Treat Gas Pain Naturally For Your Kids

Relieve Gas Pain in Kids

May 31, 2016 3 min read

Gas Pain in Toddlers 

Whatever comes in must come out as well. We are able to release excess air in our bodies through our mouth by burping or releasing it on the other end. Gas is normal body function; adults and children pass gas between 15-25 times per day. Gas starts to feel uncomfortable when it stays in the body when it is supposed to come out. It is a concern because it will lead to gas pain in toddlers as well as bloating, upset stomach, or cramping.

Kids have a high change of getting gas pain because they have a fragile digestive system that is still developing and learning how to move the gas more efficiently. The immature digestive system makes food travel down the tract fast where the body does not have adequate time to absorb the nutrients, which is also another reason excess gas occurs. There are a number of causes that can give toddlers such as swallowing too much air, eating foods that increase gas like beans, being lactose intolerance or not chewing food properly.

One of the most common signs your toddler has gas pain is when they cry sharply. The wails can grow more intense compared to the usual cries they make. You will notice they appear more fussy, they may not want to eat, have troubles sleeping, or draw their legs to their stomach.

What Are Natural Ways to Treat Gas Pain In Toddlers?

The end goal for relieving gas pain is to find a way to get the air that is trapped to escape as it should.

  • Exercise - This is a common method that works as it will encourage the gas to exit the stomach by applying pressure. Help your child move their legs by moving it in a bicycle motion and over the stomach. You can also take them out to job, walk, run, or dance, but keep in mind that you should wait at least an hour between feeding and exercising. Refrain from lying them down right after they finish eating as well.
  • Use a Warm Compress - The warm temperature from the compress knocks two birds with a stone because it get your baby relaxed as it helps get rid of the gas hiding in the tummy. 
  • Massage - Massaging the belly is another good way to relieve gas in toddlers and help them eliminated trapped gas in the intestines. For optimal results it is best to rub the area using warm olive oil (make sure you test its not hot) and massage the area in a clockwise direction for a few minutes. Put the toddler on their stomach afterward and message the back.
  • Give them Fennel - Fennel is an antispasmodic that helps trapped gas escape. You should boil 1 1/2 teaspoons in four cups of water for ten minutes and give it to them throughout the day after it cools. Alternatively, they can chew the seeds.

Baltic Essentials Hazelwood

Another great option to treat gas pain in toddlers is by using Baltic Essentials Hazelwood 12.5 inch Necklaces for toddlers. Hazelwood provides a therapeutic effect on the body that will help treat the pain your toddler is feeling. The wood alkalizes the body and balances the pH, including the gut. Hazelwood allows the digestive system to run normally and more efficiently even when your toddler's digestive system is still underdeveloped and growing. Keeping the attractive jewelry on will also lower the chances of your baby having gas pain the in future. Our necklaces and bracelets are individually knotted to provide a higher level of safely for your child and it will last anywhere from six months to a year.

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