Seven Natural Remedies for Acne

By Abby Logiste
on November 14, 2018
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Heal Acne Naturally

 How can I Banish Pimples?

It is tough to say there is a single product out there that can completely get rid of pimples because what works for one person may not work for another. When it comes down to it, getting clearer skin has little to do with following the exact routine a person follows – it is all about experimenting. Still, there is a reason why there are certain skincare routines and treatment options that work for a handful of people. It may help reduce excess oil production or it could stop unwanted bacteria in its tracks.

If traditional acne products are not working as well as you would like them to, here are a few natural remedies you could try to treat acne on your own.

1 - Clay Masks

Clay masks (bentonite, kaolin, rhassoul) are beneficial for those looking to have great skin due to its powerful absorbing powers that gets red of toxins, bacteria, sebum, blackheads, whiteheads, and dead skin. While doing this, it also delivers oxygen and circulation to the face. As it gets rid of things we do not want on our face, clays are filled with minerals that are transferred to the skin for the body to use (many of which we are deficit in).

2 - Exfoliate

Exfoliating the skin, at least weekly, will help remove debris and dead skin on the surface of your skin. The key in using the right exfoliator is choosing the correct level of abrasion based on your skin type (sensitive, normal). For example, a gentle exfoliant like oatmeal is perfect for those with delicate skin, and a mineral based exfoliate such as sea salt will yield the best results for those with normal to combination skin. Honey, coconut oil, and kefir are excellent bases to blend with the exfoliant of your choice due to their healing and bacteria fighting properties.

3 – Garlic

Garlic is nature’s incredible antibacterial that can help stop pimples when it is eaten or applied on the affected area. If you decide to use it topically, slice a portion of the clove thinly to get to the juice before placing it on the problem area. Alternatively, you may blend the garlic clove. Be sure to keep it on your skin for at least 10-30 minutes.

4- Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider may not smell appealing, but what it can do for the body, inside and out, makes up for it. You can drink it or apply it directly to the spot you wish, and be sure to dilute it with water to find the best solution that works for you. While it is a powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, apple cider is equally refreshing. Raw, unfiltered apple cider is suggested because it is filled with the most nutrients. It can be used as a spot treatment when you are breaking out or as an overall toner for the face after cleansing.

5- Cornstarch

Many would not think that cornstarch is not good for anything other than cooking, but it is a splendid natural remedy that is soothing and gentle. It is ideal for those struggling with irritation and redness. Cornstarch may be used as a face mask or added only to areas of concern. It should be left on for at least 15-20 minutes, but it is safe enough to leave on overnight to see an incredible change.

6 - Egg Whites

Adding egg whites to your skin routine is sure to make a difference in not just helping fight pimples, but improving the overall texture and appearance. This cheap facial mask will even help decrease oil, the appearance of pores, and draw out any impurities. In order to achieve the best results, you should leave it on your skin until it is completely dry (as evidenced by a tight face). Here’s another bonus: you will notice an amazing glow after you wash it off.

7 – Hazelwood

Acne is caused from things such as excess debris, a lack of nutrients or an internal imbalance which results in inflammation. Knowing how acne is started and fixing the problem is what will clear your skin long-term. Baltic Essentials Hazelwood can help cure acne naturally because it is capable of helping the body restore itself to its rightful pH and promote a healthy GI system. The hazelwood also helps fight inflammation and irritation when it comes in contact with the skin. Flareup’s may very well be a thing of the past when wearing Baltic Hazelwood, not only as an accessory, but as a secret weapon.

The Emotional Stress That Comes with Acne

By Abby Logiste
on November 14, 2018

Ease Your Stress

The Start of Stress

Stress is our ultimate enemy as it comes with a variety of problems when those are dealing with it for too long of a time. Although we may not think about it, stress is a normal response that releases hormones that the skin grows sensitive to when there is too much and causes breakouts. Just when you think you were already at your wits end because of a final, upcoming marriage, or any other crisis, your skin drives you further down the ditch. It isn't always easy to determine the reason for your breakouts, but once you do figure it out you have a higher chance at controlling it.  

What's Going on in Our Body During Stress?

