Baltic Essentials Hazelwood For Babies With Colic Pain

Treat Colic Pain

May 10, 2016 3 min read

What is Colic?

Having a baby and taking care of it is a gift in itself regardless of the stressful moments. One of the most common things we expect a baby to do is cry, but when exactly does crying become abnormal? The matter can seem subjective for a parent. Nonetheless, if a healthy baby cries  relentlessly over three hours a day, more than three days out of the week, and for nearly a month without a reason (not hungry, sleepy, wet, or sick), it is called colic. There are a number of reasons why it is often hard for parents to determine whether or not a baby is colic because excessive crying is often thought of as nothing more than the baby acting out of distress until they get what they want.

Is there a Cause for Colic?

The reason colic appears in some babies still is still unknown. There is a belief it is due to an imbalance of bad bacteria or hormones in the stomach that cause pain; others believe it is a natural mood or nervous development some babies experience after birth or because they are  hypersensitive to light. Another interesting theory is that an increase in serotonin levels cause intestinal muscles to contract and a decrease in melatonin levels cause the muscles to relax (which should not happen). The first and second notions are the most accepted reason that logically seems to explain why coli  to appears in some infants. 

What are the Colic signs and symptoms?

Although colic is a temporary issue, it can be emotionally painful to see just as it is physically draining to deal with. Babies will randomly begin to fuss or cry loudly for an extended period of time no matter what time it is. You may notice: 

  • Hands are clenched
  • Feet are cold to the touch
  • Belly is prominent or distended
  • Legs alternate between extension and flexion (straight and bent)

Infantile colic usually surfaces when a baby is 2-3 weeks old and peaks by the time they are two or three months old. The deafening cries can be exhausting no matter how early or late in the day it may be. If your baby has colic it is important to avoid overfeeding them, remove extreme levels of anxiety, fear, excitement, or anger in the home, and avoid giving them food that contain a lot of sugar.

Colic is episodic and should go away after several months; it is not long-lasting issue even though many parents would agree it feels like it. In the event you notice that it continues to persist, then there may be a separate underlying issue causing it. Complications such as an infection, abnormal heartbeat, and inflammation or pressure of the nervous system and brain. Colicky babies frequently become gassy because they swallow a lot of air when they start crying or eating.  If you are uncertain as to whether or not your baby suffers from colic, one good way to find out is actually making the attempt to distract them. If you are able to gear their attention to something else, and they stop crying, it is likely your baby is not colic.

Treating Colic When it is Present

There are several approaches you can use to get rid of colic in babies that have it and since it is short-term and non-critical. Because of that, many prefer to use natural methods until it goes away such as using calming techniques and support rather than rely on medicine. Using Baltic Essentials Hazelwood Necklace for babies is an excellent "hands-off" approach that can work for babies that suffer from colic. There are also Bracelets available too!

 Hazelwood helps the body become more alkaline and absorbs unnecessary acid in order to stabilize the body's pH. Colic pain is often localized in the baby's stomach, and Hazelwood helps balance the gut while providing analgesic effects. The extremely fashionable, yet effective Hazelwood beads provide calming effect and can help heal gut issues a baby may have. If you are breastfeeding your baby, it is also important to monitor your diet to prevent or treat colic. 

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