Amber Can Help Your Joints Feel Young Again

By Abby Logiste
on December 20, 2017

Heal Arthritis Pain Naturally

 We All Grow Up

As unique as we all are from everyone in this world, there are a few of the same phases we all have went through. As a kid, we could not wait to grow up in adults, but when it came into fruition, we often look back at our childhood because things were easier and boy, could we move! It is not all completely in your head when you realize you have less energy as you get older and it is a task in itself to move, lift, bend, or walk. These simple activities are especially difficult for people who suffer from joint disorders such as arthritis and the debilitating pain that can come with it.

The Pain of Arthritis

Pain is something no one likes to go through and arthritis suffers are often forced to deal with chronic pain for the rest of their lives while trying to control it. The discomfort can be described as sharp, burning, dull or some type of pressure (the sensation of that something or someone is constricting the area). Many who have joint disease have to deal with pain like the unwanted partner that creep into their everyday lives, hindering them from doing anything. For most, fatigue is another problem that persists with arthritis. Pain and lethargy are closely related where the appearance of one can make the other symptom more of a challenge to manage.

You Can Still Live a Good Life with Arthritis

The major problem with arthritis is the effort or inability it takes to do certain things, and effectively controlling the systems can help with this type of problem. The two most important things you want to have is a positive mindset and remain active.

Stay Positive: Believe it or not, our mind and our attitudes play a major role in how we accept and deal with things whether the issue is from the outside or within us. Having the right head can significantly boost your ability to successfully cope with the chronic pain. Even though someone has arthritis, it is not something to think about at every moment, doing so can often lead to depression. Continue to do the things you love, rather than believing everything is impossible to do anymore. Surround yourself with people who care about you and do the hobbies you enjoy so the thought of arthritis is out of your mind. It is mind over matter after all, isn’t it? Breathing techniques and meditation are also great ideas to implement if you have not tried it. It is only you that truly knows what you absolutely can and cannot do.

Remain Active and Healthy: Keeping your weight under control helps by putting less pressure on the joints and staying active helps keep your joints flexible and prevent it from getting stiff. Doing both of these things do help in reducing the level of pain and fatigue that comes with arthritis. Excess fat in the body can also make the inflammation process on the joints worse. Helpful activities like walking, swimming or riding a stationary bike are low bearing exercises that provide strength, balance, and make you feel more energetic. There are also foods you can eat to reduce the inflammation in your body. Eating healthy makes a significant difference for arthritis and for health.

The Power of Amber for Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition of inflammation within the joints, and decreasing the inflammation process within the body help your joints feel better. A completely natural way to treat this is with Baltic Essentials Amber, a powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent. It is an organic substance made from pine trees that flourish in Northern Europe. Amber heals arthritis from within and its active property, succinic acid, is deposited directly into the bloodstream when the beads are warmed from the skin. These beads are attractive to wear any time of the day whether you are out or at home while you reap the benefits and do not have to worry about dealing with any adverse side effects. Most people are able to feel it working for them not long after wearing it, and these effects remain as it is worn. Baltic Essentials provides quality amber that is 100% pure that will relieve arthritis pain without harmful chemicals. 


Learn to Spot Fake Amber

By Abby Logiste
on September 30, 2016

Spot Fake Amber

Not all Amber is Genuine

One of the most critical aspects of buying anything online is trusting the company or seller. Will the item that appeals you really look as it does in the image? Is it of good quality? Are you getting duped in buying the full price of something when it is less than authentic? As much as we may want to believe what we see or read is what we will receive, the sad truth is that it not always the case. You owe it to yourself to do a little research or detective work on a product whether you do it before or after you receive it -- after all, it is not too foreign to think you could potentially be dealing with an untruthful individual or business. Baltic Amber is a wonderful natural remedy that can cure sufferers from a variety of ailments without having to deal with side effects. If you are
not seeing the results you expected, it is possible you were given a knock-off. In the event you ever question if the amber you bought is real or not, you can figure out by testing it.


