Causes of Back Pain and How to Lessen It

By Abby Logiste
on November 14, 2018

Treat Back Pain

What Causes Back Pain

Back pain, for many, comes with or without a warning. It is common for younger people to experience it when they put too much strain on the area or do improper body mechanics. Even the fittest of people cannot escape from it; back pain can creep over time due to things like putting on your shoes, slipping into bed for the night or sitting down. These activities, although simple, do have an effect on your spinal health.

 While the same factors play a role for older adults as well, they are more prone to developing it simply because they are older, where muscles and bones weaken. This decline may start as early as 30-40 years of age. Younger adults often deal with back pain from the disk space (degenerative disk or lumbar herniation) asides from strains. Older adults often get it due to compression fractures and degeneration of the joints (osteoarthritis).

Other Reasons for Back Pain

There are a number of factors that may increase your risk or be the reason you feel back pain. More often than not, they are factors you can control if you want to reduce or eliminate the discomfort.

  • Your Occupation: Workers who spend a majority of their time lifting and bending objects are at the highest risk of pulling a muscle and injuring not only the back, but other areas as well. Those who spend just as much time sitting at a desk without getting up often enough to stretch are at just as much of a risk.
  • It‚Äôs in Your Genes: Heredity seems to play a significant role in just about everything. Diseases like ankylosing spondylosis, a type of arthritis, can adversely affect the spine and cause back pain.
  • Chronic and Acute Diseases: If you are suffering from a chronic disease such as other forms of arthritis or a cancer, your chances of going through back pain increase. Endometriosis, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, infections, and kidney stones.
  • Mechanical Breakdown: Wear and tear on the body, namely the spine, typically directly results in back pain. Surgeries, accidents, overuse, and age can cause abnormal spasms, tense muscles, spinal disk breakdown, and ruptured disks.
  • Smoking: Smoking poses a systematic effect on the body; it doesn‚Äôt just affect the lungs. The cardinal smoker‚Äôs cough can induce back pain for some. Smoking also reduces normal healing time so the discomfort a smoker feels anywhere around the body takes a longer time to go away.
  • Having a Sedentary Lifestyle: No matter how much you weigh, not working or stretching your body enough increases your changes in getting back pain.¬†
  • Being Overweight: Not being active enough and consuming more calories beyond your recommended limit will cause you to gain more than just weight. The added weight, regardless of its location, can cause pain and put added stress on the back.


Baltic Essentials Amber for Back Pain

Medicine is a multi-billion dollar industry that people use to treat, prevent, or improve their health. While no one can take away the fact that its existence has improved the lives of many, medicine is still not cure-all for everything. Many people find that other options work just as good ‚Äď if not better. Others notice a significant improvement in managing their pain when they combine medicine with alternative treatment methods.


Baltic Essentials Amber has been used for hundreds of years as a reliable way to ease paPolished Cognac Turquoise 17 Inch Baltic Amber Necklace For Big Kid, Child, Or Adultin. It is made from fossilized resin and its active form, succinic acid, has anti-inflammatory properties that can help treat back pain naturally. Once the beads touch your skin, the succinic acid works its way into the bloodstream where it heals the inflammation. It does such a wonderful job at treating discomfort because it is also a natural analgesic. You can relieve yourself from back pain within minutes when using Baltic Essentials products.

The Link Between Curing Pain and Inflammation

By Abby Logiste
on January 02, 2017

Easing Inflammation and Pain

 What is Inflammation Anyway?

The body does a lot of things to protect itself from foreign invaders, and inflammation, which is normal under certain circumstances, is one of them. Inflammation is one of the many chains of reactions the body has when it is under attack that is started by chemicals relaying information to prepare for defense. Yes, inflammation is a needed reaction, but it can become problematic if you have a certain condition or injury that allows it to persist longer than it is welcome. Other times, the body has it completely wrong and winds up attacking itself (autoimmune disorders).

The start of Pain

Inflammation becomes a painful experience when your joints, organs, or blood vessels are inflamed. If it persists long enough, it may turn into conditions such as cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and cancer ‚Äď all of which pose a risk for pain. Discomfort does not occur due to swelling alone; environmental, internal and external factors may also be involved. For example, if you lack sleep, smoke or are exposed to it, have excessive sun exposure, and eat an unhealthy diet.


