Relieve Stress and Anxiety with Lapis Lazuli 

By Abby Logiste
on January 02, 2017

Stress Relief

Living with Anxiety and Stress 

Are you experiencing anxiety and stress? Is it on an occasional basis? Are you experiencing it daily? No matter which spectrum you fall in, treating the issue is a must when you notice it is starting to negatively affect your life. In such cases, Baltic Essentials Lapis Lazuli  is the perfect solution that can help. Lapis Lazuli is a type of stone that has several benefits -- one of which is that it helps combat stress that an individual may experience. Many have tried the precious stone and it was proven to be one of -- if not the -- best natural treatment options.

How Does Lapis Lazuli Work and How do You Use It? 

We shape Lapis Lazuli in the form of a necklace so its amazing effects can easily transfer to the individual using it all day, any day. Experts  today confirm this natural miracle plays a role in reducing or eliminating stress, anxiety and ADHD for adults, teens, or kids that may suffer from it. Lapis Lazuli can aid in treating such conditions because helps stabilize one's mental condition.

It works by balancing energy within the body by getting rid of negative energy a person may be lacking. Its healing properties may make one more relaxed despite being in a complicated environment or difficult circumstances. Lapis Lazuli is also effective for enhancing the body's circulation and the cardiac rhythm -- another reason that makes it a real solution to helps those deal with everyday stress and anxiety.

Stressful experiences or situations an individual may encounter are blocked by the energy that come from Baltic Essentials Lapis Lazuli Necklaces. Feelings of anxiety, another alarming condition, can be blocked using this stone on a regular basis. Whether you are overly frantic, alarmed, stressed, or anxious, Lapis Lazuli comes serves as a perfect solution to control those unwanted feelings before they destroy one’s mental and overall health balance.

Bonus Benefits

Asides from treating stress and anxiety problems, Lapis Lazuli works wonders in a variety of ways: 

  • Helps in relieving inflammations and physical and emotional painsBracelet - 7 Chakra Baltic Essentials Chakra Balance Bracelet Yoga Teen Adult 7 - 7.5 Inch Bracelet Rainbow Natural Stone Wisdom Amethyst Lapis Turquoise Tigers Eye Malachite Agate Rose Quartz
  • Effective for fighting migraine headaches.
  • Helpful for women experiencing menstrual irregularities.
  • Helps cramps and stiffness.
  • Helps reduce vertigo
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Effectively alleviates insomnia

It's Now or Never

There is no such thing as wearing it too much either! Baltic Essentials Lapis Lazuli Bracelets or Necklaces can be worn every day with the confidence that it will remain effective for a long time. Start saying goodbye to stress and anxiety, and start saying hello to a more well-balanced life where -- though it may seem so long ago -- you are in better control of your mind again . Wouldn't that be great? 

All Around Natural Pain and Stress Reliever for Kids

By Abby Logiste
on November 21, 2016
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Pain and Stress Relief for Kids

Who Develops Stress? 

It can seem as if adults are the only one's to carry a multitude of the problems in the world when it comes to dealing with stress, but, whether we think about it or not, kids can be in the same boat. Honestly speaking, the thought of a child having or knowing what "stress" is may be laughable to some who believe kids do not fully understand what the term means whereas adults -- who have the more developed minds --do. Nonetheless, toddlers, babies and kids of different ages also do go through times in which they too deal with various forms of stress even though they cannot explain the nature of it. Instead, issues such as stress and anxiety is accepted in older adults (which is true) because it is more common.

Indeed, stress and anxiety are strong words that can be hard to comprehend even for the toddlers and babies affected by them. It is true that oftentimes, it happens on a level so overlooked and undetectable that no one actually believes that it is true. Today, more people are accepting of the concept, and look for ways to help their little one who is suffering. Parents and caregivers alike look for medicinal and natural remedies to help their child in whatever way that helps -- especially when they are still trying to discover what is the exact problem they are experiencing. One question that seems to pop up a lot is what causes or induces stress, anxiety and attention or focus-related issues in toddlers and kids. 

Common Forms of Stress in Kids 

Stress can occur both mentally and psychically when there is some kind of imbalance in the body. For example, when a child has stomach acidity and their tummy beings to hurt, they does not know how to project or explain their pain other than than crying. ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), colic, fever, teething issues, fussiness and even redness of skin are other common forms of stress in kids. While there are drugs available to help ease stress and the pain that may come with it, many prefer to look for holistic ways to help their kids, more so if they have to deal with it for a long time.

Heal Various Forms of Stress Naturally with Lapis Lazuli

An excellent way to deal with these problems naturally is by using healing stone, Baltic Essentials Lapis Lazuli. At times, Hazelwood or Amber may also used for the same purpose or the two may be used together for added benefit when it comes to toddlers. Hazelwood has many factoids and advantages that have found to be useful in treating problems with babies, and when used with Hazelwood, it helps fight these forms of stress while being therapeutic in nature. Our products are available  in the form of bracelets and necklaces for kids to comfortably wear them no matter where they are. Just be sure to take all jewelry off at night when they are sleeping. 

Since Baltic Essentials Hazelwood has alkaline properties , it helps in reducing acidity issues when it is in contact with the skin. Another interesting benefit is that many symptoms associated with acidosis are healed as well as free radicals because it is high in antioxidants. Baltic Essentials Amber helps with physical stress such as inflammation, growing pains, any sort and redness of skin. Lapis Lazuli itself alone plays a strong and vital role against stress, distress, anxiety and ADHD in children so this is one healing stone you do not want to overlook. Essentially, Baltic Essentials Lapis Lazuli is the solution to all your problems in a nutshell for kids.

