Conquer Disease with the Right Mindset

By Abby Logiste
on November 14, 2018

Heal Yourself From Disease with Amber

Heal the Mind, Heal the Body 

There is plenty of debate concerning willpower and the effect it has on disease. When sickness comes, it is hard to push away all the negative thoughts – in fact, the idea is completely unrealistic. Still, those who continue to remain as positive as they can through such an event (or any for that matter) seem to know how to cast those feelings to the side and enjoy all the good in their lives. These blissful thinkers tend to be in the healthiest of conditions as well. It may sound too good to be true or downright annoying to hear that such advice when doing through a serious ailment for some. Still, there is evidence that optimism, hope, and most of all, believing you can take control of your life again, helps improve health as well as speed up recovery.

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Maintain a Positive Outlook

Everything about our body is not all figured out to this day. There are some situations, even if they are good, that cannot be answered. The same goes for why those who look at the brighter side of a dark event tend to recover faster, live longer, or even be healed from diseases such as AIDS, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. There is an Image result for heal the mind increasing amount if evidence that suggests the there is a strong relationship with the mind and the immune system. Looking at it from the opposite spectrum, pessimism makes people stress out, elevating stress hormones in the blood which can wear out the organs and body over time.  The level of stress one has plays a major role in allowing the body to cope with disease.

Melt the Stress

Although we are inherently positive people, situations such as a disease can put many through a state of hopelessness and depression. While it may seem hard to break, an attitude change is one of the first things you need to do, even if it is temporary.

Continue to Smile: Doing something as simple as smiling helps lower blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormones. Do not feel guilty about humoring yourself more often whether if it is by going out or watching an amusing video.

Stay Surrounded with Loved Ones: One of the worst things a person can do is isolate themselves from everyone. The people you cared about before will still love you regardless, wanting to help in any way they can. Help can be hard to accept for Image result for release stresssome because of not wanting to be weak, but this couldn’t be any more further from the truth. Adapting to a new situation can take time so people should allow themselves the reorientation they need. 

Clearing the Mind: Keeping yourself distracted and not thinking about the complications of  a disease is beneficial for you. The combination of a clear mind and stress reduction are possible with meditation, tai-chi, prayer, and yoga. Ones perspective naturally shifts for the better when starting any or all of these alleviating activities.

Stay Positive with Amber

You may not always be able to change every circumstance in your life, but you can most certainly change your attitude which does have an influence on the course of an illness. Baltic Essentials Amber Rainbow Necklace can help you heal your mind body by decreasing stress and promoting a positive mind. The necklace contains amber that helps ease pain and inflammation naturally. It also contains pink rose quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, turquoise, red agate, aventurine and chrysocolla that help free you from anxiety and stress. It also detoxifies the body, and relaxes the mind while promoting an enhanced sense of well-being, self-worth and energy. Amber can help you free yourself from negativity and stress from the “dis-ease” so you can live life again and feel better when you conquer your disease. 

Baltic Amber Necklace - Half Back Baltic Amber Teen Adult 17 Inch Necklace Rainbow Honey Amber Pink Rose Quartz Red Agate Aventurine Cyrsocolla



The Natural Choice for Postpartum Maternal Depression

By Abby Logiste
on January 12, 2018

Natural tratment for Postpartum depression

Maternal Depression Affect Baby and Mom 

Maternal depression encompasses several conditions that may affect females anytime during their pregnancy and persist up to a year after giving birth. Postpartum Depression (PPD) is one type mothers and loved ones should look out for. Being depressed common Image result for Postpartum Maternal Depressionand everyone feels at one point or period in their life. However, when these feelings last beyond a couple of days, it can interfere with the daily lives of the mother as well as the baby and result in weakened bonds.

 Moms feel less willing to be active with their child and often do not sing, read,  or play with them. They may also fail to care for the basic needs of their little one by ensuring the car seat it secure as well as making or following up on well visits for things like immunizations. PPD is a double edged sword where the child grows to not respond or interact with the mother too. It is possible this can plummet the mother even deeper into negative feelings and increase anxiety.

How Common  is Postpartum Depression?

