Excessive Drooling Days in Babies are Over

By Abby Logiste
on October 23, 2017

Treat Excessive Drooling Naturally

When You Realize There's too Much Drool

Kids are bound to drool  every once in a while and it is nothing to worry over. Still, when you notice they are drooling more than normal, determining the cause is the real way to treat the problem. By the time a child is two, they should be able to have better motor control of their mouth and, for the most part, stop drooling. Nonetheless, there are a number of reasons that could potentially delay this even early on and explain why your baby may appear be "a little too hydrated." Take a look at these common causes for possible reasons your baby may be drooling excessively:Image result for baby drooling excessively

Teething: Teething is not only a culprit that can cause drooling, it can also make the child feel pain. If your child seems to be crying more than usual and not sleeping or eating well, it is possible a painful teething experience occurring.  

Sinus Infections and Allergies: Being sick can cause toddlers to drool more, especially because keeping the mouth is a secondary way to help them breath when the nasal airway is blocked.

Sore Throat: Most of us can agree that when we have a sore throat, it is difficult to swallow. It is the same scenario for kids, except they may take it to more of an extreme and not swallow. Chills, fever, and pain are the likely trio to arise.

Tonsillitis: It can develop as a complication of strep throat and should be something to look out for, but it is a stand-alone inflammation issue too that can increase the amount of drooling.

Peritonsillar Abscess: This is complication of tonsillitis where the infection (a collection of pus)  begins to travel beyond the tonsils, infecting the mucosa and peritonsillar space by way of the salivary ducts.   

Keeping Your Child as Comfortable as Possible

Once saliva is being produced by the masses, your child's cheeks and lips may be prone to sensitivity. This can cause the areas to become red and irritated contributing more to the sensation of pain. Allowing them to sleep in a pool of the wet secretions at night have the same effect.This can cause babies to cry even more as they attempt to wipe the drool away, potentionally injuring their skin in the process. A soft cloth or damp cloth is best wipe away the saliva throughout the day in these situations. It also helps to place an absorbent pad on the bed to draw up the excess moisture and change the sheets whenever possible during the night. If your baby is droolingImage result for baby in pain
due to a sore throat, keeping a cool mist humidifier in the room can work wonders. Although they may not want to drink, it is important to keep your child hydrated by offering them cold water or diluted juice between meals. The cool drink is soothing to the throat. 

Stop the Crazy Drooling

It is important to always monitor your little one to make sure the drooling does not indicate something worse that has to be evaluated by a professional if it does turn out to be a serious illness. When the excessive secretions are caused by less problematic issues such as teething and mild cold infections, it can be treated with remedies. Baltic Essentials Amber and Hazelwood can treat excessive drooling in babies naturally while providing other beneficial properties properties. Baltic Amber has amazing analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that help treat pain and inflammation caused by infections, colds and allergies while reducing the redness and swelling. Hazelwood provides a calming effect that can help your child relax, boost the immune system, balance the pH of the body, and reduce the free radicals. The combination of Amber and Hazelwood allow your baby to feel better and relieve symptoms as it works within the body to heal the problem and end the drooling.

Baby Hazelwood Necklace - 11 Or 12.5 Inch Hazelwood Necklace Eczema Colic Reflux GERD Newborn Infant, Baby, Toddler Baltic Amber Rainbow For Inflammation Teething Pain, Drooling, Fever.

Promote Sleep and Ease Discomfort in Your Baby

By Abby Logiste
on October 18, 2017

promote sleep in babies

When Problems Interfere with Sleep

Caring for a child is a lot of work during the day and throughout the night. Mothers often learn to distinguish the type of cries their babies making in order to determine what is wrong with them. Sometimes moms know what to do to fix a crying spell and other times it the solving it can be a riddle. One of the saddest things to witness when a child is unable to sleep at night because they are uncomfortable or are in pain. This discomfort may be from a variety of things such as fever, teething, or gas problems. When a baby cannot have a restful sleep, the parents also can't seem to sleep well for themselves  either because the baby or the worrying keeps them awake. There is only so much a parent can do in this situation, but continuing to comfort and ease the symptoms do help. 

Image result for problems sleeping baby

How Can I Tell My Baby is in Pain?