The Best Essential Oils for Menopause Symptoms

By Kristen M. Miller
on May 29, 2016
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Treat Menopause with Essential Oils

The End of Menses

Every woman dreads “The Change” – the transition of life when a woman is no longer fertile and signs of age really starts to creep in. Menopause is caused by a major hormonal shift, which in turn causes several unpleasant side effects that include hot flashes and night sweats, moodiness and irritability, low sexual desire (libido) and painful intercourse, along with memory gaps and confusion.  Some women can reduce the side effects with hormone replacement therapy, but for those who are at risk categories for breast cancer and heart disease, synthetic hormones are out of the question.

Menopause is not just about the physical changes taking place in a woman’s body; there’s also a shift in emotional and mental behavior that occurs as well. Many women question their new identity in that stage of life where they have fears of becoming older and less able to do the things they enjoy.  Many menopausal women are sandwiched between caring for their children and caring for their elderly parents, while maintaining their marital relationships. In a word, menopause makes an already stressful time of life much, much harder.

Taking the Natural Route During Menopause

For women who cannot take hormones, there are a few homeopathic alternatives for relief, such as aromatherapy with essential oils. Essential oils are derived from the flowers, leaves, roots and stems of various plants and have many medicinal uses.  Certain oils have shown to be more effective than others in regards to relieving the physical and emotional symptoms of menopause.  At the top of the list are Clary Sage and Neroli.

Clary Sage is a plant native to the Mediterranean and has been used for centuries as a medicinal plant to relieve hot flashes and stress. It has an earthy, herbaceous scent.  Neroli is derived from orange blossoms and is particularly useful for balancing hormones as well as emotions.  It has a bright, citrusy, floral scent.

Next on the list are Lavender and Lemon, both classic oils with a wide variety of uses, including balancing hormones and relieving hot flashes.  Finally, Jasmine and Geranium oils with their delicate floral scents are great for soothing emotions and mood swings.  These oils can even be mixed and matched to increase their effectiveness.

Since many essential oils irritate the skin or can’t be ingested, the safest way to reap their benefits is with a diffuser. has a huge selection of beautiful Essential oil diffuser pendants that come with felt pads.  Simply place a few drops of oil on the pad, insert in the pendant and immediately begin to inhale the therapeutic aroma.  The pendant sits flat against the skin, allowing the oils to get warmed by your body heat for long-lasting use. 

There’s no need to “tough it out” when it comes to menopause, not when you can use Mother Nature’s bounty to heal your body naturally, especially when that healing comes disguised as a beautiful piece of jewelry. Get more than one and you can match them to any outfit, whether you’re in heels and pearls or jeans and sneakers. Baltic Essentials has something to fit any style and it sure beats dealing with hot flashes!

Treat the Common Cold Fast in Kids with Baltic Amber

By Abby Logiste
on October 17, 2015

Heal Common Cold with Amber

How does the Baltic amber beads work?

Baltic amber is a traditional homeopathic product that have been used for centuries. They are made in into beads and formed into necklaces or bracelets, and they are lightweight, beautiful, comfortable, and radiant to wear. Time and time again they are proven to provide a variety of health benefits to children as well as adults. The beads come in raw or polished finishing. The raw beads are just untouched and unpolished beads whereas the polished beads are machine polished. 

Baltic Essentials Amber Beads are possess anti-inflammation properties that are derived from the succinic acid (which is the primary substance of Baltic amber). Moreover, when the beads are worn by children or adults, the healing, homeopathic oil are transferred from the beads to the body where it will act as a healing agent. These natural, chemical free properties makes Baltic amber an ideal product to be used in children.

How Baltic amber helps in child to fight with common cold?

Baltic amber improves and accelerates the immune system. While a child is still growing, so is their immune system, so they are likely to catch the common cold easy. Your child being sick is not bad in the sense it lets you know their body is creating the antibodies it needs to fight infections in the future. The benefit that Baltic Essentials Amber gives is that it accelerates the overall healing process, and helps children fight the common cold faster. It is also proven to ease the throat, stomach and ear infections caused by common cold or fever. 

What are the other health benefits of Baltic amber in children?

Amber may also be used to treat gum inflammation by getting rid of the swelling and reduce teeth pain. Sometimes child can have red cheeks and inflated gums as their gums are very sensitive. Baltic amber works in soothing any discomfort as it is a natural analgesic. The most fruitful benefits your child will receive when using Baltic Essentials Amber is that it will give peaceful calming feeling for them without the use of harmful drugs.

Are Baltic beads safe for babies?

Each jewelry is made of handmade natural amber beads and they are polished and finished in such a way that they fall comfortably within the baby skin. We take care of the comfort of the baby so that they do not provide any discomfort. Baltic Essentials ensures each bead is fixed in such a way that even if when one of the beads break others will not scatter.

You can be happy knowing you are able to improve your child's health the natural way without using having to continually treat them with medication. Researchers have proved that when Amber is used in children at an early age, they get improved health benefits.
It may seem that the beads are distracting to your little one initially, but later on they will pay less attention to it or chew it once they are accustomed to wearing it. No harm will come to your baby when you use Baltic Amber; however, remember to remove necklaces when your baby is sleeping or are unsupervised for a long time. When buying an amber necklace, be sure get organic, genuine amber from a reputable source. Baltic is a Dallas based company providing an authenticity guarantee. They certify each necklace is true Baltic Amber or your money back.

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