Two Ways Ease Swelling and Pain Naturally

Treating pain is different for everyone because not everyone feels pain the same and not everyone has the same type of pain. Curing your discomfort is possible when you create and use a solution that works for you. When you go through pain that lasts for more than a couple of day or have an issue that you will have to deal with for the rest of your life, start to become costly or worse ‚Äď not as effective because you have grown tolerance to it. There are natural alternatives available you can use aid in treating your pain instead of or in addition to medications you use.¬†


Baltic Essentials Amber

Amber is made from fossilized resin, and has been use for hundreds of decades as a way to heal injuries and treat pain. Amber may not appear to be special at first glance until you learn it has the ability to ease pain due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Baltic Essentials Amber Necklaces are made from succinic acid, the most substance found in resin. The beads are capable of easing your pain for as long as you wear it as its beneficial ingredients enter the bloodstream after being warmed from the skin. Once swelling of the tissue, cells, or blood vessels are addressed, pain relief will follow soon after. Amber is the perfect option for those who are experiencing general aches and pain from the muscle or joints and inflammatory conditions like arthritis and carpel tunnel syndrome.


Baltic Essentials Hazelwood  

Hazelwood is made out of wood from a Hazelwood tree and works to heal the body by making it more alkaline as it works to balance our pH. Baltic Essentials Hazelwood Necklaces absorb excess acidity from the skin and helps eliminate the abundance of free radicals that lounges within and outside our body. Hazelwood is also high in antioxidants that are also sent to your bloodstream. The pH balancing powers and immense antioxidants that Hazelwood has helps treat GERD, ulcers, skin disorders like dermatitis, heartburn, gas, and constipation.

Should You Buy a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace For Your Baby or You?

By Abby Logiste
on November 20, 2016

Ease Teething  Pain

Baltic Amber is a Great Choice for Teething Babies

Is it accurate to say that you are a parent or guardian who stumbled upon Baltic Essentials Amber Teething Necklaces and wonders if it is a prudent decision for your infant who is going through a painful teething stage? I will manage you through the choice, and give you ideas to draw from to make your conclusion.

Baltic Amber amy be worn by a toddler to facilitate the discomfort of teething. While it may seem tantalizing for the child to put the beautiful, shiny object in their mouth, they should NOT bite on the necklace, While doing so is not a fatal choice, it is best for them to wear the lightweight necklace around their neck and against their skin (choices will be talked about in a bit) to accomplish help of teething agony. As a note, the necklaces and bracelets should not be worn at night or when they are taking naps unsupervised. As the amber interacts with the surface if the skin, it is warmed and releases succinic acid, a natural corrosive found in amber.

What Does Amber Do? 

Succinic acid is a natural calming agent for children for various reasons. The diminished irritation and discomfort begin to fade away due to its natural analgesic effects. Results are typically seen in several hours, and the effects keep going throughout the length of time they wear it. As a note for those who are concerned of issues if it is worn most of the day, know that there is no potential for a child to get an excessive amount of succinic acid from it.

Baltic amber teething necklaces are called that because they originate from the Baltic locale. The Baltic locale has the world's biggest supply of amber and also having the most elevated grouping of succinic corrosive. Amber is an antiquated tar, the more established the amber, the more intense the succinic corrosive. Amber from the Baltic area is 30-90 million years of age. When you are purchasing an amber necklace, make sure it is immaculate Baltic amber from the Baltic district, and not a amber substitute or "youthful" amber.

Baltic Amber is Completely Safe

Baltic Essentials Amber Necklaces are completely safe for infants and children to wear. The amber dabs are normally hung on a 1mm waxed cotton string and tied between each dot. This is essential to ensure security of the knots so it remains strong no matter how rough your child is with it. The necklace isfurther secured with screws, and the screw post is placed at the center point. The necklaces can be worn in the water; nonetheless it is best to keep it away from yet hard cleansers, and artificially treated water whenever possible. 

For parents that worry about keeping the necklace around your children's neck, there is an option too! Wrap the necklace two times around the infant's lower leg and place under a sock or inside footed night wear. It is also a great idea for do during the night when they sleep as the necklaces are not to be worn when they do in order to avoid choking. If There are also Baltic Essentials Amber Bracelets readily available These are approximately 5.5 inches long and ordinarily are not sufficiently huge to last all through the teething time of an infant.