It is believed that as much as 10-20% of new mothers experience postpartum depression. It is often seen between 2-3 months after delivery, although it is not uncommon to see not long after the baby has been born. Those at particular risk of PPD are women of childbearing age under 24 that are sensitive during the first few months of delivery . Mothers with a history of substance or drug abuse and a personal or family history of anxiety and depression are also at risk. One thing to keep in mind is that maternal depression is still a chronic complication that can come and go. It is not always solely a problem that occurs within a certain timeframe after the baby is delivered. Mothers are always encouraged to express how they feel to others and their loved ones should monitor them whenever possible if they suspect the mother is going through PDD. 

What to Look Out For in PPD

There is no single face or subset of actions that can determine maternal depression as symptoms are  not always the same for everyone.  The amount of similar symptoms, the length, the frequency, and the intensity one goes through differ although there are signs to look out for:

  • Withdrawal from loved ones
  • Guilt of not being a good parent and feeling doubt
  • Feeling angry, irritable, or cranky
  • Crying more than usual (even over small things)
  • Intense worry of the baby or growing distantImage result for Postpartum Maternal Depression
  • Persistent sadness
  • Little to no appetite 
  • Hypersomnia or Insomnia
  • Lost interesting in caring for self
  • Anxiety manifested as odd fears and thoughts (like harming the baby)
  • Recurrent thoughts about committing suicide
  • Loss in pleasure in doing things that were once pleasurable
  • Headaches, palpitations, chest pain, hyperventilation, and numbness
  • Difficulty remembering things
  • Lack in interest in completing daily tasks

Treating Postpartum Depression with Baltic Essentials

Depression can be a scary shadow that is troublesome to get rid of, but it is definitely something that is treatable. Having a baby, whether it is the first or not, is a challenge for every mother where support is a must. Baltic Essentials Amber Rainbow Raw Milk can naturally treat postpartum depression in mothers. Amber is wonderful for providing pain relief and Lapis Lazuli is able to calm feelings of stress and anxiety. The rainbow necklace also contains pink rose quartz that can help mothers boost their self confidence while lowering stress and anger. Overall, the combination of the three is helpful in reducing the sadness that occurs during depression. The attractive necklace can make mothers begin to feel a difference not after wearing them, and the effects last a long time for months to come.

Baltic Amber Necklace - Adult Raw Milk Blue Lapis Pink 18 In Baltic Amber Necklace Sadness Anxiety


Rose Quartz - Meaning of Rose Quartz

By Abby Logiste
on January 02, 2017

Healing Power of Rose Quartz

What is Rose Quartz?

Rose Quartz ranges from an extremely pale pink to a rose red in color; it is straightforward to translucent, and has a vitreous radiance to it. It is commonly found  lumps or "cleaned pieces", as it forms characterized precious stones. It belongs to the microcrystalline Quartz family, has a Mohs hardness of seven, and its coloration is due to the vicinity of following measures: titanium, iron, or manganese. Cleaned Rose Quartz regularly shows a chatoyancy (feline's eye) impact, or asterism (6-pointed star), that is made by included minuscule titanium precious stones. 

As a gemstone, you will think that its cabochons (flat, polished) is faceted and attractive. Its naturally shape is exceptionally alluring and decorative stone; the stone is then cut into circular shapes for resplendent statues and jewelry making.  

Rose Quartz is frequently called the "Affection Stone." It is a stone of absolute adoration that opens the heart chakra to all forms of affection and instructs the genuine path of adoration. Its high vitality gives Baltic Essentials Rose Quartz the capacity to upgrade love in for all intents and purposes any circumstance. It is also connected with emotional vitality, moving sentiments of affection and fellowship.

Benefits of Wearing Rose Quartz

Additionally, the enchanting stone encourages delicacy, forgiveness, empathy, thoughtfulness, resistance, and eases feelings of anxiety. At the same time, it helps raise one's self-regard and self-esteem. Rose Quartz heals emotional injuries; mends loss of courage, and aids in instilling a peaceful mind. It uproots fears, feelings of hatred and outrage. It can deflect other negative impacts as well such as excessive greed, envy and jealousy. Likewise, it is beneficial for recuperating and healing injuries, lack of regard, and absence of affection, while improving mindfulness. 

