What is Baltic Amber and how does it work exactly?

What is Baltic Amber and how does it work exactly?

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Baltic amber is one of the blessings of mother nature. Made from succinic acid, it's one of the treasures that we can find in the Baltic sea. Historically people have used it to create amber necklaces and other jewelry pieces that we believe have healing abilities.

Now, it's our time to explore the world of baltic amber and all that there is to know about the powers of this magnificent gemstone. You will discover the rich variety of amber and why is baltic amber used for pain relief purposes.


What is Baltic Amber?

Baltic Amber is an organic material that is derived from fossil resins. It dates from 44 million years ago and it's estimated that there more than 100,000 tons of amber around the world.

As the atmosphere warmed, trees began to exude large quantities of Resin. Amber, according to scientists, is a fossil pine resin that has oxidized to a solid-state.

Amber isn't a mineral, because it has an organic origin and no internal atom structure. Though all specimens are presumed to be fossilized tree resin, the composition of amber varies greatly depending on the botanical source.

What makes Baltic amber unique compared to other ambers around the globe is that it contains high levels of succinic acid which has anti-inflammatory abilities.

Succinite has been used to make Amber Jewelry and ornaments since ancient times, as well as an ingredient in perfumes and in folk medicine for its healing properties.


What is Succinic Acid

Succinic acid is found in small quantities in the human body. Since it's an alkalinizing acid (like lemon juice), it doesn't increase the body's acidity and can even lower it slightly. The US Food and Drug Administration finds succinic acid to be safe as a food additive and dietary supplement.

The release of succinic acid is the concept behind using Baltic amber for baby teething pain and other purposes. This is achieved by placing the amber against the skin, which allows the amber to be warmed by our natural heat; the body heat causes oil to be released from the amber, which contains succinic acid.

In principle, if a small amount of succinic acid is absorbed through the skin, the body will respond as if it were given a natural Ibuprofen, reducing pain and inflammation. Children who are experiencing teething pain can benefit from an amber necklace.


History аnd Legends.

Baltic amber is one of the oldest magnificent organic gems. According to the Ancient Greeks, amber evolved as a result of the death of Apollo's son - Phaethon. He drove the sun chariot carelessly through the heavens and burnt the Earth, creating the equatorial deserts.

Zeus punished Phaethon with a powerful  thunderbolt, in fear of him doing further damage. The gods took mercy on Phaethon's sisters and made them into poplar trees that rose along the bank of their river, and their tears turned into amber droplets that were carried away by the water.

From all legends, this is the closest to real history. Amber is the fossilized sap of ancient trees, which are distant relatives of our pines. Ancient forests existed when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and amber may serve as a time capsule with information on the flora and fauna that existed at the time.


What Baltic Amber Colors are There?

Amber comes in many different colors and we love all of them. From the yellowy orange trademark of amber to beautiful rubious gemstones, our amber artisans craft the best baltic pieces.

You can make an amber bracelet from different pieces of baltic amber, depending on your preferences and the results you want. It's important to remember that the quality is more important than the beauty of the color.

Here is a list of the variants of gemstones we offer in our shops:

  • Black Onyx
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Turquoise
  • Amethyst
  • Pink Rose Quartz
  • Fluorite
  • Aventurine
  • Red Agate
  • Green Jasper

If you want additional information about each of them and the effect they are used for, feel free to check our online shop, where you can get your own necklace from the baltic sea.

Recognising Fake Baltic Amber:

Fake amber jewelry has entered the market in recent years, and most people are unaware of it. Since they can't tell the difference with a naked eye, people intend to buy these amber pieces and believe they're real.

Unfortunately, many individuals are targeted by merchants who market fake baltic amber at a premium price.

Baltic countries like Lithuania are known for their high-quality amber, but baltic amber can also be found in Asia, Nigeria, Burma, New Zealand, Columbia, Russia, Venezuela, Romania, the United States, Wyoming, and the Dominican Republic.

All of the pieces that our amber artisans use are from the best amber compounds like the one our family from Lithuania used to craft the first amber teething necklace we ever had.