Types of Fake Amber that Exist

Amber has existed for millions of years and is made from the resin of pine trees and, as its name would suggest, appears deep yellow. Real amber is warm to the touch and has a wax-like shine to it -- it will not appear as a glossy shine. Common imitations for amber are casein, celluloid, copal, glass, kauri gum, plastic, and phenolic resin.

Casein: A popular substitute that is derived from milk and converted into a type of plastic. Like amber, it is a cloudy yellow; however, unlike amber it heavier and, when burned, it smells like the plastic imposter that it is.

Celluloid: Visually, celluloid is close in resemblance to amber which makes it a challenge to spot as fake. Celluloid is more inflammable, but when it burns, it smells like plastic and it is slightly denser in weight.

Copal: This fake is also made from tree resin and natural inclusions are often added to them as well as insects to make them more good-looking. They tend to deteriorate faster at lower temperatures and melt rather than burn. When it does melt, you will notice a sweet scent. 

Glass: There are a lot of differences you could spot if your amber is made from glass. It is colder to the touch, fireproof, scratchproof (when you use metal or steel) and is more solid.

Kauri Gum: It is extremely close to copal as it has the same features in appearance, insects, and inclusions. They are able to insert these fake insects by drilling a hole into it or cracking them. If you see either of the two, you will know you are dealing with a fake. A genuine insect in real amber should appear black; they are never colorful. Some may also be covered with a white residue.

Phenolic Resin: They have a particular shape (smooth and oval). While the color is similar to that of amber, it does not emit a resin smell when burned, which should happen with genuine amber.

Other Plastic: The primary modern plastics used to pose as real amber are polystyrene and polyester. They may also have inclusions that are often made in the canter. It also emits a plastic smell when it is burned.


Tests to Check for Real Amber

Sure, you could burn your amber if you want to determine whether or not it is fake, but it is far from conventional because there probably aren't many who like the idea of destroying their potential gem for the sake of a science experiment in the event it is genuine. A better option, if you do wish to use this method, would be to do a hot needle test. This is done by sticking a hot needle (the right temperature and pressure is needed) in the least visible spot. Anything that does not have the distinct smell of pine tree resin, such as a plastic or chemical smell, is not real amber.

Rubbing Test

You can easily rub amber with your hands or with a cloth to produce heat as well to see if it emits a tree resin smell.  There will also be an oily residue that appears on your hands after several seconds of rubbing very fast. Real amber also has an electrostatic charge, and when rubbed it will attract to things like your clothes, hair, or dust.


Salt Water Test

Take a bowl or pot out and fill it with water and salt using a 2:1 ratio then mix it.  In salt water, genuine amber will float while most fakes, which are denser in weight, will sink. After you complete the test, be sure to rinse off your amber in fresh water and dry it.


Acetone/ Muratic Acid Test

Pour several drops of acetone (it can also be found in nail polish) or muratic acid over the amber you wish to test. If it is real, you will notice that the amber was completely unaffected and the product will evaporate. If you use nail polish, be sure to use a remember, it should wipe off clean. If it is fake, you will be left with a sticky mess when you touch it. Be sure to test just a small area that is not visible and do not get the cord wet with acetone!


Taste Test

Before you start the taste test, you will want to wash the amber. It should not have any taste to it unlike fakes which will taste either like plastic or chemicals to the tongue.

Scratch Test

While it may not look like it, amber is soft, and if you attempt to scratch it in an inconspicuous area with a sharp needle or knife, it will a create chip or splinter known as a conchodial fracture. You would not get that effect with fakes like glass. You will also have just scratched your beautiful necklaces – so leave this test until the very end.

UV Light

Authentic amber is florescent and shining UV light over it will glow pale. Typical fluorescent colors are green, yellow or orange, but blue is most common.


 Pure Amber with Baltic Essentials 

While many sellers will overcharge you, others will sell "amber" at a cheap price to make you believe you are getting a deal when you are not. Others may sell you pressed amber, which are small fragments of amber that have been fused using intense heat or pressure, for a cheap price. While it appears more uniform and transparent in the process, it is nowhere near as beneficial as pure amber and will not give you the same results. Baltic Essentials Amber is made from 100% genuine amber using our highest quality standards, promising you the best results in treating a symptom naturally.