Parents and guardians alike know what is best for their infant, and I enjoy the input given to those who purchase the products. I have had a 95% positive rating from people who buy Baltic Essentials Amber specifically for teething alleviation and many agree that the effects of amber can be seen in a short time frame.

I trust this offers the choice some assistance with making process and whatever technique you pick as a guardian to offer your teething kid I some assistance with hoping it works.

Learn to Spot Fake Amber

By Abby Logiste
on September 30, 2016

Spot Fake Amber

Not all Amber is Genuine

One of the most critical aspects of buying anything online is trusting the company or seller. Will the item that appeals you really look as it does in the image? Is it of good quality? Are you getting duped in buying the full price of something when it is less than authentic? As much as we may want to believe what we see or read is what we will receive, the sad truth is that it not always the case. You owe it to yourself to do a little research or detective work on a product whether you do it before or after you receive it -- after all, it is not too foreign to think you could potentially be dealing with an untruthful individual or business. Baltic Amber is a wonderful natural remedy that can cure sufferers from a variety of ailments without having to deal with side effects. If you are
not seeing the results you expected, it is possible you were given a knock-off. In the event you ever question if the amber you bought is real or not, you can figure out by testing it.


Types of Fake Amber that Exist

Amber has existed for millions of years and is made from the resin of pine trees and, as its name would suggest, appears deep yellow. Real amber is warm to the touch and has a wax-like shine to it -- it will not appear as a glossy shine. Common imitations for amber are casein, celluloid, copal, glass, kauri gum, plastic, and phenolic resin.

Casein: A popular substitute that is derived from milk and converted into a type of plastic. Like amber, it is a cloudy yellow; however, unlike amber it heavier and, when burned, it smells like the plastic imposter that it is.

Celluloid: Visually, celluloid is close in resemblance to amber which makes it a challenge to spot as fake. Celluloid is more inflammable, but when it burns, it smells like plastic and it is slightly denser in weight.

Copal: This fake is also made from tree resin and natural inclusions are often added to them as well as insects to make them more good-looking. They tend to deteriorate faster at lower temperatures and melt rather than burn. When it does melt, you will notice a sweet scent. 

Glass: There are a lot of differences you could spot if your amber is made from glass. It is colder to the touch, fireproof, scratchproof (when you use metal or steel) and is more solid.

Kauri Gum: It is extremely close to copal as it has the same features in appearance, insects, and inclusions. They are able to insert these fake insects by drilling a hole into it or cracking them. If you see either of the two, you will know you are dealing with a fake. A genuine insect in real amber should appear black; they are never colorful. Some may also be covered with a white residue.

Phenolic Resin: They have a particular shape (smooth and oval). While the color is similar to that of amber, it does not emit a resin smell when burned, which should happen with genuine amber.

Other Plastic: The primary modern plastics used to pose as real amber are polystyrene and polyester. They may also have inclusions that are often made in the canter. It also emits a plastic smell when it is burned.


Tests to Check for Real Amber

Sure, you could burn your amber if you want to determine whether or not it is fake, but it is far from conventional because there probably aren't many who like the idea of destroying their potential gem for the sake of a science experiment in the event it is genuine. A better option, if you do wish to use this method, would be to do a hot needle test. This is done by sticking a hot needle (the right temperature and pressure is needed) in the least visible spot. Anything that does not have the distinct smell of pine tree resin, such as a plastic or chemical smell, is not real amber.

Rubbing Test

You can easily rub amber with your hands or with a cloth to produce heat as well to see if it emits a tree resin smell.  There will also be an oily residue that appears on your hands after several seconds of rubbing very fast. Real amber also has an electrostatic charge, and when rubbed it will attract to things like your clothes, hair, or dust.


Salt Water Test

Take a bowl or pot out and fill it with water and salt using a 2:1 ratio then mix it.  In salt water, genuine amber will float while most fakes, which are denser in weight, will sink. After you complete the test, be sure to rinse off your amber in fresh water and dry it.


