4 Reasons You Will Love Baltic Essentials

By Abby Logiste
on January 02, 2017
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Benefits of Baltic Essentials

The History of Baltic Amber

Baltic Amber, an organic substance originally formed millions of years ago, has long been very effective in reducing the teething pains and inflammatory complications experienced by infants, children, and adults. The benefits one can have when Baltic Amber cannot be overemphasized, although the knowledge of this useful substance is still not known by many, especially in some parts of Europe. There is good news though-- the knowledge of it  is spreading, and demand is increasing because of the natural curative tendencies  of people, including the nursing mothers who have used it on their children over the years.

There are people who believe that the popularity of Baltic Amber is based merely on superstition and sentiments, but truthful testimonies across the globe from those who have used overwhelmed the rebuttals. It is because of those people and for those we want to introduce our products to that Baltic Essentials continues to produce Amber Necklaces. we now have Amber Bracelets available too for anyone and everyone.

Before mentioning the many benefits amber has, it is important for us to describe how and this substance works. Although the beads are designed to be attractive and beautiful by those who wear it, the purpose the beads should lay across the neck is so it can have direct contact with the skin. Our body heat then causes amber to release succinic acid, which is a water-soluble colorless crystal that has an acidic taste. Apart from other functions of the succinic acid, it has a neutralizing property that helps in relieving pain. While it is not toxic, no one should allow a child to chew on it. 



Parents have different stories to tell when it comes to the teeth development period of their child. They experience sleepless nights which causes reduction of efficiency during the day. But the usage of Baltic Amber stops pains on teething periods of the child, making the parents happy.


It has been identified that the ambers are excellent alternative to the synthetic pain reliever medication and teething gels that is used worldwide.  


You cannot compare the cost of acquiring the Baltic amber to that of the synthetic medications. One of the advantages is that it can be re-used. Therefore, after using it on the first child, it can be used on the last child you are going to bear because it does not have an expiring date.


The amber teething necklace can be used to beautify the baby as well as natural medicine. As mentioned earlier, we have so many designs of amber that is very fashionable for the family at large.

Characteristic You Can Expect From Baltic Essentials 


To experience the effectiveness of Baltic amber, you need to go for the best quality. There are a few producers and designers of amber teething necklace who sells quality products, but there are cheaper versions out there. If you want to ensure you are buying the most potent Amber, Baltic Essentials is the best.


The strength of the beads should also be considered, especially if you are considering buying this for a child. The reason is because they might be drawn the beads to the point they will tug on it. If you buy Amber jewelry that not strong, it might not last. However, you will never have to worry about that with us as our products are extremely durable.


If you want to buy Baltic Amber, whether for a family member or friend, you should also consider the beauty of how we design our products. In order to make our product unique and different from the others in the market as well as more potent in terms of functionality, we also have added precious stones to it. If you check out our Gallery, you will see designs with Black onyx, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Aventurine and Pink Rose Quartz. They are adorable to behold.

In addition to Baltic Amber, we have also have Baltic Hazelwood, which is integrated as part of the necklace. Hazelwood, in particular, helps those who suffer from eczema, heartburn, and ulcers as the wood absorbs excess acidity from the body. 

Three Reasons You Are Still Struggling with Acne

By Abby Logiste
on January 01, 2017
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End Acne with Amber

Acne is One of Our Most Hated Enemies

Acne sucks, period. We hate it during our teen years, and we especially loathe it when we are adults. There is no time we ever like its random appearance when we wake up in the morning nor its tender way of saying hello when we just notice a new pimple has been formed after touching it. We would sacrifice just about anything to have clear skin, and never have to worry about acne again. Some say acne-free skin is all in the genes while others say is has to do with the products they are using or the diet they are eating. Is there a reason why your skin remains blemish free when you take care of it and why on certain occasions you suddenly have an acne explosion? There is, but the reason you may be battling with acne may be different from others, so the best way to truly banish acne is to determine the source.  

 3 Reasons You Keep Getting Pimples

1.Have You Looked at Your Diet?

