Baltic Amber: Now that's Powerful Medicine

By Abby Logiste
on December 20, 2017

Baltic Essentials Amber is Natural Medicine

Giving Our Body the Medicine it Needs

Our body loves to take in the goodies it receives by breaking it down for use through what we know as metabolism. We all know that nutrients in the form of fats, carbs, protein, water, vitamins, and minerals are all important to keep our bodies running in optimal condition while aiding in the prevention of many diseases, but could there be a few things within that list we aren't aware of that is beneficial? This is such the case for succinic acid as many individuals are completely unaware of its healing power on the body although it has been used century after century. 

Nature is Our Medicine 

It may not be so far-fetched to say that the answer to many medical conditions lie in our backyardRaw Unpolished Multi Baltic Amber Bracelet For Adult All Amber For Maximum Effectiveness Arthritis Carpal Tunnel Migraines Back Aches. There are potentially thousands of new species we may not know of that can cure many of the diseases we have although we do not know about it. Still, nature has allowed us to learn so many remedies for issues without having to resort purely on pharmacology. Succinic acid, for example, is a holistic option for just about every problem you can think of, including troublesome pain (acute or chronic). 


Conditions Succinic Acid Can Treat

Succinic acid is derived from the Latin word "succinum" which translates as 'amber'. Baltic Essentials Amber can be used for problems such as:

Colds: The immune system is strengthened by amber, which helps thwart chances of you catching the cold, fever, or flu. Baltic Amber Necklace - 15 Or 17 Inch Raw UnPolished Lemon Black Cherry 1-Flower Baltic Amber Necklace For Teen Or Adult Arthritis Carpal Tunnel Cramps Sciatica Headache Back Pain

The Brain: Our nervous system entails our motion and thought process. Sometimes we have built up stress and anxiety caused by physical or mental problems. Succinic acid is powerful enough to help release stress and the buildup of certain chemicals. It can eliminate the root of the cause, helping the brain regain its original function.

Cellular Respiration: The body may lack efficient cellular respiration. The decrease in function could be due to buildup or many other unknown reasons. Succinic acid is able to provide optimal cellular respiration and glucose metabolism so that our body can take in oxygen and sugar for our required needs.

The Heart: Succinic acid can also play a role in the regulation of blood and how that heart pumps that supply. Baltic amber is as much of an option for those suffering from cardiovascular diseases by improving the conditions. Word has it that amber can even prevent heart attacks.

Inflammatory Diseases: Those with inflammatory conditions, like arthritis, can benefit from amber because of its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antioxidant properties that help treat the root of the problem and the pain.

Teething and Colic Pain: Amber today is probably most known for its effect on kids. It is quite the star for helping relieve teething and colic pain. The beads should be worn so the succinic acid can be released to the skin where it provides a soothing and healing effect.

Body Cleansing: The mystical wonders of amber is able to rid the body of chronic pain and built up negative energy. It can promote concentration and heal our organs such as the liver and intestines. The body works better and feels more refreshed as a result. Raw Unpolished Lemon Flower 17 Inch Baltic Amber Necklace For Big Kid, Child, Or Adult

Promote Sleep and Ease Discomfort in Your Baby

By Abby Logiste
on October 18, 2017

promote sleep in babies

When Problems Interfere with Sleep

Caring for a child is a lot of work during the day and throughout the night. Mothers often learn to distinguish the type of cries their babies making in order to determine what is wrong with them. Sometimes moms know what to do to fix a crying spell and other times it the solving it can be a riddle. One of the saddest things to witness when a child is unable to sleep at night because they are uncomfortable or are in pain. This discomfort may be from a variety of things such as fever, teething, or gas problems. When a baby cannot have a restful sleep, the parents also can't seem to sleep well for themselves  either because the baby or the worrying keeps them awake. There is only so much a parent can do in this situation, but continuing to comfort and ease the symptoms do help. 

Image result for problems sleeping baby

How Can I Tell My Baby is in Pain?

There are times we simply do not know if a baby is crying because they are in pain, because they are hungry or because they need their diapers changed. If you still uncertain it helps to observe for squirming or arching of the back (as if to get away from the source) to find out if your child is in any discomfort. They may also let out sudden shrills of crying that last for a long time along with periodic pauses. It may seem as if they stopped breathing, but it is often a way for them to rest, catch their breath, and cry some more. You should also check their temperature, undress, and inspect them to find if the discomfort stems from a physical source

Hazelwood for Gastrointestinal Related Sleep Problems

There are so many physiologic processes that go on within infants who grow at a rapid rate. Although the stomach may be fully developed at 20 weeks during pregnancy, it is still quite immature, and babies may be prone to gas, constipation, GERD, and heartburn. Any or a combination of these problems are already troublesome during their waking periods, but it is also just as much as a pain during the night.Hazelwood Bracelet - 5-6 Inch Hazelwood Bracelet Eczema Colic Reflux GERD Pink Rose Quartz Amethyst Green CrBlue Turquoise Ysocolla Or Baltic Amber Mixed For Baby, Toddler, Pre-Teen Baltic Essentials Hazelwood can promote restful sleep in babies with gastrointestinal related problems by regulating the body's pH, reduce free radicals, and eliminate excess acidity. The natural wood is also able to improve internal gut issues so your baby can feel get better while enhancing their bedtime. The bracelets and the necklaces should never be worn in order to prevent choking when the baby is sleeping at night unsupervised.