Acetone/ Muratic Acid Test

Pour several drops of acetone (it can also be found in nail polish) or muratic acid over the amber you wish to test. If it is real, you will notice that the amber was completely unaffected and the product will evaporate. If you use nail polish, be sure to use a remember, it should wipe off clean. If it is fake, you will be left with a sticky mess when you touch it. Be sure to test just a small area that is not visible and do not get the cord wet with acetone!


Taste Test

Before you start the taste test, you will want to wash the amber. It should not have any taste to it unlike fakes which will taste either like plastic or chemicals to the tongue.

Scratch Test

While it may not look like it, amber is soft, and if you attempt to scratch it in an inconspicuous area with a sharp needle or knife, it will a create chip or splinter known as a conchodial fracture. You would not get that effect with fakes like glass. You will also have just scratched your beautiful necklaces ‚Äď so leave this test until the very end.

UV Light

Authentic amber is florescent and shining UV light over it will glow pale. Typical fluorescent colors are green, yellow or orange, but blue is most common.


 Pure Amber with Baltic Essentials 

While many sellers will overcharge you, others will sell "amber" at a cheap price to make you believe you are getting a deal when you are not. Others may sell you pressed amber, which are small fragments of amber that have been fused using intense heat or pressure, for a cheap price. While it appears more uniform and transparent in the process, it is nowhere near as beneficial as pure amber and will not give you the same results. Baltic Essentials Amber is made from 100% genuine amber using our highest quality standards, promising you the best results in treating a symptom naturally.


Hypothyroidism in Children

By Abby Logiste
on June 08, 2016

Treat Hypothyroidism in Children

It is possible for Kids to Contract Hypothyroidism

Many people talk about hypothyroidism in adults, but there is less talk about hypothyroidism in children although it is just as common. Congenital hypothyroidism starts from birth, but is often asymptomatic so a parent may not notice it until the infant grows older.  The disorder is only detected in 5% of infants by clinical criteria where a diagnosis is later confirmed.  Hypothyroidism may also be acquired  as your child gets older and may or may not be due to genetics. The underdeveloped thyroid gland ultimately does not produce adequate thyroid hormone to the body, and your child my experience issues such as weight gain, constipation, increased fatigue, decreased growth, lowered metabolism and it can affect the normal heart rate.

What Other Symptoms Should I Look For?  

If there is one key sign you should remember about hypothyroidism is that it a disorder notorious for slowing down activities in the body so other than decreased energy levels, growth and unexplainable weight gain you may notice your child's body may be inflamed and appear puffy or swollen. They also have impaired nutrient absorption so the skin and hair may become very dry and start to thin. You may notice altered behavior, increased belly pain, and chances in performance (such as in school). Additional signs you should look for are:

During Childhood

  • Delayed tooth development
  • Constant Chocking
  • Stunt in growth which may cause abnormally short limbs
  • Jaundice of the skin
  • Large, protruding tongue

During Adolescence

  • Hoarse Voice
  • Droopy Eyelids
  • Delayed Puberty
  • Increased Cholesterol
  • Impaired Muscle Tone

Adverse Complications in Hypothyrodism

It is best to treat the endocrine disorder as early as possible to avoid the many complications it could cause your child in the future such as:

  • The appearance of a goiter that causes a visible mass to appear in the neck. While it is often not life threatening,¬† it is uncomfortable which makes it hard to swallow, it can compromise breathing, and it can negatively affect their appearance.
  • Myxedema - It is a rare, life-threatening condition where someone will experience extreme cold intolerance to cold. They will first become drowsy, feel lethargic, and ultimately come unconscious.
  • Mental Issues - Over time, it is cause depression and result in decreased mental functioning.
  • Becoming Sterile - Low thyroid hormone levels can result in infertility in women as it can obstruct normal ovulation.
  • Heart Problems - Hypothyroidism is related to increased risk of high LDL (the "bad" cholesterol) and low HDL (the "good" cholesterol) which in turn affects the pumping ability of the heart. In time, the heart may become enlarges and heart failure can occur.