Rose Quartz enables sympathy and being able to forgive oneself as well as others. It drives away negative emotions by drawing off negative energy while replacing it with positive vibes. It enforces the acknowledgment of fundamental change, and it is perfect for managing emotional meltdowns. Baltic Essentials Rose Quartz can even help you to remember your expectations and improve your specific certifications. This beautiful stone urges receptivity to a wide range of magnificence.Rose Quartz is just as useful sleeping and memory. In some cases said that Rose Quartz is helpful in supporting mind works and expanding acumen, and is supposed to advance tranquil rest and give imaginative motivation.

It is especially advantageous for the heart and the circulatory framework in the body. It facilitates sexual libido and is great for women to use for conception, pregnancy, and delivery. It can alleviate cerebral and ear pain, headaches, sinus, spleen, and throat issues as well as kidney infection. This gem is also adorned for helping many overcome misery and problems with addictions. Baltic Essentials Rose Quartz is excellent for maturing skin because it can help fight wrinkles. It is great for helping maintain or lose weight too!

Recuperating Properties of Rose Quartz 

The recuperating properties of the precious gemstone have long been reported however, there are still many who are not aware of how it can help them or someone else. Quartz itself is a mineral, happening as precious stones and is plentifully accessible. Unadulterated quartz or rock precious stone as it was known is clear in color or translucent. The recuperating properties of Rose Quartz is based on the heart, adjoining affection and positive feelings.This gem is truly the stone of love and forgiveness. 

Because Rose Quartz has a strong impact on better controlling our feelings, emotions and the way we think or contemplate..With all the things many of us juggle in our everyday lives, it can be difficult to silence our psych; however Baltic Essentials Rose Quartz can help you better control of your thoughts. Obtaining a better sense of internal peace, acceptance, and a sense of balance mentally is more than possible.  


4 Reasons You Will Love Baltic Essentials

By Abby Logiste
on January 02, 2017
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Benefits of Baltic Essentials

The History of Baltic Amber

Baltic Amber, an organic substance originally formed millions of years ago, has long been very effective in reducing the teething pains and inflammatory complications experienced by infants, children, and adults. The benefits one can have when Baltic Amber cannot be overemphasized, although the knowledge of this useful substance is still not known by many, especially in some parts of Europe. There is good news though-- the knowledge of it  is spreading, and demand is increasing because of the natural curative tendencies  of people, including the nursing mothers who have used it on their children over the years.

There are people who believe that the popularity of Baltic Amber is based merely on superstition and sentiments, but truthful testimonies across the globe from those who have used overwhelmed the rebuttals. It is because of those people and for those we want to introduce our products to that Baltic Essentials continues to produce Amber Necklaces. we now have Amber Bracelets available too for anyone and everyone.

Before mentioning the many benefits amber has, it is important for us to describe how and this substance works. Although the beads are designed to be attractive and beautiful by those who wear it, the purpose the beads should lay across the neck is so it can have direct contact with the skin. Our body heat then causes amber to release succinic acid, which is a water-soluble colorless crystal that has an acidic taste. Apart from other functions of the succinic acid, it has a neutralizing property that helps in relieving pain. While it is not toxic, no one should allow a child to chew on it. 



Parents have different stories to tell when it comes to the teeth development period of their child. They experience sleepless nights which causes reduction of efficiency during the day. But the usage of Baltic Amber stops pains on teething periods of the child, making the parents happy.


It has been identified that the ambers are excellent alternative to the synthetic pain reliever medication and teething gels that is used worldwide.  


You cannot compare the cost of acquiring the Baltic amber to that of the synthetic medications. One of the advantages is that it can be re-used. Therefore, after using it on the first child, it can be used on the last child you are going to bear because it does not have an expiring date.


The amber teething necklace can be used to beautify the baby as well as natural medicine. As mentioned earlier, we have so many designs of amber that is very fashionable for the family at large.

Characteristic You Can Expect From Baltic Essentials 


To experience the effectiveness of Baltic amber, you need to go for the best quality. There are a few producers and designers of amber teething necklace who sells quality products, but there are cheaper versions out there. If you want to ensure you are buying the most potent Amber, Baltic Essentials is the best.


The strength of the beads should also be considered, especially if you are considering buying this for a child. The reason is because they might be drawn the beads to the point they will tug on it. If you buy Amber jewelry that not strong, it might not last. However, you will never have to worry about that with us as our products are extremely durable.