Don’t Forget Grandpa This Father’s Day!

By Kristen M. Miller
on June 07, 2016

Gift for Grandpa

grandpa dad arthritis father's day gift unique one of a kind


A Gift for Grandpa

He’s a part of “The Greatest Generation”, the ones who fought on foreign shores in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam; the ones who survived The Great Depression and the Cold War; the ones who put a man on the moon and saw the rise and crumble of the Berlin Wall. His generation was raised to be patriotic, hardworking, honest and courageous; to work for what they earned, be true to their word and be loyal to their country.  The Greatest Generation were the ones who stayed at a job for decades, married their high school sweethearts and raised their children with morals and values during the turbulent 1960’s and 70’s. 

As each year progressed into another decade, he gained a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom. He learned alongside his father as a young boy, whether it was how to grow a garden, how to shave or how to drive, and passed down those lessons to his own children. As a young man he learned to follow his superior’s orders and to never leave a comrade behind.  Over the years he learned how to be a good husband and father, sometimes stumbling along the way, but always learning from his mistakes and teaching his children to do the same.  He learned a trade and went to work every day to earn a living for his family. He learned some hobbies, maybe fishing or woodworking, and imparted the knowledge he gained to others. Now in his golden years he sees his lifetime of knowledge being passed on to his grandchildren, whether they are learning how to have good sportsmanship on the ball field, learning to catch a fish or learning to pick themselves up after a disappointment.

It’s not easy being a grandpa in this day and age. His bones creak and groan, his joints ache and swell, and he just can’t keep up with his grandkids’ energy.  The shoulders that used to play catch in the backyard are stiff and the knees that used to go hiking on Boy Scout campouts are now arthritic.  The hands that used to deftly bait a hook and plane a piece of wood are now doing good to hold a pencil for his daily crossword; the eyes that once could sight a target 300 yards away now have to rely on large-print books and trifocals.  Even though his body reminds him daily that he is now an old man, in his heart he is still the feisty young man he once was, with hair that wasn’t gray and a back that stood straight.

So what can you give a man for Father’s Day that is part of the Greatest Generation, who has shared his wealth of knowledge gained over a lifetime of living and just wants to remember what it was like to feel young? Give him the gift of authentic Baltic Amber from to ease the swelling and daily aches and pains of life.  Baltic Amber was first produced by trees during the age of the dinosaurs and contains 8% succinic acid, which is absorbed microscopically through the skin to relieve inflammation of stiff joints.

He might not understand how or why it works, but he’ll know that he is loved and cherished when you give him a gift that makes him feel a little bit closer to that feisty young man he used to be.

Grandpa Father's Day Gift - Hazelwood Baltic Amber

Flea Prevention with Baltic Amber For Dogs

By Abby Logiste
on June 02, 2016

Prevent Fleas in Dogs

Pesky Fleas 

You are sitting in your home and you notice something oddly different with your dog; they are constantly scratching themselves or licking their fur when, at first, you thought it was nothing out of the usual. Warm weather invites many insects to come out and dance in the seemingly harmless grass. Because of this, we want to be wary and pay special attention to flea prevention during spring and summer Maybe your dog hasn't fallen victim to the "endless scratching syndrome" yet, but you want to take steps to prevent the little buggers from invading both your pet and your home.

How Can I Determine if My Dog Has Fleas Other Than Scratching?

The key indicator that your dog has fleas is if you find black specks anywhere they rest, such on the floor, bed or couch. It is flea dirt, and is fecal matter left behind from the fleas. If you do not find the black specks laying around somewhere, you can inspect your dog yourself by getting a flea comb and running it through their fur. Alternatively, you can get a paper towel and rub it across their fur to see if flea dirt appears. Fleas get take a while to get rid of so it is always best to use preventative measures to ensure your dog does not get it.