There are times we simply do not know if a baby is crying because they are in pain, because they are hungry or because they need their diapers changed. If you still uncertain it helps to observe for squirming or arching of the back (as if to get away from the source) to find out if your child is in any discomfort. They may also let out sudden shrills of crying that last for a long time along with periodic pauses. It may seem as if they stopped breathing, but it is often a way for them to rest, catch their breath, and cry some more. You should also check their temperature, undress, and inspect them to find if the discomfort stems from a physical source

Hazelwood for Gastrointestinal Related Sleep Problems

There are so many physiologic processes that go on within infants who grow at a rapid rate. Although the stomach may be fully developed at 20 weeks during pregnancy, it is still quite immature, and babies may be prone to gas, constipation, GERD, and heartburn. Any or a combination of these problems are already troublesome during their waking periods, but it is also just as much as a pain during the night.Hazelwood Bracelet - 5-6 Inch Hazelwood Bracelet Eczema Colic Reflux GERD Pink Rose Quartz Amethyst Green CrBlue Turquoise Ysocolla Or Baltic Amber Mixed For Baby, Toddler, Pre-Teen Baltic Essentials Hazelwood can promote restful sleep in babies with gastrointestinal related problems by regulating the body's pH, reduce free radicals, and eliminate excess acidity. The natural wood is also able to improve internal gut issues so your baby can feel get better while enhancing their bedtime. The bracelets and the necklaces should never be worn in order to prevent choking when the baby is sleeping at night unsupervised.

Amber for Sleep Problems Related to Teething and Fever

Almost every parent may run into the teething and fever problem that interferes with their baby's rest time. Although the baby has to wait for the course of the fever and teething process to be over, it does not have to be completely uncomfortable for them. Baltic Essentials Amber promotes sleep in babies going through teething or fevers. Amber
contains succinic acid that provides anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that allow swelling and pain to go down for both of these problems. Like Hazelwood, the necklaces should be worn as an anklet when it is used during the night. Amber is also completely natural and there are no side effects to worry about, there will only be benefits.

Baltic Amber Bracelet - 6 Inch Baltic Amber Bracelet Rainbow Honey Amber Pink Rose Quartz Red Agate Amethyst Aventurine Cyrsocolla Newborn Baby, Infant, Toddler

No more Tears and Teething Pain with Miracle Amber

By Abby Logiste
on October 16, 2017
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End Teething Pain with Miracle Amber

 When the Baby Teeth Begin to Appear

It feels as if it was yesterday when you brought your baby home for the first time, and now the once gummy smile is beginning to fill in with teeth. Parent after parent find it difficult to Image result for no more teething painhelp their babies during the uncomfortable teething process, especially when it grows hard to get them to calm down. While there are other chemical and synthetic options available to help with teething, using them does not sit well with a lot of moms and dads. Children have a higher absorption rate compared to adults, and  drug use (topical and oral) can cause adverse reactions. Knowing this, many parents prefer to take the holistic route. Baltic Essentials Amber is a popular natural solution for teething that has been used for hundreds of years to ease pain and fight inflammation.

The Only Teething Miracle You Will Need

Safe and organic teething relief for babies are out there and proof to be effective. The prized power of amber is succinnic acid that is released from the beads when the it is warmed from the body and sent to the blood. The result is a reduction of pain from the analgesic properties and decreased swelling within the gums. A great bonus is that amber also helps boost the immune system by promoting normal and enhanced function. The relief amber gives continues as long as the necklace is worn, but care should be taken to remove them night when unsupervised in order to prevent suffocation. The effects are noticeable just from wearing the jewelry, it should only be worn and not used for biting.

Long Lasting Relief Until Teething is Over

Your baby will have a tearless teething process with Baltic Essentials Amber the entire time from the high, but safe, levels of succinic acid. Baltic Essentials sells 100% pure amber is used to ensure your baby will get the best results. The necklace can last for as long as 3-4 months without needing to be replaced and it may be worn all day if it is desired. Many parents notice a positive change in their baby's emotional state and mood in as little as half an hour. Although your baby may not be able to talk and state say their thanks, they will appreciate the miracle necklace given to them to help the pain. With the discomfort out of the way, they will be able to feed and have better quality sleep.

12.5" Polished Amber True Rainbow Baltic Amber Necklace Round For Baby And Toddler 5 Months To 5 Years Most - Screw Clasp

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Babies Have No More Teething Pain with Baltic Essentials Amber

By Kristen M. Miller
on May 11, 2016

End Teething Pain

Teething Pain

Teething pain is a temporary feeling 80% of babies will experience when the teeth begin to erupt through the gums. Although symptoms will vary, your baby may go through several conditions -- many of which are often misdiagnosed as something else. 