If you want to buy Baltic Amber, whether for a family member or friend, you should also consider the beauty of how we design our products. In order to make our product unique and different from the others in the market as well as more potent in terms of functionality, we also have added precious stones to it. If you check out our Gallery, you will see designs with Black onyx, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Aventurine and Pink Rose Quartz. They are adorable to behold.

In addition to Baltic Amber, we have also have Baltic Hazelwood, which is integrated as part of the necklace. Hazelwood, in particular, helps those who suffer from eczema, heartburn, and ulcers as the wood absorbs excess acidity from the body. 

Help an Adopted Baby Bond Naturally with Rose Quartz

By Kristen M. Miller
on August 03, 2016

Help Adopted Babies

The Road to Adoption

After years of fertility treatments, doctors’ appointments and failed attempts, heartbreak, prayers and an endless stack of paperwork, you’re finally bringing home your own little miracle – an adopted baby. You’ve tried to prepare yourself in every way possible by reading parenting books, painting the nursery, and stocking up on diapers and bottles, but there’s one thing that worries you the most; that special bond between mother and child, that moment when the little one looks at you and instantly recognizes you as her mother. 

You might not have been there for nine months feeling her twirl and kick in your belly, but that won’t stop you from loving her just as much as if you did. She might not have ever heard your voice speaking outside the womb, but that won’t stop her from calling you Mom.  Adoption is a precious gift for both parents and children, finding that one missing piece of the puzzle to make the picture complete. But there are plenty of obstacles in the way, and one of those first obstacles is forming a bond with your new adopted baby.

What can you do?

Almost all adoptive parents fear that their new baby will prefer her birth parents to them; they worry that they may find fault with the new baby because she isn’t theirs by blood. But the truth of the matter is that bonding is a constant, lifelong process, created by each shared experience. However, there is a little something extra you can do to dispel those fears and put those worries to rest – a “mommy and me” Baltic Amber and Pink Rose Quartz necklace set from Rose Quartz is known all over the world as the Heart Stone. It is a stone that speaks directly to the heart chakra in a very powerful way, emitting energies of unconditional love, nurturing, peace and comfort; it opens the heart to both give and receive love.  Rose Quartz is used also for disseminating emotional wounds and fears and has been used as a relationship talisman since 600 B.C.  Baltic Amber is prized for its high content of succinic acid, an element that helps to naturally reduce pain and inflammation.

These two stones come together as the perfect solution to help ease your anxieties over being a new parent and help your new adopted baby know that she is loved beyond words.


The Perfect Travel Companion - It's not who you think!!

By Kristen M. Miller
on June 16, 2016

Traveling Essential!

The vacation season has officially started and people everywhere are taking planes, trains and automobiles to their favorite destinations for a little rest and relaxation. While doing fun things at your destination is by far the best part of the vacation, the journey to get there is usually the worst part.  Between highway construction zones, cancelled flights, lost luggage, traffic jams and constantly eating out, sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation.

While you’re making your hotel reservations and packing your suitcase, be sure to include a Hazelwood and Rainbow necklace from to ensure your vacation is more on the happy memories side and less on the stressful side. If your vacation includes restaurant hopping and indulging in delicious foods you don’t normally eat, you’ll be thankful you brought your Hazelwood along.  Hazelwood comes from a woody shrub that is known for its ability to absorb excess acid from the body, making it more alkaline to prevent tummy aches and gastritis.  If you find yourself stuck next to an annoying passenger or squirmy child, Amethyst can calm your emotions and help you take it all in stride.  If you find yourself arguing with your loved ones because everyone wants to do something different, Pink Rose Quartz can help you dispel anger and open your heart to giving love.  If the thought of flying or getting on a boat makes you feel anxious, Lapis Lazuli can help instill a sense a calm and serenity. Turquoise has long been used as a traveler’s amulet to protect against accidents and lost luggage, and can also help reduce jet lag. Chrysocolla can give you a natural energy boost to help you keep up with all the sightseeing, and Aventurine can give your confidence a boost to try new things. And if all that walking, swimming, hiking and playing leaves you with soreness and a headache, you’ll be well-prepared with Red Agate and Baltic Amber, for natural pain relief.

So whether you’re taking a trip around the world or just to the next state over, don’t forget to bring your Hazelwood and Rainbow necklace along for the ride – it just might mean the difference between a wonderful vacation and one you’d rather forget.