Materials that don't have an amber origin, but are sold in shops as baltic amber include:

  1. Copal - Copal is often sold as Baltic amber. Copal can turn into amber with enough time, but it isn't fully fossilized. Copal is also referred to as "new tree resin" because it is just a thousand to one million years old, whereas true baltic amber is closer to 40 million years old.
  2. Glass - Glass is easier to discern because it is more rigid, cool to the touch, than succinic acid. It is fireproof and cannot be scratched by metal, whereas real baltic amber can be scratched and will burn if exposed to flame.
  3. Phenolic Resins - Artificial amber beads are usually made from this material. The shape of these amber beads is very precise (i.e. circular, faceted), and the colors are very similar to real amber (dark red, cloudy yellow). The scent of pine-tree resins, which is the main feature of Baltic amber, does not diffuse after heating of the substance.
  4. Celluloid - Celluloid (cellulose nitrate) is usually cloudy and yellow in colour. It's difficult to tell it apart from baltic amber in terms of appearance. Celluloid is less flammable and more solid. It diffuses the scent of burnt plastic after heating.
  5. Casein - This is milk-based plastic. The colors of the beads are a cloudy, turbid yellow. It's a little more substantial than baltic amber. It diffuses the scent of burnt plastic after heating.
  6. Modern Plastic - Artificial amber and inclusions made of modern plastic (polyester, polystyrene) have a realistic appearance. Falsified inclusions, like those in Copal, are too large (more than 10 mm) and visible, placed in the plastic's very middle. It diffuses the scent of burnt plastic after heating.
  7. Pressed Amber - The product of fusing small pieces of amber together under high pressure or with large heat is known as "pressed" amber. While pressed amber is inexpensive and readily available, it does not perform as well as natural amber.

Healing Effects of a Baltic Amber Necklace.

Considered an antibiotic: Baltic amber is regarded as a powerful natural antibiotic. Women with goitre used to wear unpolished and unfinished natural raw amber bits close to their necks as a cure in some cultures.

Through its hue, it heals: The honey-colored baltic amber stone brings sweetness and peace to the wearer's existence. It aids in the realization of one's life journey and the motto with which they were sent to the planet. Honey amber empowers the wearer to let go of the items that are stopping their spirit from going forward and smoothing out the rough spots.

Many of our customers have found Baltic amber benefits in the treatment of pain and inflammation, especially teething pain, but also headaches, arthritis, tendonitis, and generalized body pain.

What is Baltic Amber Used For?

Today Baltic amber is known for its use in a number of medicinal applications, such as:

  1. amber teething necklaces and teething bracelets for teething pain
  2. flea prevention in pets
  3. other aspects of health and lifestyle change

Baltic amber is a type of amber, as the name implies. Amber is not a rock or a gemstone, contrary to common opinion. Amber is a fossilized tree resin that can be found in a variety of locations around the world. Baltic amber is amber from the Baltic Sea region, which includes Poland, Lithuania, Germany, and Latvia, to name a few countries.

Other Types of Disease That Baltic Amber Can Provide Remedy For:

  1. ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder)
  2. Arthritis
  3. Asthma
  4. Skin Disorders (Ex. Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis)
  5. Fever
  6. Depression
  7. Allergies
  8. Pain (Ex. Back Pain, Sciatica)
  9. Gut Issues (Ex. Leaky Gut)
  10. Restless Leg Syndrome
  11. Lyme Disease
  12. Reflux
  13. Insomnia
  14. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  15. Thyroid Issues
  16. Menopause

How can you tell good quality amber?

Of course, anybody can be duped, and they might not be able to tell the difference. An individual with experience of the stone's healing properties, as well as its texture and consistency, can tell the difference between fake and real baltic amber.

We suggest that you buy a genuine piece of Baltic amber from a reputable source for the best results. When you're looking for genuine amber, this will greatly minimize the chances of buying fake amber, like the many you see on social media.

Tests to see the authenticity of a Baltic Amber.

One thing we've discovered over the years is that doing well on these assessments is incredibly difficult.

Here's our take on the conventional list, tweaked to reflect what we've learned. Again, the simplest and least invasive ways to test the amber are the saltwater and UV samples.

