Why Amber is All You Need for These Common Ailments

By Abby Logiste
on November 14, 2018

Why Amber is All You Need for These Common Ailments

The History of Amber’s Amazing Benefits

Amber is fossilized resin that can be dated back to prehistoric times – as far as 50 million years ago. Everything in life has a use and a function so naturally, the benefits of resin would be used from the amber trees themselves to stay strong and prevent getting infected or injured due to its antibiotic powers. This neat finding was later discovered by people and for centuries, it has been used as a remedy for pain relief, boost the immune system, and enhance jumpstarting your body back to it's functional operation. It has long served as an embalming substance, having both antimicrobial and drying properties. During the Ancient Egyptian period and during wars, many would apply resin on the injured to disinfect their wounds and save their lives. Today, you may even find amber being sold in local pharmacies around the globe, especially in Europe.

To this day, amber’s therapeutic properties are being used and remains to be the center of attention in several scientific studies that indicate its amazing abilities. The soothing and calming effects of amber is released into the bloodstream when the oils from the beads are warmed from the skin. The resin is an electromagnet that produces mass amounts of organic, pure energy that our body uses. This can also equip our body with an added layer of protection from radiation sources such as television, computers, phones, and microwaves.

The highest concentration of amber is found within the cortex, or external later. Looking how resin works at the cellular level had an interesting finding. Succinic acid is a type of amino acid (protein) made in every cell of the body that is capable of aerobic respiration. Fats, carbs, and of course, proteins,Baltic Amber Necklace - Lava Rock Amber Necklace Arthritis Carpal Tunnel Polished Cognac Or Raw Rainbow 19 Inch Teen Or Adult Essential Oils Aromatherapy
 are then metabolized to be used for energy for the Krebs or citric acid cycle. This explains how amber also the added benefit of has providing energy. This makes it a great remedy for those having issues with stress or sleeping too.

Uses for Amber

Amber works, but you want to make sure you do not purchase fakes made from cheap plastic. Baltic Essentials sells only pure amber obtained from the Baltic Sea. Amber can with pain, disease, illness and disorders whether the problem is acute or chronic. Here is a list of issues that Baltic Essentials Amber can help improve:

  • Fever
  • Arthritis (Ex. Rheumatoid Arthritis)
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Pain (Ex. Back Pain, Sciatica)
  • Allergies
  • Skin Disorders (Ex. Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis)
  • Gut Issues (Ex. Leaky Gut)
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Lyme Disease
  • Reflux
  • Insomnia
  • Asthma
  • Thyroid Issues
  • Mood Disorders (Ex. Depression, ADHD)
  • Menopause


The Rare Colors of Amber

By Abby Logiste
on November 14, 2018

Rare colors of Amber

The Amber Stone

Similar to people, flowers, and animals amber comes in a variety of characteristics in the form of colors and shapes. In fact, if you look really closely at any piece of amber you will find that no two that are exactly identical. The beauty of amber is that it is extremely rich in color and there is believed to be around 500 hues. The type of color amber may possess are influenced on a number of factors such as the environment, soil, resin, and water it is created from. Weather changes and chemical reactions are particularly responsible for the unique color palettes amber may come in. Nonetheless, there are colors that you will see more often than others and others that mother nature gifted to be the rare colors of amber.


What are the Common Colors of Amber?

  • Yellow and Orange Amber: Honey amber is seen and sold everywhere and comes in a variety of hues such as butter, cognac, and coRelated imagepal. It is the most common amber found, making up 70% of all amber. Typically, the more bubbles that are present, the lighter the yellow the stone will be. It also comes in orange to citrine hues, and can be as deep as brown. Honey amber, another type of amber in this category is known as "sunshine" or the "stone of the sun."


What are the Rare Colors of Amber?