Increase Your Productivity at Work with Fluorite

By Kristen M. Miller
on June 07, 2016
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Increase Productivity with Flurite

Hi-Ho! It's off to work we go! 

We all have those days – days when the to-do pile is taller than the desk and all we want to do is just stare out of the window and imagine we are somewhere else; days where we feel busy all day long, but at the end of the day, nothing’s actually been accomplished; days that seem like an endless line of distractions; days of procrastination followed by days of scrambling to get work done.

Do you sometimes feel distracted and unable to stay on task at work? Do you have trouble concentrating and focusing on one task at a time?  Do you sometimes put things off because you lack the motivation to do them right away?  It’s difficult to stay focused on one thing for an entire workday. There are plenty of other things to keep you distracted and unproductive- talkative co-workers, text messages, thoughts about home life, errands that need to be done during the weekday, the list goes on and on.  Some tasks we put off because they are tedious or hard.  Some tasks we put off because they are boring and we’d rather be doing something more fun.  Sometimes we put things off because we’re too busy worrying about things going on at home. How do you stay on track?

Say "no" to distractions

Staying focused on being productive takes a lot of self-discipline. It’s easy to get caught up in the local office gossip, but it takes self-discipline to walk away and focus on your tasks.  It’s easy to let yourself get distracted by every email and text message that pops up, but it takes self-discipline to put them aside until you are finished with your project. There are definitely advantages to staying focused on the task at hand – positive recognition from your boss and peers, and maybe even a pay raise or incentive. Keeping those goals in mind or where you can be reminded of them can help you stay on track.

Even with self-discipline and a clear path to a goal, it can still be hard to stay productive. Luckily though, there is something else that can help – fluorite. Fluorite is a highly prized stone known as “The Genius Stone” because of its perfect cube-shaped crystal formations that resonate with the mind like no other stone can.  Fluorite’s calm, stable energy provides support for order, concentration, and balance, and is most commonly used to increase one’s mental clarity and aptitude.  It is a great stone to have around when you need to work through a complex project and focus on details and learning new information. has the perfect thing to help you concentrate on being productive at work, with a necklace made of Baltic Amber, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and of course, Fluorite. Fluorite can certainly aid your focus and open your mind, but Rose Quartz and Amethyst can help filter out distractions like worry, anxiety, and negativity, while Baltic Amber can put the brakes on nuisance aches and pains that keep you from getting things done.

Everyone needs help staying motivated on the job, whether it’s hanging up a picture of the goal you’re working towards or refusing to be distracted. Fluorite can help you stay on track, get focused and be productive.

A Quick Cure for Summer Camp Homesickness

By Kristen M. Miller
on June 03, 2016

Help kids with Homesickness


Kids Happily Heading to Summer Camp

Being away from home a while and heading to summer camp for the first time is a childhood rite of passage. Every kid dreams about being away from home awhile and being on their own. Why wouldn't they? They feel as if they are tasting  ultimate freedom for the first time! They get to sleep in cabin bunk beds while talking all day to their friends and roast marshmallows. Seeing the mile-long packing list and planning what to take with them is only half the fun. They can't wait to explore as they excitingly drag their sleeping bags and fishing poles from the attic and are with you to buy an assortment of miniature travel-sized toiletries for their trip.  Once their bags have been packed and repacked, and the list checked and rechecked, it’s time for them to head off on their own adventures.

Summer Camp Can Also Make Kids Experience Homesickness

Sometimes though, the thrill of summer camp loses its appeal for some kids pretty quickly. The food tastes different, the bed feels different, the people look
different; the sights, sounds and smells are different, and, to top it all off, they actually long for home. They yearn to be amongst the people and things that are so familiar and comforting to them, and all of a sudden, the adventure of camp to camp begins to make them feel anxiety



Reducing Homesickness in Kids

So how can you make sure that your camper isn’t anxious and miserable because they are away from home too long? While you can send letters and care packages from home of their favorite things, there is another thing you can give them before they board the bus to help them have a great and memorable time – a Hazelwood and Rainbow bracelet from How can wood and gemstones reduce homesickness?