Some people have what is called “trigger foods” that cause them to break out when they eat or drink something in particular or have too much of it. Others break out because they are simply not consuming enough water. Taking a close look at what you eat and how it affects your skin is important to monitor, especially when you do have to come to the sad realization that the jelly-filled donuts and whopper burgers break you out. While it may seem unfair and you are certain the entire universe is against you when someone else can eat tons of junk food and not break out, but you do, you often have no choice but to accept it.  

Of course, there is no definite proof that foods cause zits, but there are certain foods that are an exception for some people. High concentrations of salt and dairy, for example, are acne-causing foods. Sweets may be problematic for some because it raises the body’s insulin levels, which may increase the amount of –oil producing levels. In that case, it is best to stick to a low-glycemic, or low sugar, diet. This means consuming more complex sugars (potatoes) rather than simple sugars (fruits). 

 2. Battle of the Hormones 

Our body works hard every second of the day to ensure it remains in equilibrium. Hormones play a large role in this and too little or too much of it can affect the body, inside and out. Male hormones, in specific, such as testosterone is the primary reason people develop deep, painful cystic acne. When testosterone fluctuates in women before their menstrual cycle, they become prone to developing it. The location, timing, shape, appearance, size, and sensation of your acne are all factors you want to know in determining if acne is indeed related to a hormone problem. If it is hormonal, then no product you apply, food you eat, or pill you take will treat the acne. Killing the source will allow you to kill the acne. 

3. You May be Overdoing It

A little goes a long way with skincare, and if you do too much, it can be irritating to both your skin and acne. Oily skin is a problem and dry skin is a problem for the skin, and the perfect environment is a balance between the two. Over-cleaning our skin causes all the natural oils to go away, causing the skin to overproduce oils in order to compensate. Exfoliating the skin using a cleansing brush like Clarisonic or opting for microdermabrasion are great ways to deep clean the skin, but they should never be done more than once or twice a week. Your skin will also need a hydrating moisturizer to give a signal to the skin that it has enough oil so it does not go crazy on the oil production. If you have extremely acne prone skin though, it is a better option to use gentle scrubs and washes instead.


Treating Acne Naturally with Hazelwood

If there is one thing that is certain, acne is a form of inflammation around the area. It is possible to treat many forms of acne with Baltic Essentials Hazelwood. They are available as Bracelets and Necklaces for teens and adults to wear. Hazel
wood works by helping regulate and balance the body’s pH by creating a more alkaline environment. It is also is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that, when applied to the skin, helps treat acne from within. Hazelwood necklaces may be worn all day without having to worry about any side effects; all you will see are results.

A Thoughtful Father’s Day Gift for the Executive Dad

By Kristen M. Miller
on June 03, 2016
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Gift for Daddy

A Working Father

Executive. Upper Management. Boss. Big Kahuna. Big Cheese. Head Honcho. Leader. Director. Do any of these words describe your favorite dad? Maybe all of them do! Dads, who are also working professionals, have a lot on their shoulders; not only do they worry about their families to keep a room over their head, but they also have businesses, companies and other employees to worry about as well. 

Balancing Work and Home

It takes a strong man to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. At work he’s faced with decisions and deadlines, hiring and firing, profits and losses -- all the things it takes to keep a business running.  It is his job to please his superiors while still demonstrating to his employees what  real leadership is like. He has to do tasks  that he’d rather not do, go to meetings,  and attend conference calls that take up  a lot of time. He has to accept  responsibility and be the place where  the buck stops; he has to please his  customers without sacrificing his bottom  line.

 At home, he’s faced with mortgage  payments and utility bills, school plays and baseball games, lawn mowing and car maintenance, and all the things it takes to ensure his home is a happy one.  He has to make sure his family is financially stable and physically secure while being a loving husband and father. At other times, he has to be the amateur plumber, handyman, and monster slayer.  He also has to impart wisdom to his children and teach them to be responsible and conscientious adults, but he still has to let out his inner child come out every now and again and make time for himself and have fun with his friends.

The Perfect Gift for Dad to Relieve Stress

What can you give the man who has to be everything to everyone all the time and takes it all in stride? Surely he doesn’t need another tie to remind him of work or a socket wrench set to remind him of his “honey-do” list.  A man of his caliber needs something as strong as he is to help ease all that pressure and stress, and to help him stay grounded.  Fortunately, BalticEssentials.com has the very thing he needs- a Hazelwood and Black Onyx Necklace that puts the Earth’s healing energy right where he needs them to be. 