Natural Flea Prevention using Baltic Essentials Amber

Whether you have a new pup or have been best friends with your dog a while, taking care of the condition of their coat as well as the skin beneath it is important so it stays healthy. Being aware of fleas and the retributions that can come with infestation will help prevent one of the most common reasons for dermatitis (inflammation of the skin) that may result in them losing patches of fur.

A handful of pet owners use medicated foods or pills to give their dogs to prevent fleas, but it can be costly. Others prefer to find a holistic method that they can give their pets and know that it is completely safe unlike a lot of the spot-on treatments and sprays that are available. Using non-toxic, chemical free alternatives is especially important if your dog is pregnant or nursing, and you still want to prevent them from getting fleas.

Baltic Essentials Amber Necklaces are an excellent option to use as flea prevention for dogs. If your pet is allergic to certain chemicals or ingredients using traditional methods, you can give your dog this necklace knowing there are no complications that come with it. Not only is it completely natural, the attractive necklace will serve as a barrier and protect your dog(s) any time they go outside.

How Does Baltic Essentials Amber Work?

Amber is derived from tree resin that is released when your dog wears it to repel ticks from coming anywhere near them. In fact, Baltic Essentials Amber Necklaces make your dog an unappealing host to fleas because amber creates an environment that makes fleas feel uncomfortable coming near your pet. It is important to clean or change the necklace at least 1-2 times a year to continue seeing optimal results from it. Your dog will never have to worry about getting fleas when they wear this.

Amber Can Ease the Pain Due to Restless Leg Syndrome

By Abby Logiste
on May 23, 2016

Restless Leg Syndrome Pain Relief


What's Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)?

RLS is a neurological movement disorder where there is a strong urge to move the body in order to end strange or uncomfortable sensations felt in the extremities (primarily the legs, but it may also be the arms, head, trunk, phantom limbs) . RLS often occurs when a person is at rest or in the middle of the night when they are trying to sleep but can't because it grows more intense, and the only sense of relief found is by moving the area. Some will describe the describe the sensation as more than uncomfortable, it may downright irritating or painful.

Is there a Cause For RLS?

The cause of the disease is not known, but genetics are believed to be involved. There is also some indication that leads many to believe decreased iron levels in the brain cause it or a malfunction in the basal ganglia dopamine pathways. Although it is not confirmed there are a list of factors potentially involved found in people who later develop it:

- Those in the last term of their pregnancy although it seems to go away itself about a month after delivering.  

- Being overweight

- People diagnosed with chronic illnesses like diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, and kidney failure. Normally, when the underlying cause is found and treated, it helps alleviate symptoms.

- Use of certain drugs, such as cold and allergy medications,  antipsychotics,  antinausea or antidepressants, can worsen the symptoms.

Signs and Symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome

  • Weird feeling in the legs (or other areas) whenever they sit or lay down
  • Restless night and symptom-free morning
  • Itchy feeling, tingling, muscle cramps, twitching, pain
  • Chronic fatigue due to lack of sleep (insomnia)
  • Long period of inactivity

Treating the Pain and Discomfort Due to RLS

Living with RLS can be hard, especially when it stops you from being able to do the things you want to do each day. Nonetheless, it is possible to relieve the symptoms, which are primarily discomfort or pain, that is associated with the disease. The primary option that is advertised to treat RLS is by using medications such as dopaminergic agents made to increase the amount of dopamine in the body. Opiods, like codeine, may also used during the night for pain relief; benzodiazepines help induce sleep; anticonvulsants lower the sensory disturbances a person feels. The downside that comes with using a lot of these products is that they all have a list of side-effects that come with using it. Due to this, more and more people try to look at different approaches to ease the symptoms of RLS.

Treat the Pain Caused by RLS Naturally Using Baltic Essentials Amber

The main symptoms caused by RLS are pain and discomfort that seem to come and go away, and while there is yet to be a complete cure for RLS itself, treating the pain due to Restless Leg Syndrome is very possible. The goal is to keep the pain in the remittance stage for as long as possible so it does not return. Baltic Essentials Amber can treat pain due to Restless Leg Syndrome naturally. Amber is made from fossilized resin and the analgesic substance it contains, succinic acid, can ease the swelling or feeling of pain ranging from mild to severe that comes with RLS. It is also abundant in anti-inflammatory properties. Amber is wonderful for restoring balance back for those who are suffering from fatigue. When it is worn across the skin, the body's warmth allows the healing properties from the necklace to travel into the bloodstream. Pain due to Restless Leg Syndrome can go away by wearing the necklaces or bracelets available.  