A high level of stress causes excess inflammation to build up in our body and cause acne although oil production plays just as much of a role. Our body begins to secrete the hormone, cortisol, into the bloodstream when we are stressed. This does causes the blood vessels to dilate, increase blood flow, and therefore blood pressure. This is the beginning stages of the body preparing itself for a mechanism known as the "fight or flight" response. The problem is not stress itself, but chronic stress because cortisol continues to be released into the immune system where it works overtime without rest. This means that the skin, in particular, is prone to stress-induced acne. Stress also seems to have a negative relationship with the thyroids response to TSH, or thyroid stimulating hormone, causing low levels of thyroid levels. This complication invites a host of problems with possible inflammation being one of them.

Two Natural Options for Stress-Induced Acne

Even though there are a range of treatment options available for acne, it continues to be a struggle for millions of people around the world. Eating a healthy diet is not always enough; ensuring your face is cleansed morning with certain products and night is not always enough. This outcome can be extremely frustrating, but you still shouldn't throw in the white towel.

Sun Treatment for Acne

The sunlight is wonderful for our skin, and can surprisingly work wonders for stress-induced acne. It's probably not a surprise for most that we need at least 15 minutes of sunlight a day to allow our bodies to produce enough vitamin D that helps with calcium absorption. The benefit the sun has with acne is that it also plays a role in combating inflammation. The warm sun may also ease depression and decrease blood pressure. Keep in mind that when you are ready to soak in a bit of that sun not to add any sunblock during your fifteen minute session.

Baltic Essentials for Acne and Stress

By now, you are probably getting the idea that inflammation plays an large role in the development of acne. When inflammation can be reduced to eliminated in your body, you will notice a positive difference in the texture and appearance of your skin. Baltic Essentials Amber is an excellent option for stress-induced acne because of the anti-inflammatory properties it possesses. These benefits are not wasted as it heads directly into the blood once it is warmed on the skin. The redness and pain that may occur are also addressed when inflammation is treated. If you are dealing with stress on a regular basis, Baltic Essentials Lapis Lazuli can help you cope with and even eliminate your stress. The necklaces and bracelets are extremely potent and will last for months at a time after your purchase.


19" Hazelwood (For Heart Burn, Acid Reflux, Eczema) Polished Mixed With Black Onyx (adult ADHD, Anxiety, Stress) Necklace For Adult, Teenager

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Treating Diabetic Neuropathy Pain

By Abby Logiste
on November 14, 2018

Treat Neuropathic Pain

Living with Diabetes 

Diabetes is more than just an abnormal spike of glucose levels that your body is not able to control. It also involves a host of other complications such as depression, high risk of infections, blindness, and even nerve pain.  Nearly 50% of people who have diabetes suffer from nerve pain, and its presence can alter a person’s normal sleep pattern as well as their overall emotional and physical well-being. Many complications due to diabetes appear over time, more so in those who do not control and monitor their blood sugar properly.  

What is Diabetic Neuropathy?

Diabetic neuropathy is a pathological complication that creates various forms of nerve injuries when the body is no longer able to utilize a hormone, known as insulin, properly. It can strike anywhere, but it often affects nerves that run through the hands, feet, and limbs where it causes numbness and tingling. It can also cause a sharp, burning or aching pain that may be mild at first, but worsens over time as it spreads. Moving these limbs or walking can become difficult, and even the lightest of touches are unbearable for some.

Treating Pain due to Diabetic Neuropathy

Keeping your blood sugar in check is a definite must if you want to prevent making the condition worse. Other than that you may also try these methods to treat diabetic neuropathy:

  • Physical Therapy: Engaging in physical activities such as swimming, cycling, walking and other low impact exercises for 30-60 minutes a day is helpful. It will help control high blood pressure symptoms and blood sugar while improving range of motion and strength. Exercise will help your body respond to insulin and help lower your overall blood glucose levels to the point of reducing or eliminating the need for medication. It also lowers cholesterol, stress, and improves circulation, all of which help ease inflammation and control glucose.
  • Take Extra Care of Your Hands and Feet: Maintaining sen
    sation in these areas will become important. Be sure to look for sores, cuts, swelling, and injuries of any kind. No matter how small it may be, they must be addressed before it becomes a bigger problem and gets infected where it can lead to the infection spreading and possibly needing to amputate the area. Be sure to cleanse your hands and feet with warm water, and dry them completely before applying lotion. Also, be sure to wear comfortable shoes that have just enough space for your feet to breathe.
  • Use Natural Remedies: There are many natural anti-inflammatory remedies that can help stop nerve injury or prevent it from getting worse such as:

                * Cinnamon: This spices’ job doesn’t just stop at adding flavor to our foods. It can also help regulate blood sugar levels with just two teaspoons a day. Cinnamon oil may also be used as an alternative.

