identifying triggers, keeping skin moisturized, and keeping nails short to avoid breaking the skin when scratching, can all help to reduce eczema outbreaks.

In some cases, eczema patients may be prescribed treatments such as topical corticosteroids to alleviate itching or other creams, pills and treatments that help to reduce symptoms of eczema may help. While these protocols benefit eczema, they are not without various side effects.

Natural, Holistic, and Alternative Approaches to Eczema

Patients that don't get relief from traditional therapies, or wish to avoid side effects from medications, often turn to other means to treat their eczema. Natural, holistic and alternative treatments for eczema may include hypnosis to reduce stress-related outbreaks, acupuncture for nerve and itch relief, various natural oils to increase moisture and provide antibacterial elements. Diet, including the addition of certain vitamins and Probiotics and the avoidance of some trigger foods, may also provide relief for eczema.

The options for treating eczema naturally are virtually endless and may also include the use of natural elements, such as Hazelwood.

How Baltic Essential Hazelwood Can Help Treat Eczema

Relief for eczema - Baltic essentials hazelwood begins working in just 1 day

Many eczema sufferers have found that wearing Hazelwood can alleviate eczema outbreaks. Hazelwood helps to balance the pH levels of your body, reducing acidity, which exacerbates eczema, and creating a neutral environment that protects against eczema flare-ups

Baltic Essential Hazelwood Products are available for eczema sufferers of all ages, including babies, teens and adults.


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