 Baltic Amber Necklace - Baltic Amber Teen Adult 7.5 Inch Bracelet Cherry Amber For Inflammation Pink Rose Quartz For Sadness Separation Anxiety Depression

Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs with Baltic Essentials Amber

By Abby Logiste
on May 23, 2016

Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs with Baltic Essentials Amber

Protecting Our Dogs from Ticks

We all love our pets and what to do what we can for them; we will find the perfect place for them to rest, the perfect foods for them to eat, the cleansing products to clean them with, and the perfect products to ensure they stay happy and healthy while preventing sickness or disease. Dogs enjoy to go outside when they can, and it is important that they are protected from whatever is out there such as ticks. Even a small bite can result in a wave of issues, one of which is known as Lyme disease. 

 Lyme disease is caused by infectious ticks that transfer a bacterium called Borrelia burgdorferi. It can cause the dog to feel sick, be in pain, and make them susceptible to other complications if it were to get advanced.  Unfortunately, it is also possible for dogs to contract the disease as we are already aware it does to people. Nonetheless, there are ways to prevent Lyme disease in dogs when you use our Baltic Essentials Amber.


What is Amber?

Baltic Amber is made of fossilized resin (it is not a stone like many people originally believe) and has been around for over 40 million years. One of the best things about Amber is that it is completely natural. The resin from the amber necklace is activated when it on the neck, and its properties (succinic acid) are dispersed to the dog's coat due to friction and body heat. The greatest benefits that come with amber for your dog is that it can help with stress or pain, it promotes healing, it is an antimicrobial, it boosts immunity, and it has anti-inflammatory properties


Treatment Options for Tick Protection

Millions of dog owners buy tick protection products for their pets assuming that those on the market are completely safe after being tested. Pet stores and veterinarians can supply you with specialized oral or topical (for the skin) medication as well as powers and sprays to give your pet to prevent Lyme disease in dogs by keeping ticks away. A majority of these medications contain pesticides that kill the tick by paralyzing their nervous system, but it can potentially poison you or your dog in the process.  It is possible to prevent Lyme disease in dogs the safe and natural way by using Baltic Essentials Amber.

How is Baltic Essentials Amber effective for Dogs?

Think of Amber as a tool that can ward off ticks, thus it works to prevent Lyme disease in dogs. There are two ways Amber works on dogs:

  1. It Is An Electrostatic Repellant - Amber creates a highly static electrical charge when there is friction generated between it and the fur. No worries, it is not something your dog will ever notice or feel; however the tick sure will! The magnetic charge is so powerful to the tick that it gets shocked and falls off if it ever attempts to hop into the fur to make it a home. The more your dog wears this, the more effective you will be at repelling bugs.


  1. The Smell It Emits Acts As a Repellant - The resin from Amber has an aromatic smell to it due to substances known as terpines that are released whenever there is friction with the coat or body heat. When your dog wears Baltic Essentials Amber long enough, the aromatic substances will get absorbed into their fur. Ticks detest the terpines, and it will keep them at bay.

Since there will be no ticks that want to use your dog as a host, Baltic Essentials Amber  prevent Lyme disease from ever occurring. The necklaces are potent and long-lasting; they may be worn for up to a year at a time (changing it once per year  is recommended).

Treat Lyme Disease Naturally with Baltic Essentials Amber

By Abby Logiste
on May 22, 2016

Treat Lyme Disease Naturally


Lyme Disease

It is truly enjoyable to be able to go outside and do some activities whenever the weather is nothing short of wonderful as it is during the warm seasons of spring and summer. Still, these days it is almost impossible to go head out without thinking of using protection too. We all are aware of the importance of wearing sunscreen so we do not get sunburned. Also, depending where we live or the area we go, we have to remember about the vicious, blood sucking or teeth biting bugs because the last thing we want is to subject ourselves to itchy bumps -- or something worse.  A simple bite from the wrong bug can potentially weaken our immune system and overall health.