              * Vitamin B12: Many diabetics are found to be deficient in this vitamin, which may cause negative systematic effects on the body that will only
worsen nerve damage. It is best to get a blood test done specifically for this vitamin anytime you are uncertain you are getting enough from your diet.

              * Fish Oil (Omega-3): Fish oil is promoted as being good for the heart, but it can also help fight inflammation when you take at least 1,000mg per day.

              * Alpha lipoic acid: Consuming between 300-1,200mg of this antioxidant rich acid has
 proven to help prevent neuropathy and improve insulin sensitivity.

              * Primrose Oil: Another anti-inflammatory option that decreases numbness, tingling, and burning sensations caused by neuropathy when at least 360mg should be  taken per day to see results. 

             * Essential Oils: A variety of essential oils exist that work wonders by stopping inflammation and pain such as frankincense and peppermint. They should be dilated before applied topically or inhaled. You can take the benefits of essentials anywhere you go when you use an Essential Oils Necklace.

            * Amber: Treating inflammation within the body in a matter of minutes is possible with Baltic Essentials Amber. The succinic acid it contains has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that treat neuropathic pain naturally when it enters the bloodstream. Wearing Baltic Amber also provides soothing analgesic effects that help ease the pain as areas of inflammation are being treated.


Is Your Child Suffering From Ear Infection?

By Abby Logiste
on November 14, 2018

Get Rid of ear infections in kids

When Ear Infection is the Problem 

New and veteran parents often do not struggle understanding when it is time to change or feed their baby. Noticing when their baby is sick with a fever or needs to go to sleep are not too complicated either. However, raising a little one is far from easy, and there are plenty of instances where they continuously keep us guessing. One of the last things most parents would suspect happening to their child is an ear infection although nearly 75% of kids get it by the time they are three. In fact, ear infections are the most common diagnosis found in kids after the common cold. Kids under three are most likely to get it because of their underdeveloped immune system. Sometimes the infection can appear on its own or be accompanied by another complication, so it helps to monitor your child to determine which of the two it is. 

Three Types of Ear Infections Image result for ear infection kids

  • Acute Otitis Media (AOM) : Infection of the middle ear is seen in kids the most. The central ear is red, swollen, and infected due to fluid being trapped behind the eardrum. This results in ear pain, and it's possible for a child to develop a fever.
  • Otitis Media with Effusion (OME) : Kids may get this type of ear infection after AOM has run its course, and fluid gets trapped behind the eardrum. There are no distinct symptoms, but it is often diagnozed when doctors notice fluid draining behind the ear using an instrument.
  • Chronic Otitis Media with Effusion (COME): This is a more severe version of OME where fluid remains trapped in the middle ear for long periods of time or it continuously recurs. No active infection exists in either, but COME makes it tough for a child to stave off infections. Their hearing may also become compromised.

Symptoms to look For in Ear Infections

When an ear infection exists, it often occurs when the child is not yet able to speak so parents and caregivers have to rely of signs that present itself to let you know something is up with their ear.

  • Trouble with sleeping Image result for ear infection kids symptoms
  • Running a high temperature
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • They cry or get fussy
  • Less appetite
  • Clear fluid drains out the ear
  • Pulling or Tugging of the ear
  • Foul/Unpleasant odor from the ar
  • Trouble responding to or listening to quiet sounds
  • Issues with attaining balance

The Ugly Side of Ear Infections

Many parents do not treat ear infections out of malice, but because of their lack of knowledge that it exists. In the event an ear infection is not taken care of, there is a high risk the eardrum will rupture. They seldom ever form, but when rupture do occur, they fortunately heal rather well although it may take a few days or weeks. If ear infections happen often, it can lead to scarring of the eardrum and hearing loss. If that is left untreated, mastoiditis, a rare skull infection present behind the ear, can form. Ensuring ear infections are under control when they do happen ensure a safe and rapid recovery. 