Amber for Sleep Problems Related to Teething and Fever

Almost every parent may run into the teething and fever problem that interferes with their baby's rest time. Although the baby has to wait for the course of the fever and teething process to be over, it does not have to be completely uncomfortable for them. Baltic Essentials Amber promotes sleep in babies going through teething or fevers. Amber
contains succinic acid that provides anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that allow swelling and pain to go down for both of these problems. Like Hazelwood, the necklaces should be worn as an anklet when it is used during the night. Amber is also completely natural and there are no side effects to worry about, there will only be benefits.

Baltic Amber Bracelet - 6 Inch Baltic Amber Bracelet Rainbow Honey Amber Pink Rose Quartz Red Agate Amethyst Aventurine Cyrsocolla Newborn Baby, Infant, Toddler

Heal Yourself from Acid Reflux Naturally

By Abby Logiste
on March 20, 2017

Heal Yourself from Acid Reflux Naturally

Pain in the Core

Acid reflux is a type of digestive disorder that can be of discomfort to the chest (chest pain and heartburn) and throat (from burping or vomit) due to the regurgitation of acid from the stomach. The experience can be a mild episode for some and as extreme in pain comparable to a heart attack for others. The high pH of acid is normally contained and activated in the stomach, but when the protective lining is destroyed or the acidic content exits the stomach on a continual basis, issues like ulceration, scarring, bleeding, and swelling can occur. Over time, acid reflux can eventually eat away organs and tissues involves so working on treating it help resolve and reverse the problem and symptoms linked with it. 

Top Five Natural Remedies for Reflux

1 – Organic Baking Soda

Baking soda helps to neutralize the pH of the stomach, but there is some caution that has to be known and understand when using it. For example, baking soda is would not be an option for those with high blood pressure issues or for those currently on a low-sodium diet. Baking soda is best as a last resort option in emergencies if you are in severe pain. Mix half to one teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water and drink it before it stops fizzing.

2 – Apple Cider Vinegar

Taking a tablespoon of raw, organic apple cider vinegar with 4-8oz of water before each meal will work wonders in bringing back order to your digestive system. A common reason for acid reflux is actually due to a lack of acid in the stomach. Drinking apple cider greatly improves the acidic contents of your stomach by calming the area and aiding in the breakdown of food. It is a quick-acting option for people to use.

3 – Organic Aloe Vera

The soothing effects of aloe vera also yield great results on the stomach as well as redness and diarrhea that may follow. Drinking at least half a cup of aloe vera juice before eating will help reduce inflammation. As a note, some brands may also have a laxative effect, and if you are looking to avoid that, look for brands that exclude it.

4 – Ginger Root

Taking ginger root or drinking ginger tea has long been known to provide a protective layer to the stomach and fight off the helicobacter pylori, a bacterium responsible for ulcers. Ginger is just as, of not more, effective than many drugs that are prescribed to treat acid reflux such as lansoprazole. You should also drink the tea at least half an hour before your meal or take 2-3 slices of ginger root with two cups of hot water.

5 – Slippery Elm

Slippery elm soothes the entire digestive system from mouth to anus. It also is an abundant source of antioxidants that can ease swelling. It is capable of stimulating nerve endings within the digestive system as well while increasing the secretion of mucus which helps protect the stomach from the hydrochloric acid and ulcers. You can take 400-500mg of the capsule form 3-4 times a day for 1-2 months with water. Alternatively, you may add two cups of hot water with two tablespoons of the powdered form up to three times daily. There are lozenges available; be sure to read the dosage instructions on the label.

Curing Acid Reflux with Hazelwood

Treating acid reflux primarily depends on taking care of your gut to stop acid from going where it is not supposed to be. Baltic Essentials Hazelwood is a natural option for easing acid reflux due to its alkalinity that helps balance pH and eliminate excess acidity. When the beads touch the skin, antioxidants also flow into the bloodstream to help fight inflammation and sooth the area. Baltic Essentials products are handmade from quality hazelwood that is sure to last you for a long time  after purchasing it. Help cure your digestive issues with it today. 