Lyme disease, for example, is a vector disease caused by infectious deer ticks (black-legged tick) that transmit bacterium, known as Borrelia burgdorferi, to hosts such as people or dogs. If the bacterium is left untreated, it travels to the bloodstream until it reaches the tissues. The inflammatory disease may be localized on the skin only if it is caught early, but it can have systemic effects and spread beyond the tissues to the nervous system, joints, and possibly organs.

What are the Symptoms?

The CDC and Prevention believe that 300,000 individuals contract Lyme disease annually. Lyme disease is more common than most people would think! It is found nearly two times more compared to women diagnosed with breast cancer, and six times higher than those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS every year. Anyone of any age is susceptible to getting Lyme disease if they travel to areas that are abundant in ticks, such as wooded and grassy locations.

Most people are not aware they were bitten by the tick because it is often painless. Ticks do not feed and leave like mosquitoes do though, they latch onto a host for days at a time. The longer they stay undisturbed, the higher your chances are of contracting illnesses and disease. A rash is one of the first signs to appear; keep in mind the actual onset is between 3-30 days after the bite. The cardinal sign, after the rash lightens and expands, is the "bull's-eye" target appearance.

  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Fatigue
  • Arthritis
  • Pain
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Facial Paralysis
  • Stiff Neck
  • Numbness
  • Decline in Short-term Memory
  • Swollen Knee and Lymph Nodes
  • Joint/Muscle Aches
  • Headache
  • Chills
  • Rash

Lyme disease is also referred to as "The Great Imitator" since the symptoms can mimic various other diseases, making it difficult to properly diagnose it. As previously mentioned, it can affect the entire body and reach areas like the brain. Common misdiagnoses are depression, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, pr other psychiatric illnesses. If a woman is pregnant, Lyme disease can transfer to the baby.  

What Treatment Options Are Available?

Ideally you want to catch Lyme disease early as it is easily treatable that way. If it progresses, it can be tougher. Antibiotics are the primary drug of choice to Lyme disease; however, there are some cases where it may not work for some and it can be expensive. Others may not like the idea of using medication and look to find ways they can treat Lyme disease naturally.

Baltic Essentials Amber is an excellent choice for those who are looking for natural remedies for the disease. Not only that, the best form of treatment is always prevention, right? Our necklace and bracelet amber products can be bought as a necklace or bracelet, and may be worn any time.

Baltic Essentials Amber Can Treat Lyme Disease Naturally

The primary reason why Baltic Essentials Amber works is because it has anti-inflammatory properties and can directly treat issues someone may have regarding pain, redness, arthritis, swelling, and cognitive complications. The succinic acid found in amber is wonderful for combating fungal, bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections (as with Lyme disease). The succinic acid becomes activated after it is transferred to the body when it is worn over the skin. Baltic Essentials Amber can also help renew energy levels in a person ridden with fatigue because it is capable of restoring energy balance at a cellular level. It is perfect to wear anytime as either a method of prevention or to treat Lyme disease naturally if you or someone you know has it.

3 Reasons to Choose Baltic Amber For Teething Pain

By Abby Logiste
on April 28, 2016
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Amber for Teething Pain

Teething is Normal 

Teething: it may have been a while ago for most of us, but we’ve all been through it, and anyone with a new baby (or even a puppy or kitten) has probably had more recent reminders, all along the tips of their fingers!

Teething is a necessary fact of life. Usually beginning at around three to six months of age, a baby’s primary teeth push through the gums, beginning with the lower set until eventually, all 20 teeth have pushed through. As the teeth are penetrating the soft gum tissue, the pain that comes with it can range from uncomfortable, to outright excruciating for some little ones. The gums also swell around the incoming teeth, prompting many babies to chew in an effort to relieve the pressure that comes with it.