       Common Teething Symptoms                                          Common Misdiagnosis

                       Irritated Ear                                                                   Ear Infection

                       Irritated Bowel                                                                   Rash

                       Runny Nose                                                      Sinus/Cold Infection

                    Trouble Sleeping                                                                  Colic

                 Fussy/Picky Eating                                                Stomach/ GI Issue

If your baby is in the teething phase, Baltic Amber beads put a stop to teething pain where they can stay smiling. Putting Baltic Amber teething beads on babies may seem like a trendy new concept, but in fact, it has been a common practice since ancient times. As far back as the time of Hippocrates (c. 460-c. 370 B.C.), the great Greek philosopher known as the “Father of Western Medicine”, Baltic Amber has been used as a remedy for many ailments. Even as recently as the 1940s, Baltic Amber teething beads have been a favorite of German mothers and nannies for soothing teething pain and easing fussiness in infants.

Get Rid of Teething Pain With Baltic Amber

What is so special about Baltic Amber that sets it apart from other Ambers?? Baltic Amber comes from a specific region in western Russia, Lithuania, and Poland that was once home to a forest approximately 44 million years ago, and is the world’s largest deposit of amber. The trees there were primarily evergreens that produced a sticky resin, which eventually hardened into amber.

Amber exists all over the world, but amber from the Baltic region was primarily produced by an extinct species of tree, closely related to the Japanese Umbrella Pine. Baltic Essentials Amber has a high concentration of succinic acid, and is considered very potent. The healing power of Baltic Essentials Amber is well documented through the centuries, from physicians such as the Persian Avicenna to scientists such as Nicolaus Copernicus. It has been a mainstay in alchemy and healing arts since long before the birth of Christ.

Baltic Amber Benefits for Teething Pain

The ancients may not have understood why Baltic Essentials Amber works as a healing agent, but learned through experimentation and observation its positive effects on the body. Today we know that Baltic Amber is comprised of succinic acid, a very powerful antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals (rogue molecules) and balance pH levels. In fact, succinic acid is a very common modern food additive due to its ability to reduce acidity in foods! Baltic Amber beads are thought to impart succinic acid through the skin and reduce and even eliminate the pain and colic of teething babies. Because of the antioxidant properties of succinic acid, Baltic Essentials Amber is also thought to bolster the immune system while reducing inflammation at the cellular level. Even though they might not have known why it worked, it seems that the German nannies were on to something!

The idea of putting Baltic Essentials Amber Teething Necklaces on babies to reduce and eliminate teething pain might not have much in the way of recent scientific studies, but it is backed by thousands of years of knowledge and human studies, handed down from generation to generation. If Baltic Amber has worked so well for so long, it stands to reason that it should continue to work well far into the future. BalticEssentials has a huge selection of timeless, authentic Baltic Amber teething necklaces to help ease your little one’s teething pain and restore peace to the household.

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Treat Teething Pain with Baltic Essentials Amber!

By Ben Johnson
on January 28, 2016

Treat Teething Pain

The Emergence of Teething

Once your baby starts teething and crying, as a parent your first instinct would probably be to  look for something that will help him/her feel better immediately. Teething necklaces are a helpful solution to give your little one if they are in pain. Our product is one of the natural healing remedies that provides no side effects, and Baltic Essentials is one of the best and leading providers where you can purchase it. 

Baltic Essentials Teething Necklaces

Baltic Essentials is proud to offer Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces contain succinic acid, a naturally occurring property in Amber. Succinic acid is an effective and natural pain reliever. It also helps keep calm the  central nervous system and has anti-inflammatory properties that helps reduce or eliminate swelling. When your baby wears the necklace, it absorbs its healing powers that will simultaneously ease the pain while providing a strong soothing effect to the nervous system and body. 

Our products are completely organic, handmade, and are of quality, which will ensure your baby receives positive and effective results for the best pain relief. Babies who suffer from red cheeks, fever, drooling, fussiness, swelling, common cold and more can also benefit from wearing the necklace. You can even depend on us to have the best prices along with the assurance of meeting -- or exceeding -- your expectations. 

The beads made of pure Amber, and are meant to be placed against your baby's skin of your baby, and are NOT meant to be chewed. It should be worn only at a short length so that your baby cannot easily pull or grab the necklace. Often, necklaces are meant to break once pulled too tight, but such is not the case for Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces. The beads are knotted individually so that they do not fall from the necklace. Newborn babies, until about 11 months of age, can comfortably wear the 11-inch necklaces. Babies who require a longer necklace, or babies 5 months to 5 years, can wear the 12.5-inch necklaces comfortably. 

It's A Winner to Many Parents

Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces come in different colors and designs, so you can still choose the best style that suits your interest and your baby’s needs. Baltic Essentials offers a fantastic necklace in the sense your baby is wearing more than just a necklace; it reduces teething pain naturally. Mothers love Baltic Amber because of the great results it gives, and they work almost immediately! Many parents comment on the change in behavior their babies after they begin wearing the necklace. Our necklaces can help babies become more active and struggle less by helping get rid of the pain caused by teething.

