Conquer Disease with the Right Mindset

By Abby Logiste
on November 14, 2018

Heal Yourself From Disease with Amber

Heal the Mind, Heal the Body 

There is plenty of debate concerning willpower and the effect it has on disease. When sickness comes, it is hard to push away all the negative thoughts – in fact, the idea is completely unrealistic. Still, those who continue to remain as positive as they can through such an event (or any for that matter) seem to know how to cast those feelings to the side and enjoy all the good in their lives. These blissful thinkers tend to be in the healthiest of conditions as well. It may sound too good to be true or downright annoying to hear that such advice when doing through a serious ailment for some. Still, there is evidence that optimism, hope, and most of all, believing you can take control of your life again, helps improve health as well as speed up recovery.

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Maintain a Positive Outlook

Everything about our body is not all figured out to this day. There are some situations, even if they are good, that cannot be answered. The same goes for why those who look at the brighter side of a dark event tend to recover faster, live longer, or even be healed from diseases such as AIDS, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. There is an Image result for heal the mind increasing amount if evidence that suggests the there is a strong relationship with the mind and the immune system. Looking at it from the opposite spectrum, pessimism makes people stress out, elevating stress hormones in the blood which can wear out the organs and body over time.  The level of stress one has plays a major role in allowing the body to cope with disease.

Melt the Stress

Although we are inherently positive people, situations such as a disease can put many through a state of hopelessness and depression. While it may seem hard to break, an attitude change is one of the first things you need to do, even if it is temporary.

Continue to Smile: Doing something as simple as smiling helps lower blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormones. Do not feel guilty about humoring yourself more often whether if it is by going out or watching an amusing video.

Stay Surrounded with Loved Ones: One of the worst things a person can do is isolate themselves from everyone. The people you cared about before will still love you regardless, wanting to help in any way they can. Help can be hard to accept for Image result for release stresssome because of not wanting to be weak, but this couldn’t be any more further from the truth. Adapting to a new situation can take time so people should allow themselves the reorientation they need. 

Clearing the Mind: Keeping yourself distracted and not thinking about the complications of  a disease is beneficial for you. The combination of a clear mind and stress reduction are possible with meditation, tai-chi, prayer, and yoga. Ones perspective naturally shifts for the better when starting any or all of these alleviating activities.

Stay Positive with Amber

You may not always be able to change every circumstance in your life, but you can most certainly change your attitude which does have an influence on the course of an illness. Baltic Essentials Amber Rainbow Necklace can help you heal your mind body by decreasing stress and promoting a positive mind. The necklace contains amber that helps ease pain and inflammation naturally. It also contains pink rose quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, turquoise, red agate, aventurine and chrysocolla that help free you from anxiety and stress. It also detoxifies the body, and relaxes the mind while promoting an enhanced sense of well-being, self-worth and energy. Amber can help you free yourself from negativity and stress from the “dis-ease” so you can live life again and feel better when you conquer your disease. 

Baltic Amber Necklace - Half Back Baltic Amber Teen Adult 17 Inch Necklace Rainbow Honey Amber Pink Rose Quartz Red Agate Aventurine Cyrsocolla



Baltic Essentials Amber is an All Healer!

By Abby Logiste
on December 20, 2017

The Natural Medinine Alternative called Amber

Nature vs. Medicine

The use of alternative and holistic remedies for issues continues to be a revolving door those in modern society continue to revisit even with all the advancement in medicine. It's probably not a wonder that plenty of people decide to quit taking drugs for a number of reasons. As good as medicine can get, there are risks involved with its use, and the cost can be impractical for those not so well off in finances. Although it would be impractical to say all natural remedies do not come with side effects, most of them do not. Additionally, opting to take the holistic route is often cheaper compared to medicine. Take Baltic Essentials Amber, for instance, a gemstone that has been around for hundreds of thousands of years. There are many amazing discoveries the stone has been found to do for the owner who wears it.

What's so Good About Baltic Amber?

Baltic Essentials Amber is an all-around solutions for the body as a whole. It is beneficial for the liver, immune system, heart, and mind by eliminating negative energy. When amber was first found, it was used to cure common issues like fever and a sore throat by turning it into power and adding it into drinks. As magical as amber is for treating problems, these days, there is no complex ordeal involved with reaping its benefits; all you need to do is wrap it around your neck. Amber is made from resin, which releases healing powers upon touching the skin, alleviating pain while treating inflammation. 

Wearing Amber

Baltic Essentials Amber may be worn as necklaces or bracelets, and they can be sported on all day everyday no matter the occasion. The beautiful beads m19 Inch Raw Polished Multi Baltic Amber Necklace Bean Leaf Big Kid, Child, Or Adultay also serve as a stylish aesthetic piece, but its primary purpose is to treat conditions. Baltic Essentials sells authentic amber that is not compressed like other non-authentic versions that cause it to be less effective. The beads are carefully threaded with many strands to ensure it is unbreakable as you use it. Amber is great for headaches, pimples, fever, inflammatory diseases, and much more.

 Kids and babies may also wear amber, they should not chew or attempt to ingest it. If your child falls asleep, the necklace should be wrapped and placed around the arm or wrist to prevent choking. It is great for kids experiencing mood problems like depression, teething pain or asthma. The list can go on for the benefits that exist with amber, and there are no side effects associated with its use. It's a perfect gift to give to friends, family members, co-workers, your loved ones, and even for yourself. Let amber be the gift that keeps on giving -- it will surely continue to astonish those who use it.