Holistic Approach in Treating Hypothyroidism

Determining whether or not your child has hypothyroidism is the first step, so it is important to get a diagnosis from a doctor if you suspect they have it. The most common form of treatment for hypothyroidism includes lifelong administration of synthetic  thyroid Baltic Amber Necklace - 12.5 Inch Baltic Amber Necklace Cherry Amber Turquoise Baby, Infant, Toddler, Big Kid. hormones and possible hormone replacement therapy for the duration of their lives. You can also treat hypothroidism naturally using Baltic Essentials Amber Necklaces or Bracelets. Amber is an organic product derived from fossilized resin. It is full of anti-inflammatory properties that will help reduce to eliminate a majority of the symptoms associated with the disorder. Amber helps balance the overall pH levels in the body as well and heightens immunity when it is worn. One of the most notable benefits is that it can help stimulate the thyroid to make more thyroid hormones to help bring it back to the normal levels or as close as possible. The benefits of the resin is transferred from the necklace to the body where it gets absorbed into the bloodstream.  


Controlling Fever in Babies

By Abby Logiste
on June 08, 2016

Heal Fevers in Babies

When your Baby Feels Feverish

When your infant feels ill, you will know it. They may have a tough time sleeping or wake up in the middle of the night crying or they lose their appetite. You immediately confirm your suspicions they are sick when they are hot to touch and you take their temperature.  At this point you are probably wondering if it is something you can treat yourself or have a doctor look at them. There are certain symptoms you want to look at when determining which that will restore your little one back to health safely.

Finding Out if A Fever is Not Serious

One thing to keep in mind is that fevers are a normal response to infections and cause the body to raise in temperature to fight it; rarely are they dangerous. It is important to know the exact temperature of your child:

  • Low grade fever is when your baby's temperature, in Fahrenheit, is at or over 100.5 (rectal), 99 degrees (axillary) or 99.5 degrees (oral). They are normally not something to worry about and are easy to treat.
  • Fevers that are between 101-103 degrees Fahrenheit are also not serious. If they are ill during the night, you can safely wait until the morning to get a doctor to look at them.
  • A high fever is classified as 104 or more degrees Fahrenheit. It is typically not serious only if the temperature quickly drops down to 100-101 while using treatment measures.

When You Should Call a Doctor

While most fevers can be treated right at home, it is critical to determine if your infant requires immediate medical care:

  • Babies that are 6 weeks and under with a fever of 101 or more are extremely ill and require medical care from a doctor as soon as possible. You should not administer any type of medication to your child at this point. Instead, if possible, inform your doctor of your child's rectal temperature.
  • Babies between 7 weeks to 3 months of age should also visit a doctor if their temperature is above 101 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is during the middle of the night, and the office opens in a few hours, you can safely wait to contact your doctor in the morning while you treat your baby. However, if that is not the case, you should get in contact with your doctor as soon as possible.
  • If your baby has a fever of 104 or more that will not go down after your attempts of treating them, visit a doctor. Another thing to watch out for is if your child shows signs of lethargy meaning they are limp,lifeless, and completely unresponsive.

If your baby is beyond fuzzy and are irritable they will cry for hours at a time, and it is hard to console them. Also, if your baby has meningitis (symptoms of vomiting, stiffneck or pain, high fever, headache), it is best to contact your doctor.

Treating Fever

Most fevers, especially low-grade, are safe enough for you to handle on your own without a doctor. It is a good sign when a baby has a fever because it shows their immune system is functional. The goal of treating fever is to treat your infant and relieve them of their symptoms rather than treat the fever itself.

 1 - Have them Drink Cool Liquids: 
Giving your child this will help them stay hydrated and help cool down the fever
 2 - Use a Cool Washcloth and Give Your Baby a Lukewarm Bath:
Doing this also help ease the fever down faster
 3- Keep the Area They Are In Warm:
Do not keep your child directly under a fan or blast the A/C too cold, it only worsens the fever.
 4 - You Can Give Them Medication:

Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen work as a pain reliever and reducer.


Easing Fever Naturally with Baltic Essentials Amber

We have come a long way with the treatment options we have available to help our babies get better when they are ill. There are numerous alternative routes a parent can choose to get their baby feeling better without the need of medication. You can also treat fever naturally by using Baltic Essentials Amber Necklaces. It is able to control many symptoms associated with fever including swelling, drooling, teething, red cheeks, swollen gums, irritability, and more. Baltic amber is a completely organic substance made of fossil resin that transfers from the necklace to the bloodstream. The attractive necklace is not only for looks; it will help get your baby get back to normal in no time. The Baltic Essentials Amber may be worn any day, every day by the baby, but it should be taken off during naps or other times your baby is sleeping unsupervised. 