Hazelwood is shrub native to Canada that has been used by aboriginals for centuries to balance the body’s pH to make it more alkaline.  Eating unfamiliar food and too many s’mores can give your adventurer a stomachache, and when he feels sick, he misses home even more.  Hazelwood can absorb the excess acid from those foods and keep his tummy feeling fine. Pink Rose Quartz has the ability to calm stress and boost self-confidence, which your camper will need when faced with being amongst strangers. Amethyst can help reduce fear and anxiety, and Lapis Lazuli can instill a sense of calm and focus, which he’ll need when competing in those fun team games.

Turquoise and Chrysocolla are stones of communication and creativity, which your camper will need to make awesome arts and crafts projects and tell ghost stories around the campfire. Aventurine and Red Agate can both help him overcome shyness so he can make loads of new friends. And finally Baltic Amber has the ability to reduce inflammation, swelling and headaches for times when your camper plays a little too hard.

The Hazelwood and Rainbow bracelet’s rustic look will fit right in with the camp atmosphere and casual dress code. It can be worn on the wrist or even as a fashionable ankle bracelet, and only your camper will know that it’s really their secret weapon against homesickness.

It’s Spring! Is Your Energy Keeping Up With You?

By Kristen M. Miller
on May 18, 2016

Increase Energy Levels

Spring Cleaning 

Ah, Spring -- that wonderful time of year when we get to shake off the cold winter months and marvel at the beauty of blossoming flowers. With weather is warming up, it means it’s time to get started on spring cleaning. It is finally the moment when we do the yard work, playing sports, and take care of general home maintenance before summer comes and it heats up. Deep cleaning is a rigorous task that most of us can agree require a tremendous amount of energy. Can your energy levels keep up with the hectic schedule you want to make?

Feeling Lethargic and Lack Energy?

Lack of energy can be caused by any number of things, from what we eat, to our sleep quality, to stress or even the weather. In fact, there are so many things that influence our energy that it might be hard to point to just one factor.  So what can you do to ensure that your body and mind stay in balance, no matter what life throws at you?  Try looking to Mother Nature for the answer, as humans have done for thousands of years and use what Earth gives us. 


Benefits Baltic Essentials Can Naturally Increase Energy Levels 

Mother Nature has a solution for practically anything that ails you, and fortunately brings you all of those solutions together in one place! Make your springtime the best time of the year with a Baltic Essentials Rainbow Hazelwood Necklace and make sure your energy levels can keep up with your busy lifestyle! The necklace is made from several precious stone, each with their own benefits, and can natually increase your energy levels: Hazelwood, Green Jasper, Turquoise, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Green Aventurine, Red Agate, and Crysocolla. 

  • Springtime is great for grilling hotdogs and hamburgers, washed down with sodas and beer. If your energy levels are drooping due to your diet, Hazelwood can make your body more alkaline by absorbing excess acid and restoring a more balanced pH level. 
  • Spring also means the days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter. If you haven’t been getting adequate rest and it shows in low energy, Green Jasper can help you get a good night’s sleep.
  • Seasonal spring allergies might also be to blame if your energy has been lacking. Turquoise for purifying the air and detoxifying the body of unwanted allergens.
  • Sometimes a too-busy schedule can zap energy and leave us feeling drained. If you need help keeping up with sports schedules, homework and work demands, Amethyst will help.
  • The arrival of Spring is the perfect time for new romances and flourishing relationships. Relationships of any type has its highs and lows and, at times, bring about a lot of worry and stress, which can in turn yield low energy levels. Rose Quartz is the perfect stone for opening the heart to give and receive love.
  • Warming spring temperatures mean that swimsuit season is just around the corner. If self-consciousness about your body produces anxiety and stress, Lapis Lazuli can help you dispel negative thoughts and embrace your inner beauty.
  • Spring sports like baseball and softball are a lot of fun, but they’re much more fun when you win. If your team is on a losing streak and you’re lacking the energy and motivation to keep giving it your best,  Green Aventurine  can give you that extra dose of good luck.
  • Sometimes our emotions get the better of us, no matter the season. Anger takes a lot of energy, which can leave you in an energy lull. Red Agate is particularly useful for keeping emotions in balance.
  • And finally, sometimes we feel a lack of energy because daily frustrations and miscommunications just wear us down. To open the lines of communication and make things run more smoothly, Crysocolla will give you good vibes.

While the Baltic Essentials Hazelwood Necklace is great for the Spring to naturally increase energy levels, it is perfect for any of the four seasons all year round.  