Baltic Amber Necklace - Luxury Baltic Amber Necklace Arthritis Raw Polished 19 Inch Teen Adult

Natural Immune System Boosters

By Abby Logiste
on March 20, 2017
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Natural Immune System Boosters

 Our Immune System

The common cold we get over, the cuts that heal, and the red, hot skin that goes away following an allergic reaction are all examples of our immune system at work protecting us. As minor as these issues may be, they can last longer than we would like them to be or take a vicious turn if our immune system is weakened. Keeping our immune system
strong even helps reduce to eliminate the chances of getting illnesses and disease. While
most people understand that we need to eat healthy as well as take our vitamins and minerals in order to look and feel good, many forget that it also supplies our immune system. Knowing which foods to eat and what stuff to take to increase your immunity matters just as much in regards to our overall health.

Benefits Vitamin C has on Immunity

Vitamin C, also known as asorbic acid, is well known as being beneficial for our immune system. It also has the ability to help our body use carbs, proteins and fats we take from our diet and metabolize it for energy. Vitaminc C is rich in antioxidants, stopping the damaging effects free radicals which are responsible for aging, cancer and a variety of adverse conditions. It is also a necessity for the absorption of iron and production of collagen, a framework for the skin of bones, to heal and cuts or wounds and regulates organ function.

Asorbic acid is needed to produce the neurotransmitter serotonin which commands our minds thoughts and feelings. Vitamin C offers many systematic uses our body is able to use to fight off viruses and bacteria while helping transport what the body needs, working as a co-transporter. The best source are found in citrus fruits, such as oranges, but there is also an adequate amount in green vegetables like as spinach, kale, and broccoli.

Other foods High in Vitamin C

  • Red Peppers
  • Green Peppers
  • Papaya
  • Cauliflower
  • Pineapple
  • Mango
  • Chili Peppers
  • Strawberries
  • Kiwi
  • Guava

Vitamin C can also be synthetically created using dextrose for vitamin supplementation or as a food preservative. Even those who are diabetic can use vitamin C to help control their blood sugar level by lowering sorbitol (a type of sugar that may collect in and injure cells of the eyes, nerves, and kidneys).

Baltic Essentials Hazelwood

Making your immune system stronger has a lot to do with what foods you eat and which supplementations you take. What you put inside and outside your body can help your body function optimally. Baltic Essentials Hazelwood can boost your immune system naturally because of its rich source of antioxidants that get transferred directly to the bloodstream when the beads are warmed from body heat. Hazelwood also aids our immunity by helping regulating the pH of the body by getting rid of excess acidity that may be built up. If you are looking for a way to help ward off colds and feel better, Baltic Essentials Hazelwood can provide both. Whether you decide to wear it all day or for a couple of hours, you will notice a huge difference.


Benefits of Amber in Our Home

By Gabriella Diesendorf
on March 20, 2017

Benefits of Amber in Our Home

Since the well-being of our family is our number one priority, it’s natural that we’ll do anything to ensure it. Our home is the place where we can arrange everything to suit us. The same way as we tend to improve the quality of our family’s lifestyle with nutritious diet and healthy fun-filled activities, we also want to create a pleasant atmosphere by upgrading the décor of our homes. One thing that can significantly boost the energy and aesthetics of your interior is definitely amber.

What is amber?

Although it’s commonly known as amber stone, it is actually a tree resin which is fossilized and has undergone various temperature and pressure changes, over several thousands of years. It isn’t just a precious stone, but it has been popular throughout the ages not only for its exquisite beauty, but also for its therapeutic and protective properties.

The same way the tree resin serves to protect the tree and mend it in case of an injury, amber has the exact same beneficial properties for people. It’s scientifically proved that it contains a small percentage of succinic acid, which can improve the human immune system significantly.

Here are several ways in which we can benefit from amber in our homes:

Teething children

As we all know, when baby’s first teeth are growing, it is a painful process both for them and the parents. Necklaces made of Baltic amber (which is considered to be of the finest quality) have been found to successfully alleviate the children’s pain and improve the overall mood during teething period. Wearing amber has a soothing effect on the youngest, and helps in mending the potential injury. Keep in mind that it must be removed during the night for the danger of children swallowing them. 

When it comes to amber, the trick is to always keep it in contact with skin. Since most of the aforementioned acid is contained in the external layers of the stone, the body’s warmth stimulates its release, so the body then absorbs this natural antibiotic, which creates the protection.

Female problems

During that time of the month most of us ladies feel out of place, and many women experience extreme menstrual pains, usually followed by pain in the muscles and bones, as well as headaches or migraines. Amber oil can be of great help for this monthly trouble, and it can be easily found on the market, usually combined with some pleasant smelling essential oils. Lapis lazuli is also one of the most favorite choices, being great for headaches.

Nature in the home

Most of the people nowadays turn to green and eco-friendly lifestyle, so amber can be used as a useful decoration. You can have the nature-based home arrangement easily by including some amber, wood furniture, or wool floor rugs that match and complete the overall appearance of your interior. Amber figurines are both beautiful and useful addition to any home

amber figurines

Natural immunity

As said before, wearing amber can help us develop a better immune system in a completely natural way, without the use of various pills containing lab-made vitamins. Thanks to the wide variety of jewelry items, designs, and combinations that can be easily found and bought today, the stone can be worn by everybody: kids and adults, men and women. It’s also believed to be beneficial for the nervous system in terms of calming the nerves and lifting the mood.


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