Healing Ear Infections

There is one main step involved when treating ear infections: getting rid of the inf19 Inch Raw Polished Multi Baltic Amber Necklace Bean Leaf Big Kid, Child, Or Adultection. Once the infection is taken care of, other problems such as the swelling and pain will go away. Although medications are available for ear infections, they can be costly and there use is often not needed in typical cases. Treating ear infections naturally with Baltic Essentials Amber while keeping the area clean is a miracle worker. Amber has analgesic properties that will help ease the ear pain that comes along with the infection as the main problem is treated. The healing anti-inflammatory properties of Amber are released directly to the skin and to the bloodstream with the necklace is worn. Issues with infection and swelling are quickly addressed. Issues of recurrences are also prevented  when kids continue to wear them throughout the day. There are no side effects, but young kids should not wear the necklace around their neck so they do not choke nor keep them on as an anklet when sleeping unsupervised at night. 


These Triggers Flare up Rosacea

By Abby Logiste
on November 14, 2018

Treat Rosacea Flare ups Naturally

Skin Sensitivity and Rosacea 

The most annoying part about flare-ups is that even when they are gone or look better you dread that they will find a way to come back. Rosacea  is a problem that affects nearly 20 million people that is far from just the blush it is mistaken as. It causes the skin to be overly sensitive and leave a red-tinted flush that remains for hours. It is a chronic type of inflammation that primarily shows on the face due to dilated capillaries that can remain red longer with every flare-up. For some, bumpy blemishes, itching, stinging and thickening of the skincare additional complications that are coupled with rosacea. While your parents genes play a strong influence, rosacea can be controlled by avoiding common triggers.


What Your Skin Routine Shouldn't Include

One of the first things most people look at changing when they are suffering from a skin issue is adjusting their skin routine. Of course, this is an excellent start, but it is important to remember your skin is extremely sensitive and the last thing you want to do is be overzealous. Certain products, especially exfoliants and astringents, will be harsh on the skin and are best avoided when you notice they are turning your face red. Abstaining for harsh sulfates and opting for gentler or natural cleansers will make difference. Exfoliants may still be used, but remember, you want to seek those that are gentle and do not irritate the skin. The same applies for body cleansers and products like lotions and perfumes containing fragrance and alcohol.

Image result for rosacea triggers

Is it Your Makeup?

We wash our face to get rid of all the grime and dirt that accumulates throughout the day. Making sure all your makeup is thoroughly removed will help. Completely changing the brand of makeup you use can also help in the event it is the makeup itself that it causing the triggers if you are allergic to it. If you suspect you are allergic, it is best to keep track of your symptoms when you wear makeup, and what happens when you do not for at least two weeks. 

Don't Let Stress Get the Best of You

It is amazing -- in a not so good way -- what stress can do physically and mentally. When you are under a lot of stress your body releases chemicals as a way to help deal with the stress. These chemicals can affect your skin when there is too much, and a lack of it can to the same (when you are burned out). It is all about keeping a balance and refraining from stress.

Consider What You Are or Aren't Consuming

The body is a funny thing. What affects one person may not affect the other so it is hard to completely rely on the methods of what worked for one person. A sad, but excellent example is food. Flare ups can happen for some who consume something that activate the unwanted response, often because you are allergic to it. The opposite affect can happen as well with not eating enough of a nutrient, plummeting the immune system, which causing an immune response to occur. The only true way to determine your issue would be to test either or both out to see if food, or a lack of a certain food, is causing your problem.  Baltic Amber Necklace - Luxury Baltic Amber Necklace Arthritis Raw Polished 19 Inch Teen Adult

Treating Your Rosacea

It is hard for many to find something that can lessen their flare-up attacks with rosacea or eliminate it. One of the best things a person that has it could do is to keep away from as many chemicals as possible. This is crucial because most with rosacea have sensitive skin. Baltic Essentials Amber can treat problems with rosacea naturally without any side effects. Reaping the benefits of amber is as simple as wearing it if you want to see results. Amber, made from succinic acid, is a potent anti-inflammatory agent that can reduce inflammation from the source within the body when it warmed by the body and carried to the bloodstream. The redness also caused from inflammation is reduced and itchiness is relieved thanks to Amber's analgesic properties. Baltic Essentials Amber starts working from within moments after it is worn. It will not take long until you notice the difference.