Symptoms associated with teething range all across the board, so parents usually implement only the necessary measures to help their kids get through those tough few first months. Some babies will simply use gum at their own fingers in an effort to alleviate pressure, while others will be more prone to crying or irritability, some even straight up refusing to eat or drink if their mouths are too sensitive. Teething also stimulates babies to salivate, so excessive drooling is a symptom many new parents are all too familiar with. All this excess drool can run down the chin, leading the skin to chafe, or even result in a rash, which can make for an understandably cranky child.

Whatever your baby’s teething symptoms reveal themselves to be, every parent only wants relief for their child in distress, and many turn to the usual tried and true solutions to help ease the pain that comes with the process. Using a finger to massage sore gums, cooling the irritated area with cold food and drinks, and even some extra hugs and cuddles can go a long way in soothing teething pain among infants.

Why Baltic Essentials for Teething Pain? 

Some parents also look to the healing power of Baltic Essentials amber as a supplemental solution to help with their baby’s teething issues. A homeopathic remedy used for thousands of years, Baltic amber comes with many benefits. Here are just a few ways it can be a great choice to help sooth teething.

  1. It’s all natural - There are certainly some natural teething rings out there, though the majority of plastic ones are made with harmful or even toxic chemicals, which can disrupt hormonal cycles, or even introduce carcinogenic substances to your baby’s system. Rubber rings containing latex might trigger an allergic reaction in some. Baltic Essentials amber is a naturally occurring, organic substance, and contains no harmful materials.
  2. It’s rich in analgesic oils - What makes Baltic Essentials amber so effective at soothing teething pain is the naturally-occurring succinic acid found within. The heat of a baby’s body releases trace amounts of oils, rich in anti-inflammatory succinic acid. This oil is then absorbed into the body, which produces a mild analgesic effect, alleviating pain and discomfort, naturally.
  3. Zero side effects: Many topical numbing agents have been associated with dangerous side effects, and some have been believed to lower oxygen levels in the blood in children under the age of two. Because succinic acid is naturally produced in everybody, there’s no worry of foreign and harmful toxins which poison the body.

One playful choice for kids is the Baltic Essentials Polished Lemon and Green Jasper with Flowers Baltic Amber Necklace for teething babies. Not intended to be used as a teething ring itself, this beautiful necklace simply releases the healing goodness of succinic acid, which is absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream. Calming and emotionally supportive, the green jasper found in this beautiful piece can help establish proper sleeping patterns among young children. Worn daily, the Baltic Essentials teething necklace can help to reduce symptoms commonly associated with teething discomfort.

As with any teething item, always be sure to keep a watchful eye on your little one when wearing a Baltic amber necklace. Be sure to remove them at night when they are sleeping without supervision.

Baltic Essentials Amethyst Necklaces Calms Stress

By Mary Baltic Essentials
on April 15, 2016

Ease Stress

Calming Stress 

With life’s daily challenges and adventures, having a centered balance of relaxation is a must. One needs to be able to handle dealing with stress at work, with family at home, and other demands -- all of which can take a serious toll on the mind and overall health if stress is excessive. When the body doesn’t have a chance to rest and relax, it can open a can of worms for ailments to creep in. Headaches, sore muscles, and constant fatigue are just some of the symptoms that are experienced due to stress, fatigue, or lack of relaxation. Often times,  signs are there and the body is begging for rest so it can have a chance to relax. Nonetheless,  those signs are often ignored until the symptoms get worse. As a result, the body crashes, and may even cause injuries that could have been prevented in the first place.

The Power of Amethyst

Amethyst is a well-known stress relieving resource that comes in the form of a precious gemstone. The stone is often in a violet or purple color. Amethyst is a unique stone that stands out from the others, bringing out it’s natural shade of purple without manufacturing or man-made intervention. In addition to being a stress reliever, Amethyst carries other benefits:

  • Blood circulationthe energy carrying properties of Amethyst have been known to improve circulation within the capillaries (veins) of the skin
  • Cell Regenerationstudies have shown that Amethyst can contribute to regeneration of cells which help increase energy levels in the body
  • Mood Improvement can serve as a sleep aid which can contribute to healthier moods
  • Skin Repair can help heal damage caused to skin by surgery or other skin conditions

Your Body Needs to Relax from Stress

Relaxation doesn’t always have to mean resting in one place. One can get their piece of mind and relaxation of the body while on the go. Having a unique contact between what’s worn on the skin and the body’s senses is a powerful, result bringing connection.