Experiencing Heartburn? Try Baltic Essentials Hazelwood

By Abby Logiste
on August 31, 2016

Heartburn Relief


Heartburn, or acid reflux, can be debilitating for those afflicted by the condition. It can also hit at any age, young or old, and can be short or long lasting. If there is one thing that is certain about heartburn's is that you’ll like immediately begin seeking relief when it comes. Heartburn's are not only painful, if frequent enough, it can lead to serious health complications. 

Many people experience it the most often while or after they are eating. Symptoms can range from burning sensations or a sour taste in your mouth, to an upset stomach and sore, inflamed throat. The condition can also do serious damage to your esophagus over time. If left untreated, the effects of heartburn have been linked to predisposing conditions found to cause esophageal cancer! Clearly, no matter your age, lifestyle, or occupation, finding relief from acid reflux and its array of symptoms is incredibly important because both your health and ability to live comfortably depend on it

You may or may not have heard how acid toxicity in the body can lead to all sorts of health complications and medical conditions.  The painful symptoms of heartburn occur when stomach acid backs up into the esophagus -– hence the sudden feeling of a  burning sensation and tightness are felt. Just imagining it sounds unbearable! Those that developed a hiatial hernia may also begin to experience heartburn symptoms that appear over time as the stomach abnormally pushes towards the chest. 

Treatment Options Are Available 

The good news is that acid reflux is easily treatable using a variety of different treatment options. The best results for many will likely be found from combining several of these treatment options. It is important to discover the numerous options one has when it comes to successfully treating heartburn.

Western medicine offers both over-the-counter and prescription medications. When taken regularly, these pills help manage the pain associated with heartburn, and minimize its occurrence.  Alternative practices, such as acupuncture, are also incredibly beneficial when received regularly. Another option known to be remarkably effective involves changing your diet by either eliminating or decreasing specific trigger foods that increase the likelihood of getting heartburn.

This may sound like bad news for those who happens to be die-hard fans of spicy or fried foods -- but all costs considered, many still find the dietary sacrifice or decrease to be worth it.  All of these methods do require regular and timely maintenance to see the best difference, but many who stick to it believe it is worth it.

Natural Benefits with Baltic Essentials Hazelwood

Thankfully, another highly beneficial treatment option exists -- particularly for those are interested in the curative approach of holistic medicine.  At Baltic Essentials, you can choose from an array of our medicinal Hazelwood products that are effective at easing the severity and frequency of acid reflux symptoms. The wondrous effects of Hazelwood are transferred to you moments after the beads come in contact with your body.


Hazelwood is a type of wood actually provides an alkalizing effect on your body’s pH level by absorbing excess acid buildup through your skin!  This helps your body restore and balance pH levels, minimizing acidosis of the body while reducing the presence of free-radicals. Hazelwood is also known for being a great source antioxidants, which are absorbed through your pores and delivered straight to the source!  

Baltic Essentials offers an array of Hazelwood Products in the form of attractive jewelry that is highly beneficial for sufferers of acid reflux and other digestive issues. That's right -- you will not only enjoy the benefits of a functional, natural option to relieve heartburn, you get choose from a selection of Bracelets and Necklaces that also look appealing to wear

You can choose from a number of different styles that incorporate all the medicinal qualities of Baltic Essentials’ Hazelwood, providing you with relief for as long as its worn – and stylishly at that! My personal favorite is the Hazelwood bracelet with Rose Quartz, but feel free to take a peek and choose your own favorite color combination.  The best part is, the beads each serve a different therapeutic purpose, as well! 

Looks aside, if you ever suffer from acid reflux or know someone that does, you’ll want to check these products out – your body will thank you for it!

All-Natural Relief From Reflux

By Kristen Miller
on April 21, 2016
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Acid Reflux Relief

Finding Out My Oldest Son Had Reflux

The day my oldest son was born was one of the best days of my life. After making it through 21 hours of labor, I finally got to meet the little man that I felt turning, kicking, and stretching in my belly for eight months.  Overall, the pregnancy was fairly easy for me -- I hardly experienced morning sickness and always had a huge appetite, but I was very surprised when I unexpectedly went into labor four weeks early. After I delivered, I found out my son was born with a serious heart valve defect and had to have surgery at seven weeks old. 

The Struggles of Having a Baby with Reflux

After my husband and I finally got past the nightmare those first few weeks and he got healthier, I believed things would be smooth sailing after that. Oh boy was I wrong!  No sooner did he start taking more bottles and gaining weight, he began throwing up half of what he took in.  I don’t mean he spit up a little either; I mean the ordeal looked like something from The Exorcist.  Feeding him required more than just a cute little burp cloth, it took an entire bath towel, and sometimes a change of clothes for both of us!