End the Battle with Constipation

By Abby Logiste
on November 14, 2018

End the Battle with Constipation

Being Constipated

It’s never a fun feeling to be backed up and not being able to relieve yourself. When someone is constipated, there are a few things that take place within the gut. First, the movement of stool throughout the colon is sluggish or there is not enough bulk and emptying of the colon may be slowed. That annoying sensation of fullness, the bloating, fatigue, and pain can interrupt you from doing the things you want or make it extremely uncomfortable. This can take a toll on overall Related imagequality of life as well as mental and physical health. Being constipated is more usual than people may believe. The elimination issue is responsible for nearly 9 million doctor visits annually in the US. It is defined as having less than three bowel movements in the week. It is typically causes by the food choices we eat or things we tend to avoid, like water and fiber or other lifestyle choices such as lack of movement. Constipation can also occur as a side effect of medications or a disease process. Still, there may not be a known reason for many when they are dealing with chronic constipation and tried everything.

When Enough is Enough

While it’s normal to some problems going to the bathroom every so often, it’s a completely different ball game when you feel as if you are shutting down at various moments throughout the day due to poor bathroom performance. Millions of dollars are spent by consumers who want relief from constipation who resort to using laxative and getting prescriptions to become at ease. Although they do work to relieve the trouble, overusing it can come with nasty side effects. The chances of having more constipation is high even when you think you solved the problem for good. You can save yourself a lot of money by doing things to help keep the very preventable elimination issue at bay using natural remedies. Other than drinking more fluids on a daily basis, you will notice easier trips to the bathroom when you start drinking aloe vera and taking probiotics.  As a precaution, if you notice your constipation is becoming more severe and persists beyond three weeks, you may be experiencing another underlying illness that must be addressed. 

Deal with Constipation using Hazelwood

Chronic constipation can cause fecal impaction in the gastrointestinal tract later causing more serious symptoms, like hemorrhoids, if not addressed. In the event you are experiencing diarrhea as well, you may want to check for any food allergies or sensitivity to drugs. When you are backed up, your bowel movements are not as regular as they should be, but it is easily something you can remedy.
Baltic Essentials Hazelwood is a natural cure for constipation problems. It works by addressing internal issues within the body and eliminate excess toxicity by creating a more alkaline environment when the beads come in contact witHazelwood Necklace - Rainbow 17 Inch Hazelwood (For Heart Burn, Acid Reflux, Eczema) Necklace For Adult, Teenagerh the skin. Hazelwood also equips the body with antioxidants to fight free radials that can cause a number of issues throughout the body, not just the digestive
system. What’s great is that the results continue to work for you in getting rid of constipation when the necklace is worn. Eliminate the cycle of constipation with Baltic Essentials Hazelwood today.

Eat These Foods for Inflammation

By Abby Logiste
on November 14, 2018

Eat These Foods for Inflammation

Fixing the Problem vs. Fixing the Symptoms


Acute and chronic heaImage result for inflammationlth problems caused by inflammation can induce pain and stress on an individual. When you think you’ve tried just about everything, you final pitstop for help is often the doctors. While there is nothing wrong going to the doctor and getting treated for an issue you believe is problematic (in fact, it is also recommended), you should still keep in mind that the drugs that are prescribed to you often address the symptoms rather than the cause. This means the inflammation and toxins still exist and overwhelm your body, and has the potential of getting worse over time. When we are born, most of us are healthy without complications; they develop as we grow older for a lot of reasons. One of these reasons is what we are putting inside our body without thinking of the consequences. Of course, it is not bad to splurge every once in a while, a diet made of empty calories can impede the body’s self-healing capabilities. Replacing this type of diet with foods, herbs, and spices can help address the imbalance going on internally and remove toxins.

Top Anti-Inflammatory Foods

  • Olive/Fish Oil: Healthy fats rich in omega-3, such as olive oil, offers amazing anti-inflammatory benefits comparable to ibuprofen. You can drink it straight from a spoon, add it to your foods, or mixing it with lemon and water. Oil from fish like trout, salmon and halibut have the same benefits and can improve blood circulation If you aren’t a fish person, you can opt for flaxseeds, chia seeds, or hemp seeds instead.
  • Rosehips: Rosehips has been found to work wonders for arthritis pain, where many were able to reduce or stop taking their medication in under a month. It can ease joint stiffness and severity of pain for those who still have arthritis.

