Dealing with Troublesome Ear Infections

By Abby Logiste
on November 14, 2018

Get rid of Ear Infections

All About Ear Infections

There is no such thing as a "little" injury; even something as small as a paper cut can be painful. Infections of the ear are no different, and its appearance can be a challenge to deal with throughout the day. Ear infections may be of bacterial or viral origin, and often occur due to allergies, a cold, sinus infections, mucous buildup or swollen tonsils, although other factors exist. The ear is also connected to the teeth and jaw, and occasionally, if an injury or infection were to occur in any of these areas, such as tooth pain, an ear infection may also develop. 

Types of Ear Infections: 

Outer Ear Infection: Also known as "swimmer's ear" or otitis externa, this painful condition involves the opening of the ear and ear canal. An infection results from excessive moisture from frequent swimming, showering, or bathing. The water sits in the canal, becoming an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. The infection can also develop if the canal is injured due to scratching or placing objects (earphones, cotton swabs) in the delicate areas, causing inflammation. Risk factors include:

  • Swimming in water with high levels of bacteria
  • Aggressive ear cleaning
  • Use of certain devices like a hearing aid
  • Narrow ear canal

Acute Middle Ear Infections: Although this form of infection tends to occur in children because they have smaller Eustachian tubes, adults are not immune. It can happen when something prevents fluid from properly draining out the middle ear. Haemophilus influenzae and Streptococcus pneumoniae are the usual bacterial offenders. Adults are more likely to have this type of ear infection during the winter compared to the spring or summer. Risk factors include:

  • Immunosuppression¬†
  • First- or second-Hand Smoking
  • Upper respiratory infections
  • Craniofacial defects (Down's Syndrome)
  • Eustachian tube dysfuction

Antibiotics Aren't Actually the Treatment of Choice

It seems to make sense to treat an infection with antibiotics, but this choice should be re-evaluated. The Institute of Quality and Efficiency in Health Care found that many cases of Baltic Amber Necklace - Lava Rock Amber Necklace Arthritis Carpal Tunnel Polished Cognac Or Raw Rainbow 19 Inch Teen Or Adult Essential Oils Aromatherapyear infections resolved on its own. The use of antibiotics also come with side effects such as skin rashes, nausea, diarrhea, and altered gut health.

Resolve the Problem and Symptoms Without Medication

Clearing the infection and the pain are equally important, and the body can do this on its own. However, giving the body an extra boost to do its job can relieve you from the discomfort sooner. Baltic Essentials Amber is a natural ear infection remedy that can treat the issue and symptoms without needing to worry about spending big money on drugs. Amber has been used for thousands of years for its healing properties that could treat a variety of complications. The benefits of amber are transferred from the necklace to the bloodstream when it is worn. Pain is controlled and eliminated due to its potent analgesic properties, while swelling and infection are treated due to its amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Baltic amber can not only resolve ear infections, it also has the potential to prevent ear infections from returning so long as it is worn. Amber remains effective for many months, and is perfect for treating all kinds of pain related to inflammation.


Is Your Child Suffering From Ear Infection?

By Abby Logiste
on November 14, 2018

Get Rid of ear infections in kids

When Ear Infection is the Problem 

New and veteran parents often do not struggle understanding when it is time to change or feed their baby. Noticing when their baby is sick with a fever or needs to go to sleep are not too complicated either. However, raising a little one is far from easy, and there are plenty of instances where they continuously keep us guessing. One of the last things most parents would suspect happening to their child is an ear infection although nearly 75% of kids get it by the time they are three. In fact, ear infections are the most common diagnosis found in kids after the common cold. Kids under three are most likely to get it because of their underdeveloped immune system. Sometimes the infection can appear on its own or be accompanied by another complication, so it helps to monitor your child to determine which of the two it is. 

Three Types of Ear Infections Image result for ear infection kids

  • Acute Otitis Media (AOM) : Infection of the middle ear is seen in kids the most. The central ear is red, swollen, and infected due to fluid being trapped behind the eardrum. This results in ear pain, and it's possible for a child to develop a fever.
  • Otitis Media with Effusion (OME) : Kids may get this type of ear infection after AOM has run its course, and fluid gets trapped behind the eardrum. There are no distinct symptoms, but it is often diagnozed when doctors notice fluid draining behind the ear using an instrument.
  • Chronic Otitis Media with Effusion (COME): This is a more severe version of OME where fluid remains trapped in the middle ear for long periods of time or it continuously recurs. No active infection exists in either, but COME makes it tough for a child to stave off infections. Their hearing may also become compromised.

Symptoms to look For in Ear Infections

When an ear infection exists, it often occurs when the child is not yet able to speak so parents and caregivers have to rely of signs that present itself to let you know something is up with their ear.