So what are you waiting for? If you are interested, grab and buy now, Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces and try using it for your baby. Purchasing the product will ensure that your baby will have no crying moments or discomfort. Our necklaces work within 30 minutes of wear and carry a money back guarantee. Which should you pick? Just pick the one you love. There are a variety of colors to choose from our polished collection. A happy baby is not as far away as you think!

http://www.balticessentials.com/search?q=polished+toddler+necklace http://www.balticessentials.com/search?q=raw+toddler+necklace

So it's a "teething" necklace . . .

By Sara Shay
on December 19, 2015

Amber for teething

It is a teething necklace

Baltic Essentials Teething Necklace Review

Traditionally, when we hear the word "teething" we think of rubber, wood rings or maybe a necklace Mommy wears for Baby to chew on. Amber jewelry from BalticEssentials.com is not that kind of "teething" tool! One afternoon I was talking with a friend of mine about her 5 month old son,

I remember when she told me, "So I have been trying to teach my son to chew on it" . . .  


Without missing a beat, I told her, "No, no! There's no magic in biting or chewing on them"

Really, they are designed so they can't go in the mouth. Yes, once worn on the wrist or ankle, they could potentially get sucked or chewed on by your baby, but it should not be something to teach them. It is meant to remain on the skin to deliver its healing effects. There are two lengths of necklaces for children: a 12.5- or 13-inch so be sure to measure your child to see what would work best for them in order to ensure it fit comfortably, but stay under their chin.

Keeping the necklace "out of sight" also helps prevent your little one from messing with it, pulling on it, or trying to suck on it. They may notice when it is first put on, but after frequent use, then it just becomes normal. My kids have actually grown an attachment to wearing them (maybe yours will too). Some may even miss it, much like one would miss their wedding ring if you took it off!

You can read here why amber works through skin contact, not by chewing on.

Baltic Essentials Polished Cognac Necklace is such a pretty deep amber, but still picks up brighter tones in the light. I love how rich the polished look is too!

The individual beads on this one seem a bit smaller than on some of the other necklaces - which I think make it perfect for younger babies, it's more dainty. I can just hear my Grandmother saying that word, "dainty" every time I use it. Maybe it is also a combination of the darker hue that makes it seem smaller.

Whatever the reason, it makes a really great necklace for kids.

 Buy Now at Baltic Essentials    

Author Sara Shay Your Thriving FamilyI am just a wife and mama who does research for the well being of my kiddos and share that with you. These are all my personal experiences and findings.

As with anything please do your own research and consult your trusted healthcare provider before following any advice I may offer.

You can follow Sara on FacebookInstagram, or learn more about her at her blog, Your Thriving Family

Keep Baby Comfortable and Healthy with Baltic Essentials Teething Necklace

By Mary Van Meter
on September 30, 2015

Teething Relief

Why do you need the Baltic Amber Necklace?

Because you need a miracle! It is natural for parents to anticipate each and every phase of a child life, from the day they start uttering gibberish to the day you can actually see a small portion of a tooth appearing from the gum. You thought you’d be excited once they grow in, but teething comes with a lot of troubles! Your child will get fussy and feverish. They may cry a lot and fall sick more frequently throughout the teething phase that might last for around a week for every new tooth, and will recur every time a new one is about to appear. Babies going through the teething phase are not easy to deal with. You might get medications for the symptoms, but a parent would know that they need nothing less than a miracle.  

The Truth about Baltic Amber Baltic Amber, an organic substance, is an ancient cure for soothing the swollen gums of teething children. Its medicinal powers are said to be discovered by Hippocrates. Romans and Greeks have since been using it for many purposes. As miraculous as the results are, Baltic Amber’s efficiency is proven by scientific research. Baltic amber contains a good amount of succinic acid, a natural anti-inflammatory substance that can cure most of the teething symptoms including swelling, fever, and the common cold.  

When Worn as a Teething Necklace

The effects of Baltic Essentials Amber Teething Necklaces are extremely useful for your baby to wear safely. the beads become warm when they are placed over the skin due to the body temperature, they release oil that is absorbed by the body in order to relieve pain. Baltic amber beads come on various shapes and colors, and almost all of them are equally effective. The key to get the most out of the teething necklace is to find one that is made from pure and high quality Baltic amber. The highest quality in standards can be found at www.BalticEssentials.com, a Dallas based company that purchases the amber directly from the mines and provides a certificate of authenticity with each shipment.


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