  • Vitamin D: Reduced levels of this vitamin has been associated with chronic musculoskeletal pain. Many people tend to be low in vitamin D because they avoid the sun and because it is found in few foods (fish and cow liver). Getting enough sun outside for at least 20-30 minutes a day can help return levels to normal.
  • Magnesium: We need magnesium in order to support nerve and muscle function while treating migraines, cramps, and fibromyalgia. A lack in this mineral can result in migraine headaches and cramps. Although there are supplements available, their use is not recommended as it is difficult for the body to absorb. It is better use magnesium lotion, oil, or take an Epsom bath 2-3 times a week. You can also eat more seeds, nuts, and beans.
  • Ginger: This spice is highly anti-inflammatory and is perfect for easing muscle aches, headaches, arthritis as well as abdominal and joint pain. Ginger can be consumed as a tea or added in a variety of recipes to give food a nice kick.

Image result for anti inflammatory magnesium

  • Tumeric: Like ginger, turmeric works wonders for swelling issues and pain, especially those suffering from chronic pain. It works together with the body to get rid of harmful toxins too. Curcumin, the active ingredient, has been linked in reducing pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia.
  • Red Grapes: Red grapes, in particular, have bountiful amounts of resveratrol that work as powerful antioxidants that inhibit receptors for pain perception (COX-1 and COX-2) while stopping inflammation at the same time. This fruit can even inhibit the production of nitric oxide – also responsible for inflammation.
  • Berries: Berries have anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and antioxidant capabilities and are wonderful for detoxing our system and getting rid of waste products while easing inflammation and pain. It helps to eat at least one cup of berries (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries) daily.

Fighting off Inflammation Daily

When our body can no longer heal as it normally should after an injury or abnormality, inflammation can become chronic and have unwanted repercussions. There are a range of diseases that stem from inflammation such as psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus), infection, ulcerative Adult Amber Necklace - Arthritis Carpal Tunnel Sciatica Pain Inflammation Raw 18 20 22 Inch Necklace Unpolished Cognac Baltic Amber Adultcolitis, and even some cancers. While it is better to prevent than it is to correct an issue once it surfaces, those suffering from inflammatory condition still have options too. Baltic Essentials Amber helps those with inflammatory disorders naturally on a daily basis. Amber works amazing on its own, but it may also be coupled with anti-inflammatory foods. Amber is made from fossilized resin noted not only for its beauty, but for its capabilities in easing pain and swelling. When the necklace is worn, the benefits are transferred from the beads and directly to the bloodstream after being warmed on the skin. The analgesic and anti-inflammatory powers of amber will last you for months and results can be felt in as little as a day.

Make Gut Issues a Thing of the Past

By Abby Logiste
on May 30, 2018

Make Gut Issues a Thing of the Past

Problems in the Stomach

Our body has many ways in rejecting things that it does not want or speaks to us when we take ingest something we shouldn’t have. One of the simplest gastrointestinal (GI) problems everyone is likely familiar with is the stomach ache. As painful and annoying as it can be, it is a normal process that can because we are sick, anxious, or ate something spicy, sour or past the expiration date. Stomach aches are normally few and far in between and disappear after a few hours or days, but if you notice they are sticking around longer, you may be battling a bigger gut problem. Those with chronic gut problems may also have pain, nausea, bloating, and elimination troubles on a frequent basis. A person may have or risk developing leaky gut syndrome, chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or ulcerative colitis.  

Things to Avoid

Gut issues begin to surface when something is already off balance, whether it is hormones, bacteria, blockage, sensitivity to certain proteins, inflammation, or a combination of these. Depending on the type of GI issue you have, there are food triggers that you will want to avoid if they seem to be related to flare-ups. The FODMAP diet, for example, is great for those with IBD, and its purpose is to avoid consuming poorly absorbed carbs from fruits, veggies, wheat, sweets, and dairy. The FODMAP may also be used for ulcerative colitis as well as a low-sodium and low-fiber diet.  Those with Crohn’s should stay away from butter, Image result for gut foods to avoiddairy, coffee, chocolate, fried foods, and foods high in fiber. The same also goes for people who have a leaky gut, with the exception that they can have fiber.