After being tested for pyloric stenosis (a disorder of the stomach valve and intestine thicken), it was confirmed that my baby had a severe case of acid reflux. His little tummy produced too much acid, and reacted negatively to food, causing him to throw up most of what he ate. My husband and I tried everything, from changing his formula, feeding him one ounce at a time, burping more frequently, keeping him propped up after eating, to giving him doses of Zantac.  Nothing helped.  The doctor told us our son would just have to grow out of it -- Easy for him to say!  After all, he wasn’t the one at home with a crying baby nor had to change sheets in the middle of the night!

 Hazelwood is a Natural Cure For Babies with Reflux 

How I wished then that there was something I could do for my little one. I know firsthand how painful it is to have heartburn, and I couldn’t imagine having to live with that acidic feeling day in and day out for over a year.  About a decade later, I have finally came across an old Canadian Aboriginal remedy for acidosis (when the pH of the body is too acidic)- a simple shrub called Hazelwood.

When the original inhabitants --who lived in the province we now know as the Quebec region of Canada -- had a baby that suffered from reflux and colic, they covered them in Hazelwood chips to make their bodies more alkaline and balance the pH.  The remedy was all but lost until it resurfaced in Canada during the 1980s.  Since then, mothers have turned to Hazelwood to relieve their babies from acidosis.

Hazelwood is a woody shrub native to Canada. Small twigs are harvested from the ends of the branches where they eventually grow back. They are made into cylindrical beads, then strung together to make a necklace. Science is still too young to understand how it works, but it is a widely believed that Hazelwood has the ability to draw excess acid out of the body and absorb it into the wood, resulting in relief from acid reflux symptoms. 

Baltic Essentials has Hazelwood Necklaces for babies and toddlers that are made from sustainably-sourced Hazelwood and are made with quick-release clasps so that little ones can’t get choked on them.  I wish now that I had known about this all-natural remedy for reflux from when my son when he was a baby. I wonder how much better he would’ve felt and how much more sleep I would’ve gotten I discovered it sooner!

Hazelwood for Adult or Children

By Mary Baltic Essentials
on March 09, 2016
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Hazelwood for Adult or Children

hazelwood reflux acid heart burn eczema

The Perks of Using Hazelwood Necklace for Adults

Hazelwood is known for its effective way of creating more alkaline environment within one’s body as it directly contact with your skin. In this event, Hazelwood has the promise to help in preventing and treating different kinds of illnesses  like, eczema, heartburn and acid reflux. In form of a necklace, the benefits from the hazelwood is transferred to the body. Most people notice result from these various issues not long after wearing it. 

Who can Use Hazelwood Necklaces?

Adults, teens, and kids are can all benefit using Baltic Essentials Hazelwood Necklaces should they suffer from skin issues such as eczema and digestive issues such as heart burn and acid reflux. A common digestive complication, known as acidosis (when the body is too much acidic), is another symptom our Hazelwood necklaces can treat. Anyone may use this necklace as a simple, but effective way of preventing and treating illnesses and disorders as much as possible.

Our Baltic Essentials Hazelwood Necklaces come in various sizes to ensure it fits all ages.Babies can also benefit from wearing the necklace; however, it should be noticed that they should not wear the necklace when they go to bed. Our necklaces may be used by everyone. It serves as a natural treatment for symptoms that is attractive to wear. 

How Hazelwood Necklace Work For Adults?

Many people wonder how Baltic Essentials Hazelwood Necklaces can help them with the hyper acidity or other health conditions they are dealing with. Hazelwood helps by reducing free radicals in the body due to its“high antioxidant” levels that transfer to the skin pores after being activated by body heat. It is the wood material itself that absorbs the excess acid coming from the body until pH balance is reached. Improving anyone's health condition to become better and prevent excess acid in the body is what Hazelwood necklace can give bring to adults.

What other symptoms or health conditions that adults using Hazelwood necklaces will surely prevent? Here are the as follows.

  • Constipation
  • Gastric Reflux
  • Heartburn
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Arthritis
  • Constipation
  • Skin Problems such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis

If you are experiencing any of these mentioned health conditions, Baltic Essentials Hazelwood Necklaces offer you a sense of relief from these symptoms naturally. Trust the natural power of these necklaces as it will help alleviate health problems. Aside from the beautiful designs, it is especially good to know that it is more than just an accessory; slowly but surely, you will notice a reduction or disappearance in whatever health condition you have as listed above. It is possible to treat these issues naturally without the need for mediation.

Its acidic composition is healing to the body, and bad health conditions are no more when you use our necklaces. More and more people recognizing how potent Hazelwood and what it can do to treat 
symptoms from various illnesses. If you are experiencing gerd, heart burn arthritis or skin condition, try Baltic Essentials Hazelwood Necklaces. One great benefit about our necklaces is that it is portable and travel friendly -- you may wear in anywhere you go. Try it yourself and see the perks of using a Hazelwood necklace for an adult like you or someone you know. 

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