  • Trouble with sleeping¬†Image result for ear infection kids symptoms
  • Running a high temperature
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • They cry or get fussy
  • Less appetite
  • Clear fluid drains out the ear
  • Pulling or Tugging of the ear
  • Foul/Unpleasant odor from the ar
  • Trouble responding to or listening to quiet sounds
  • Issues with attaining balance

The Ugly Side of Ear Infections

Many parents do not treat ear infections out of malice, but because of their lack of knowledge that it exists. In the event an ear infection is not taken care of, there is a high risk the eardrum will rupture. They seldom ever form, but when rupture do occur, they fortunately heal rather well although it may take a few days or weeks. If ear infections happen often, it can lead to scarring of the eardrum and hearing loss. If that is left untreated, mastoiditis, a rare skull infection present behind the ear, can form. Ensuring ear infections are under control when they do happen ensure a safe and rapid recovery. 

Healing Ear Infections

There is one main step involved when treating ear infections: getting rid of the inf19 Inch Raw Polished Multi Baltic Amber Necklace Bean Leaf Big Kid, Child, Or Adultection. Once the infection is taken care of, other problems such as the swelling and pain will go away. Although medications are available for ear infections, they can be costly and there use is often not needed in typical cases. Treating ear infections naturally with Baltic Essentials Amber while keeping the area clean is a miracle worker. Amber has analgesic properties that will help ease the ear pain that comes along with the infection as the main problem is treated. The healing anti-inflammatory properties of Amber are released directly to the skin and to the bloodstream with the necklace is worn. Issues with infection and swelling are quickly addressed. Issues of recurrences are also prevented  when kids continue to wear them throughout the day. There are no side effects, but young kids should not wear the necklace around their neck so they do not choke nor keep them on as an anklet when sleeping unsupervised at night. 


Baltic Amber: Now that's Powerful Medicine

By Abby Logiste
on December 20, 2017

Baltic Essentials Amber is Natural Medicine

Giving Our Body the Medicine it Needs

Our body loves to take in the goodies it receives by breaking it down for use through what we know as metabolism. We all know that nutrients in the form of fats, carbs, protein, water, vitamins, and minerals are all important to keep our bodies running in optimal condition while aiding in the prevention of many diseases, but could there be a few things within that list we aren't aware of that is beneficial? This is such the case for succinic acid as many individuals are completely unaware of its healing power on the body although it has been used century after century. 

Nature is Our Medicine 

It may not be so far-fetched to say that the answer to many medical conditions lie in our backyardRaw Unpolished Multi Baltic Amber Bracelet For Adult All Amber For Maximum Effectiveness Arthritis Carpal Tunnel Migraines Back Aches. There are potentially thousands of new species we may not know of that can cure many of the diseases we have although we do not know about it. Still, nature has allowed us to learn so many remedies for issues without having to resort purely on pharmacology. Succinic acid, for example, is a holistic option for just about every problem you can think of, including troublesome pain (acute or chronic). 


Conditions Succinic Acid Can Treat

Succinic acid is derived from the Latin word "succinum" which translates as 'amber'. Baltic Essentials Amber can be used for problems such as:

Colds: The immune system is strengthened by amber, which helps thwart chances of you catching the cold, fever, or flu. Baltic Amber Necklace - 15 Or 17 Inch Raw UnPolished Lemon Black Cherry 1-Flower Baltic Amber Necklace For Teen Or Adult Arthritis Carpal Tunnel Cramps Sciatica Headache Back Pain

The Brain: Our nervous system entails our motion and thought process. Sometimes we have built up stress and anxiety caused by physical or mental problems. Succinic acid is powerful enough to help release stress and the buildup of certain chemicals. It can eliminate the root of the cause, helping the brain regain its original function.

Cellular Respiration: The body may lack efficient cellular respiration. The decrease in function could be due to buildup or many other unknown reasons. Succinic acid is able to provide optimal cellular respiration and glucose metabolism so that our body can take in oxygen and sugar for our required needs.

The Heart: Succinic acid can also play a role in the regulation of blood and how that heart pumps that supply. Baltic amber is as much of an option for those suffering from cardiovascular diseases by improving the conditions. Word has it that amber can even prevent heart attacks.

Inflammatory Diseases: Those with inflammatory conditions, like arthritis, can benefit from amber because of its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antioxidant properties that help treat the root of the problem and the pain.

Teething and Colic Pain: Amber today is probably most known for its effect on kids. It is quite the star for helping relieve teething and colic pain. The beads should be worn so the succinic acid can be released to the skin where it provides a soothing and healing effect.

Body Cleansing: The mystical wonders of amber is able to rid the body of chronic pain and built up negative energy. It can promote concentration and heal our organs such as the liver and intestines. The body works better and feels more refreshed as a result. Raw Unpolished Lemon Flower 17 Inch Baltic Amber Necklace For Big Kid, Child, Or Adult

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