Baltic Essentials Line of Amethyst Products

Our beautiful, unique line of Amethyst products can serve as a wonderful gift for any busy person who needs relaxation! Our jewelry will accommodate them everywhere they go, taking the power of Amethyst with them. The Polished Lemon Amethyst Baltic Amber Necklace (picture on the left) comes in various sizes and aids in balancing mood swings, relieving stress and soothing of migraines.

For new moms with babies, matching sets can be assembled which will benefit your baby as well. The Half Amber Half Rainbow Baltic Amber Necklace (picture on the right) comes in an assortment of colors and provides soothing features for teething and diaper rash.


Be sure to order now and take advantage of our Mother’s Day Special! Save 15% when making the purchase by entering MOMSDAY at checkout.

You can check out a list of Baltic Essentials Amethyst Necklaces on the site. Whether it’s only for mom or mom and baby, provides jewelry that contain natural healing agents to counter the most common ailments. Provide a gift that will be appreciated and used by mom when ordering today!

Baltic Amber Changed My Life!

By Abby Logiste
on March 09, 2016

Benefits of Baltic Amber

Customer Review of Baltic Essentials Amber

I don't like taking medicine for aches and pains. But as I have gotten older, some of my joints were a bit stiff in the morning, and a day full of activity leaves me sore. Not to mention the pain I was feeling from fatigue and tension. I felt as though my only choice to get rid of this pain came in a bottle with a dosage in the label.  


While doing some research for natural alternatives to treat pain, I came across Baltic Amber and the benefits of it; however, I was skeptical. How could a simple necklace, albeit pretty, take away my pain?  
Lucky for me, I was able to purchase a necklace for less than $30 with shipping! Even if it didn't work, I would have a pretty new bauble to wear. 
Let me tell you, it worked almost immediately!  After a few weeks, thinking it was a fluke, I took them off and found that the pain was returning. 
That sealed the deal!!  
I love my Baltic Amber necklace and have no plans to remove it anytime 
If you too are looking for a natural alternative to treat pain, I urge you to try Baltic Essentials Amber Necklaces as well. You will definitely notice a difference. 

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  • Baltic Amber Teething Necklace for Baby,Toddler 12.5" Polished Multi
    Baltic Amber Teething Necklace for Baby,Toddler 12.5 Baltic Amber Teething Necklace for Baby,Toddler 12.5
  • Raw Cherry Baltic Amber Necklace for Baby, Infant, Toddler, Big Kid.
    Raw Cherry Baltic Amber Necklace for Baby, Infant, Toddler, Big Kid. Raw Cherry Baltic Amber Necklace for Baby, Infant, Toddler, Big Kid.
  • Arthritis Carpal Tunnel Sciatica Pain Inflammation Raw Necklace Cherry Amber
    Arthritis Carpal Tunnel Sciatica Pain Inflammation Raw Necklace Cherry Amber Arthritis Carpal Tunnel Sciatica Pain Inflammation Raw Necklace Cherry Amber
  • Raw UnPolished Lemon Flower Baltic Amber Necklace
    Raw UnPolished Lemon Flower Baltic Amber Necklace
  • Baltic Amber Teething Bean Necklace Raw Cherry 10.5 to 11 in
    Baltic Amber Teething Bean Necklace Raw Cherry 10.5 to 11 in Baltic Amber Teething Bean Necklace Raw Cherry 10.5 to 11 in
  • Surprise Baltic Amber Teething Necklace 12.5"
    Surprise Baltic Amber Teething Necklace 12.5 Surprise Baltic Amber Teething Necklace 12.5

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