All of that worrying and fast pace between work and home is sure to give him an upset stomach --and possibly a heartburn on occasion when he rushes to eat-- so Hazelwood is there to bring his body back to neutral pH levels by absorbing excess acid.  Black Onyx is a stone that has been highly regarded since ancient times for its ability to enhance one’s determination and strength, bring balance and harmony to the mind and stimulate wise decision making.  When those two substances are combined, they give a hard-working professional dad the tools he needs to succeed. 

So for the man who strives every day to give his children all the advantages he can and strives to be a good boss, make sure he has an extra advantage to combat the hundreds of stressors he encounters on a daily basis with a one-two, punch with the Hazelwood and Black Onyx from Baltic Essentials by his side this Father’s Day.

Baltic Essentials Amber Aids Symptoms of ADHD

By Abby Logiste
on April 08, 2016

Baltic Essentials Amber Aids Symptoms of ADHD


ADHD Symptoms

One of the main signs of ADHD is a lack of attention spanIt can take a lot of extra effort for a person who suffers from it to remained focused or keep focus on a single thing at a time. “Hyperactivity” is also another symptom, and is when a person has trouble sitting still. They may talk excessively and/or be constantly restless. Baltic Essentials Amber Necklaces are great at keeping a person’s impulsive thoughts and actions at a minimum so they can concentrate on a task. It can also help them to think more before taking actions that could potentially harm themselves or others. 

If you or a loved one is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Baltic Amber Essentials Necklaces can help a person cope with the symptoms of the disorder on a daily basis.

How ADHD Affects People at Home, Work, and School

Baltic Amber necklaces are great for people in just about any type of everyday life situation. For example, there are many children who suffer from ADHD and have difficulties in school because while their classmates are catching on to everything that the teacher says easily, they have trouble paying attention. Moreover, when they are able to focus on what the instructor is saying, often times they may have problems retaining the information.baltic amber for use with adhd symptoms

By the time some children who have been diagnosed with ADHD become adults, they have outgrown many of the symptoms that they had as a child, but of course, the same does not go for everyone. There are also millions of adults that still have to deal with the effects. ADHD can still have an effect on them at work. Some of them require their immediate supervisors to assist them more than their co-workers need with certain things throughout their shift. For example, everyone in a team at work may remember all that their boss said after just a few minutes of talking. However, the supervisor may need to have written material prepared for the worker who has ADHD or the individual will take care of it themselves by writing it down. 

The important thing for supervisors in a company to remember is to not single out the person just because they are diagnosed with ADHD. Doing so could make the person suffering with symptoms of ADHD feel unmotivated and possibly embarrassed. There is a chance that the person uncomfortable to the point they decide it would be better for them to quit the job altogether. Being around someone that has ADHD can be hard and frustrating, especially for families. Nonetheless, it is also important to make the person feel less of themselves. Whether it is in the home environment, school, or workplace, children as well as adults who have ADHD, can benefit greatly from using Baltic Essentials Amber Necklaces regularly.


Baltic Essentials Amber Necklaces for ADHD

Anxiety is one of the most problematic symptoms those with ADHD feel, and is also one of the hardest for a diagnosed person to control no matter what setting the  person is in (trouble with family members, co-workers).

Anxiety is one of the most problematic symptoms those with  ADHD feel, and is also one of the hardest for a diagnosed person to control no matter what setting the  person is in (trouble with family members, co-workers, classmates). Stress is also another thing that those with ADHD struggle with daily. Some situations that are not that seriously threatening or normally worrisome to the normal person may be to the individual with the the disorder. Our Baltic Essentials Amber necklaces that helps greatly with symptoms of ADHD is the Baltic Essentials Blue Lapis Lazuli and or the Baltic Essentials Amber Black Onyx Necklace.

There is a way to break the chain and gain more freedom from ADHD symptoms when you or your child wears either product. These necklaces are completely safe to anyone of any age to wear. However, toddlers and babies should take off the necklaces at night in order to prevent choking and should not wear them as an anklet unsupervised as well when sleeping. 

freedom in adhd with baltic essentials amber necklace

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