Start Taking Probiotics

It probably does not come as a surprise to know gut issues result from an accumulation of bacteria. While the gut is normally filled with bacteria (good and bad), too much of the “bad” bacteria can breed more bad bacteria, fungus, parasites, yeast, and viruses. Probiotics helps equip your gut with the “good” bacteria that it needs to promote a healthy environment, improve immunity, balance hormones, regulate appetite, and increase energy levels. One of the simplest way to make sure you are getting enough probiotics is by taking supplements. It is best to take probiotics as soon as you wake up on an empty stomach. This ensures that you are getting the most out of the bacterial str
ain. You can also consume foods that are a good source of probiotics such as:

  • Yogurt
  • Kimchi
  • Souerkraut
  • Kefir
  • Miso
  • Kombucha
  • Dark Chocolate

Doing Your Gut Right with Hazelwood

Internal gut issues take time and patience to treat, but it is possible to improve an array of GI disorders by understanding what your problem is and getting to the root of the issue. Most gut issues can be relieved from eating a better diet and detoxing your colon. Baltic Essentials Hazelwood can help people dealing with gut issues naturally by restoring our internal balance. The wooden beads can remove excess acidity by creating a more alkaline environment  in the body to get pH levels back to a normal range. Hazelwood can reduce free-radicals in the body too because it is high antioxidants and transfer to the blood. Relief from gut problems is possible, and it does not have to be an eternal problem if you do not let it.

Hospital Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

By Abby Logiste
on January 15, 2018

Baltic Amber as a great hosptial gift

Being There For Someone at the Hospital

No one ever wishes for their loved ones to fall sick,  get injured or go through some form of emotional turmoil that resulted in a trip to the hospital. While it may the last wish or thought on our mind, it does happen. Most of us hope to bring a smile on a friend, relative, or lover's face when we visit to enhance their mood, especially when they are feeling down. Our presence and a thoughtful gift is often the perfect remedy to give a recovering patient to brighten their spirit.

Sending Your Gift the Right Way

Delivering a gift is a nice gesture, but you do not want to appear at the hospital out of the Image result for amber gemstoneblue. It is better to prearrange your visit to avoid potential complications. Doing so will still not ruin give the gift as a surprise if that is your aim so long as you don't mention anything about it to the person you're visiting. Reaching out to family members of the patient if you are a friend or acquaintance is good ethic since you can never be certain how a patient is feeling. It is possible they are tired or don't want visits a certain day, so knowing in advance the best time will help you avoid making a blank trip.

What kind of Gift Should I Bring?

The first thought most people think about bringing is flowers, but these days it is isn't idea. Sometimes it is because the hospital may simply not allow them (be sure to check) other times, it mainly has to do with its lack of use. It may take just a bit of space, and appear beautiful at first, but they wilt over time. Watching the flowers die may not exactly be the most encouraging display for someone that is admitted for a while. Even if their stay is short, Baltic Amber Necklace - Baltic Amber Teen Big Kid Some Adults 15 Inch Necklace Raw Or Polished Bean Anti-inflammation: Cramps, Swelling, Back Ache, Tooth Ache, Sciatica, Hypothyroid, Migraine, Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis, Insomniatransportation is another issue and it may spill if you didn't make arrangements to have them delivered to them instead. If you are certain you want to bring flowers, orchid plants that few flowers and plenty of buds ready to bloom for a good month would be the best option.
Most people understand and believe that staying in the hospital can be pretty boring, so purchasing a gift that can help fight that boredom are great. You could do something as simple as filling an attractive container or bag with books, magazines, notebooks and stencils. Frame photos are also just as thoughtful. Electronic gifts such as app, movie, or book services are entertaining, but it would help to know to know if the hospital is Wi-Fi enabled beforehand (most are). Everyone can appreciate food too. The food serve at hospitals can be pretty bland or it may not fit one's personal diet. Keep in mind you want to find out what foods they can and cannot eat before delivering the meal. If they are free and clear to eat anything, that would work out in your favor the most so send a home or restaurant favorite. Snacks and desserts are excellent treats as well.