Teens Need Stress Relief Too!

By Kristen M. Miller
on May 16, 2016
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Relieve Stress in Teens

What Causes Stress In Teens?

Teens today face more pressure now than ever before. Just going to school and getting good grades isn’t enough anymore; they’re pressured to be highly involved in numerous sports and extra-curricular activities, volunteer activities and after-school jobs. They also are expected to get high scores on their ACTs and SATs to stand a better chance at getting into the college of their choice. Not to mention, teens can will stress simply from the changes, growth, and environment they are in physical changes due to puberty, budding romances, bullies, gossip). In the midst of all this, it can seem as if there is no stress relief for teens as they go about their daily lives as much as anyone one of us. 

Parents always want to give their teens every advantage and chance at success; many teens even find that they are expected to live up to certain expectations. We probably have all been there before or can admit doing it. Nonetheless, parents want the best for their kids out of love. They will drive them to practices and recitals, help them with their homework (well try too), cheer for them at games, make sure they are eating and sleeping properly  -- as well as try to make sure they stay out of trouble! Somewhere along the lines, even parents that are present in their teen's life will not be enough. Many teens find that, in spite of the parental support, they still panic, they still, they still stress.

Stress Relief for Teens 

Sometimes as a parent, if feels as if all you can do is watch your kid as they through certain situations; you cant fix the problem they are going through. However, there is another way parents can give their teens a boost and, it comes in the form of a necklace or bracelet. The secret is green aventurine, a stone prized for its ability to yield positive influences on the wearer.  Since the 1700s, green aventurine has been called the “Stone of Opportunity” because it helps increase the chances of success for the one wearing it in many situations- like a first date or a sports match perhaps. 

Being successful is also a great way for a teen to be confident in themselves. Green aventurine may even be useful for calming down hot-headed teens any they they go through their less-than-attractive outbreaks. It can be be the perfect secret weapon -- I mean gift -- as the stone can relieve stress for teens in moments they go through a behavioral shift. For this reason , green aventurine is particularly useful for teens who get caught up in a whirlwind of emotions and experience ever-changing moods. It is a great protector of the Heart Chakra, which regulates interactions with the outside world, and helps one to understand their emotions more clearly. In supporting the Heart Chakra, green aventurine can help teens navigate the natural ebb and flow of their feelings and become more open to accepting change.


Baltic Essentials Green Aventurine as Stress Relief for Teens has a wide variety of necklaces and bracelets that incorporate green aventurine with other stones that enhance its natural ability to bring about emotional well-being and overall good health. The necklace and bracelet are combined with other stones such as Baltic Amber, which is an anti-inflammatory, Rose Quartz which inspires confidence, Amethyst which balances mood swings, Lapis Lazuli which reduces anxiety, Turquoise, an excellent detoxifier, Crysocolla which boosts energy, and Red Agate which calms emotions. Any teen or anyone who wears this certain to feel much more balanced and harmonious.

With all the pressure and expectations that teens face, it may only taking giving them a beautiful  Baltic Essentials Green Aventurine Necklace or Bracelet to help them deal with the stress as they grow. 

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  • Raw Cherry Baltic Amber Necklace for Baby, Infant, Toddler, Big Kid.
    Raw Cherry Baltic Amber Necklace for Baby, Infant, Toddler, Big Kid. Raw Cherry Baltic Amber Necklace for Baby, Infant, Toddler, Big Kid.
  • Arthritis Carpal Tunnel Sciatica Pain Inflammation Raw Necklace Cherry Amber
    Arthritis Carpal Tunnel Sciatica Pain Inflammation Raw Necklace Cherry Amber Arthritis Carpal Tunnel Sciatica Pain Inflammation Raw Necklace Cherry Amber
  • Raw UnPolished Lemon Flower Baltic Amber Necklace
    Raw UnPolished Lemon Flower Baltic Amber Necklace
  • Baltic Amber Teething Bean Necklace Raw Cherry 10.5 to 11 in
    Baltic Amber Teething Bean Necklace Raw Cherry 10.5 to 11 in Baltic Amber Teething Bean Necklace Raw Cherry 10.5 to 11 in
  • Surprise Baltic Amber Teething Necklace 12.5"
    Surprise Baltic Amber Teething Necklace 12.5 Surprise Baltic Amber Teething Necklace 12.5

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