  • Visual Inspection (Not Rocket Science...)
  • The Saltwater Test (Easy!)

 Genuine Baltic amber will float in salt water.

  • The UV Test (Our Favorite!)

    You'll need a real UV light (think LED UV flashlight or florescent tube, traditionally called a black.

    • The Smell Test (Tricky) 
    • The Acetone Test
    • The Scratch Test
    • The Polarized Light Test
    • The Static Test

    Are Teething Necklaces Safe?

    All of our baltic teething necklaces have been made with your child's protection in mind. We would never risk the safety of any one of our clients. It's in our greatest interest for you the get the best quality baltic amber jewelry on the market.

    When a baltic amber bracelet is designed from the right material it can help with inflammation and be a very beautiful accessory at the same time. Always search for more information about the product you intend to purchase and what effect it promises.

    Many imitations claim to have the healing abilities of baltic amber, but can actually cause more damage than good. Always ask about the authenticity of the necklaces or other jewelry that the particular brand is shipping.

    How to Clean and Care For Your Amber Necklace?

    To clean your baltic amber, use a soft flannel cloth or an unused toothbrush dampened with clean lukewarm water. Dry in the sun or with a clean tissue or towel.

    Baltic Amber, like any precious possession, must be cared for and treasured. Since Baltic Amber is soft and brittle with age, chemicals and oxidation are the most important factors to consider.

    Amber jewelry should not be stored with other jewelry, particularly metals, where it can rub against them. We suggest storing your Baltic Amber Jewelry in a comfortable pouch with a drawstring closure (flannel and velvet are suitable for this).


    Baltic amber is a natural substance that's found primarily in the Baltic sea and is believed to have healing properties. That's why amber artisans use baltic amber to create gorgeous pieces of jewelry for decades.

    If you want amber teething necklaces from the best possible quality of baltic amber, then you should be careful with shops that are shipping inferior imitations.



    Does Baltic amber ever expire?

      Baltic amber, if properly cared for, could theoretically last a lifetime. However, it is very old and fragile, and the beads will inevitably break.

      Often, over time, soap scum and other substances coat the surface of the beads, preventing them from releasing succinic acid onto your skin.

      So, if you clean and care for your baltic amber, it can last for years. It might be time for a new one if you suspect it's no longer working and you've already tried cleaning it.

      What is the difference between Amber and Baltic amber?

      Baltic amber is different from other ambers around the world because it contains high levels of succinic acid.

      How long Will it Take For Baltic Essentials Products to Work?

        For teething, fussiness, red cheeks, you should see relief within the half-hour. Colic and reflux may take 1-2 weeks. Hazelwood takes 1-2 weeks for the full effect. Adults may take a full week before getting relief.

        Who Can use Baltic Products?

          Our Necklaces and Bracelets are 100% natural baltic amber and can be used by anyone of any age from babies, teenagers to adults. It can be used by people who suffer from disorders, pain, or illnesses and in fact, it is made with this purpose!

          Can I Really Use This on my Dog?

            You sure can! It is best used to help prevent and treat ticks by making the dogs "unattractive hosts". Your dog can go out and conquer the world without having to worry about pesky insects thanks to our baltic amber products.

            How Do I care for Baltic Amber Beads?

              You can wash with a lukewarm washcloth, just water if they have built up body oils or soap. But that will not happen typically if you just wear them normally and try not to submerge them constantly in water & chlorine.

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              What is best for anxiety, high anxiety? For an adult.

              Trisha Bruce
              Trisha Bruce

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              I absolutely love your teething necklaces. We bought one for my granddaughter, she never had discomfort or anything from teething. We would look in her mouth and she would have a couple teeth that we didn’t even know were coming in. I have been buying them for all my grand babies and any baby shower I go to now. My other granddaughter loves them for her anxiety. Works very well.

              Tara Stanton
              Tara Stanton

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              I just want to thank you so much. Since I got a bracelet for my husband I have not heard him complain about being in pain anymore. He always complained about his hands. Legs and stomach hurting. Not anymore. And when it broke they replaced it and he was only without it a few days. I only had to pay the shopping. Thanks again.

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