Baltic Essentials Amber for the Body and Soul

The mind can easily stray and become filled with less than positive thoughts sometimes for those who have to stay in the hospital. Baltic Essentials Amber is a beneficial hospital gift as it can help get rid of negative energy while boosting emotional healing, promoting positive change. Think of it as being there for the person you care about when you are not there to lift their spirit. Amber not only heals the mind, it can treat pain and infection complications naturally. When it is worn, the healing properties are released from the beads and travel directly to the bloodstream. Baltic Essentials Amber Jewelry are beautiful, so wearing it may seem like a gift alone, but you can be happy knowing it is able to mend the body and soul.

Adult Amber Necklace - Arthritis Carpal Tunnel Sciatica Pain Inflammation Raw 18 20 22 Inch Necklace Unpolished Multi Baltic Amber Adult

Pregnant Mommies End Pain with Amber

By Abby Logiste
on January 04, 2018

Treat Pregnancy Pain Naturally

Being Blessed with a Baby

There is no doubt that having a baby is an incredible live changing experience for women (and the lucky man) from the moment of conception to birth. To prepare the delivery, the body goes through a range of changes with some being expected or welcomed, and others not. There is no specific location that goes through a change. The uterus enlarges as the baby grows, blood volume increases, and organs shift to mold with the baby as the maternal circulation provides oxygen and nutrients to the little one. It is both fascinating and beautiful to see such adaptions occur, but let’s be honest, being pregnant is not always fun. Unfortunately, women definitely have their share of discomfort throughout the process. 

Here Comes the Aches and Pain

Pregnant women do not always go through the same problems, but there are similar symptoms many can expect to experience such as the seemingly imminent morning sickness (mostly in the first trimester), bloating, headaches, stomach pain, and edema that often pools to legs. Women may also develop cramps, heartburn, back and breast pain. These “complications” are completely normal during pregnancy, and do not often warrant a trip to the hospital. Still, being pregnant make moms and to-be moms feel a sense of disability every now and then because it is harder to move or complete an activity. Some find the worst period is the first trimesters, other believe it was the second or the third trimester. Of course, this too, is individualistic and depends on the symptoms a mom experiences and tolerance level.   

You Can’t Take Whatever You Want During Pain

Since there is another, more sensitive life, living inside you, mothers have to be more mindful of the things they eat and expose themselves to when they are at home or go out. This is probably the most critical when it comes to taking certain drugs and supplements even when dealing with pain. A lot of drugs are teratogenic, or toxic, to the fetus even if it is safe for adults. Drugs that are safe have to be strictly followed so the mom the does not accidentally overdose. Pregnant women may also be taking a drug that they feel is not working for them, and need something stronger. It becomes a complex game to determine the right drugs that can ease the pain while assessing it is still safe enough to take. Regardless of these measures, there is still a probability that drugs and supplements may affect the fetus when maternal history, conditions as well as food and drug interactions come into play.


Moms: There is a Natural Way to Treat Pain

Moms feel a high sense of wanting to protect their baby when they are pregnant. That desire becomes stronger when they get to see the baby after an ultrasound visit, hear the heartbeat, and feel the baby moving inside of them. It is instinct that makes mothers persevere through the discomfort as much as possible. Still, there are safe and effective techniques and things a mom can do or use to help them through the uneasiness. Moms can end pain during pregnancy naturally by using Baltic Essentials Amber, which has amazing anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. The combination help fight swelling that is going on within the body while easing pain. Succinic acid, the active ingredient of amber is transferred from the beads to the bloodstream after it is warmed from the skin, delivering the benefits
19 Inch Raw Polished Multi Baltic Amber Necklace Bean Leaf Big Kid, Child, Or Adultthroughout the body. Baltic Amber has no adverse effects, and can be worn on a daily basis.The 100% pure amber is made from pine trees in Northern Europe. Results can be felt as soon as an hour and continue to grow by day 4-7. The potent benefits of the beads last for 3-6 months before needing needing to be replaced, which also makes it affordable. Moms love amber because of its pain relieving abilities they can wear comfortable without having to worry about it being bad for the baby. Baltic Amber can also be worn by children to treat a variety of comment problems they go through such and colic and teething! It is wonderful for the entire family to use at home or anywhere during travel. 

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