  • Black Amber: While some may believe black amber to belong in the commonly seen group of amber colors, it is actually kind of rare and is believed to account for less than 15% of amber. The black color is created due to a large amount of impurities and matter found within the resin it is created from.
  • Green Amber: Dubbed as "Earth Amber," green amber is popular for its shimmery appeal that is not only sought out by many cultures not only for its beauty, but for its ability to bring good fortune. Green amber, especially those deeper in shade, are extremely rare compared to the lighter greens or yellow-green amber stones. Altogether, they make up 2% of amber. This great stone also does not need to be processed. When treated with heat, this precious stone is able to draw out an even more vivid, astonishing green that can wow just about anybody. It shows up the best under full spectrum light.
  • Blue Amber: Finding blue stones is even harder to finRelated imaged than green amber. To the naked eye, it may seem blue under a certain type of light and other others, the color may look like the typical yellow and can be quite the hidden trickster.
  • White Amber: Perhaps one of the most appreciated and difficult to find stone is the white to milky-white amber stones. Altogether, it accounts for under 2% of amber found around the world, and it is much more rare to discover those that are completely pure as a majority of them contain impurities.
  • Red Amber: Out of all the rare types of amber, red amber is just as rare as the blue stone, yet it also the most commonly used rare stones used in by artisans who sell amber -- and it is no coincidence either. Red amber is eye-catching to many because of its amazing and vivid hues that can make one feel rich just wearing it. Also referred to as dragon blood, only one in 200 amber stones are red. Those that are deeper in red have been exposed to atmosphere and is possibly the outcome of oxidation and aging of yellow/orange amber stones. These stones are not transparent and may be polished.
  • Clear Amber: The most rare of amber colors would be the clear stone that is prized among all jewelers. It is so rare to find that many who have it prefer to keep rather than sell it as it easily can become the center of attention, especially when it is used for preserving feathers, bugs, and prehistoric organisms.

The Colors that Heal

No matter what color amber comes in, they all have their own natural healing properties that can be used to treat a lot of ailments without having to worry about chemicals. Baltic Essentials sells only pure amber of top quality to ensure problems of concern, such as back pain for adults or teething pain with babies are addressed. Anyone of any age can use amber to naturally ease a variety of conditions. Baltic Essentials sells amber as necklaces or bracelets, and its healing benefits will last you for months with results many notice within minutes.


The Secret for Banishing Chronic Pain

By Abby Logiste
on April 02, 2018

chronic pain

Life with Chronic Pain

Pain is something everyone can relate to on some level because we understand the sensation is something that is not comfortable. Chronic pain tends to loom when a person is diagnosed with an illness, cancer, or is a burn survivor. For some the pain is something that will come and go and for others, it is constant. Having chronic pain can ruin a person’s life, self-esteem, and independency. The extreme changes an individual goes through is perhaps one of the saddest thing. Loved ones may feel as if they lost their father, mother, loved one, friend, or sibling due to the extreme change that leaves the one in suffer as only a shell or fragment of their former selves. Depression and isolation are two things to look out for as a fraction believe they should accept a life dominated by the misery and pain. However, this is the furthest option to pick, and limiting or eliminating chronic pain can be done.

Chronic Pain is not “Imagination”

It is crazy to think how there are still people who discredit and do not believe people who say they are in pain when it is chronic. Others may be more receptive to believing the pain is real, but perceive that the person, in the least, is exaggerating their pain. Comments like “it is probably not that bad” or “get over it” are nothing more than discouraging. Pain is not always a visible wound that someone can see, nor does it always come with a diagnosis or reason behind it. Image result for chronic pain Long-term pain can lead to a decrease in physical activity and cause what is known as disuse syndrome. A person’s psychological, neurological, musculoskeletal, and cardiovascular systems can become impaired, and can increase the chances of chronic pain worsening in the future. Not getting enough sleep is another problem that may occur, and can leave one feeling incapacitated.

Reclaiming your Life

Improved quality of life and a reduction in discomfort is very possible when you are able to manage chronic pain. Medications can only do so much, especially because there are limitations in its use. Relaxation and distraction are both effective, but redirecting thoughts poses as a challenge for many when the level of pain is more than one can bear. It is just as important to recognize that even someone that appears happy can still be in a lot of pain. Fortunately, there is something you can do to feel better and live a better life. Baltic Essentials Amber can help with chronic pain naturally, and you may notice the difference in as quick as thirty minutes. The beautiful gem appears to be a stone to many, but it is actually made from fossilized resin. The benefits from amber are delivered directly in the bloodstream when it is remains worn. Amber is both a natural pain-reliever and anti-inflammatory agent that can ease chronic pain. It is also capable of restoring energy levels so one feels less tired and can help improve sleep.

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