Baltic Essentials Amber: A Natural Remedy For Cancer Pain

By Abby Logiste
on May 10, 2016

Remedy for Cancer Pain

Cancer Pain

Approximately 60% of people undergoing cancer treatment are bound to feel the unfortunate experience of pain -- the numbers are significantly higher for those in the advanced stage. Cancer pain varies for everyone (even for those who have the same type of cancer) and it may be dull, sharp or achy; it may be intermittent or continual, and may feel moderate or severe in intensity when it comes. Pain is also influenced by environmental, physical and emotional factors.

What Are the Types and Causes Cancer Pain?

There are four primary types of pain someone with cancer may feel.

  1. Phantom Pain: When someone has had an area of their body removed such as the arm, leg or breast. Many describe this type of pain as unbearable. It is believed that while the "cognitive part" of the brain is aware of the removal of a body part, the "feeling side" of the brain cannot comprehend the loss so it "aches." Nearly 70% of people who have to remove a portion of their body succumb to it. Some state the pain fades after a year once the brain finally comes to the realization there is a permanent missing part on the body and grows accustomed to it. Others may still feel pain beyond that.

 Raw Cherry Flower Amber Bracelet

  1. Soft Tissue Pain: It is also referred to as visceral pain and is of often described as throbbing or cramping that comes from a muscle or body organ.


  1. Bone Pain: In some cases, cancer can reach either specific or multiple areas in the bone and cause pain due to damages cancer cells in the bone injury.


  1. Referred pain: When pain in an organ is felt in another area of the body, it is called referred pain. Some may feel pain in their shoulder if their liver is swollen, for example, because the soft organ presses on nerves that end in the shoulder.

While the goal of treating cancer is through the use of radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or surgery, each come with side effects. The chances of experiencing pain for those undergoing therapy is higher for those who have a suppressed immune system. Even after therapy, pain can continue to occur after these treatments or surgery.  


Treatment Options for Cancer Pain

 Any level of pain is a discomfort can negatively affect the daily lives of people with cancer. The amount of pain those with cancer have depend on the stage, the type of cancer, the location, and whether not damaged nerves are present. The pain cancer clients feel may even can cause depression, fear, and lack of sleep.

Science and technology have grown significantly in the last decade alone and offer various ways to treat the cancer itself and the pain that comes with it. Many people find that a combination of treatments work for them to get the right pain relief through surgery, therapy, medicinal, and non-medicinal methods.

There are a number of people who prefer to treat the pain they are experiencing in a natural, holistic way. Baltic Essentials Amber Products come in necklaces and bracelets and are available for teens and adults who want to alleviate pain. Baltic amber beads are a tree resin that has anti-inflammatory properties and can help relieve cancer pain for those who are undergoing treatment and for those who want to use it exclusively. The attractive beads come in a variety of designs and can be worn as an accessory while it treat the pain you or a loved one is experiencing.

Baltic Amber Changed My Life!

By Abby Logiste
on March 09, 2016

Benefits of Baltic Amber

Customer Review of Baltic Essentials Amber

I don't like taking medicine for aches and pains. But as I have gotten older, some of my joints were a bit stiff in the morning, and a day full of activity leaves me sore. Not to mention the pain I was feeling from fatigue and tension. I felt as though my only choice to get rid of this pain came in a bottle with a dosage in the label.  


While doing some research for natural alternatives to treat pain, I came across Baltic Amber and the benefits of it; however, I was skeptical. How could a simple necklace, albeit pretty, take away my pain?  
Lucky for me, I was able to purchase a necklace for less than $30 with shipping! Even if it didn't work, I would have a pretty new bauble to wear. 
Let me tell you, it worked almost immediately!  After a few weeks, thinking it was a fluke, I took them off and found that the pain was returning. 
That sealed the deal!!  
I love my Baltic Amber necklace and have no plans to remove it anytime 
If you too are looking for a natural alternative to treat pain, I urge you to try Baltic Essentials Amber Necklaces as well. You will definitely notice a difference. 

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