Three Reasons You Are Still Struggling with Acne

End Acne with Amber

January 01, 2017 3 min read

Acne is One of Our Most Hated Enemies

Acne sucks, period. We hate it during our teen years, and we especially loathe it when we are adults. There is no time we ever like its random appearance when we wake up in the morning nor its tender way of saying hello when we just notice a new pimple has been formed after touching it. We would sacrifice just about anything to have clear skin, and never have to worry about acne again. Some say acne-free skin is all in the genes while others say is has to do with the products they are using or the diet they are eating. Is there a reason why your skin remains blemish free when you take care of it and why on certain occasions you suddenly have an acne explosion? There is, but the reason you may be battling with acne may be different from others, so the best way to truly banish acne is to determine the source.  

 3 Reasons You Keep Getting Pimples

1.Have You Looked at Your Diet?

Some people have what is called “trigger foods” that cause them to break out when they eat or drink something in particular or have too much of it. Others break out because they are simply not consuming enough water. Taking a close look at what you eat and how it affects your skin is important to monitor, especially when you do have to come to the sad realization that the jelly-filled donuts and whopper burgers break you out. While it may seem unfair and you are certain the entire universe is against you when someone else can eat tons of junk food and not break out, but you do, you often have no choice but to accept it.

Of course, there is no definite proof that foods cause zits, but there are certain foods that are an exception for some people. High concentrations of salt and dairy, for example, are acne-causing foods. Sweets may be problematic for some because it raises the body’s insulin levels, which may increase the amount of –oil producing levels. In that case, it is best to stick to a low-glycemic, or low sugar, diet. This means consuming more complex sugars (potatoes) rather than simple sugars (fruits). 

 2. Battle of the Hormones 

Our body works hard every second of the day to ensure it remains in equilibrium. Hormones play a large role in this and too little or too much of it can affect the body, Acne Zonesinside and out. Male hormones, in specific, such as testosterone is the primary reason people develop deep, painful cystic acne. When testosterone fluctuates in women before their menstrual cycle, they become prone to developing it. The location, timing, shape, appearance, size, and sensation of your acne are all factors you want to know in determining if acne is indeed related to a hormone problem. If it is hormonal, then no product you apply, food you eat, or pill you take will treat the acne. Killing the source will allow you to kill the acne. 

3. You May be Overdoing It

A little goes a long way with skincare, and if you do too much, it can be irritating to both your skin and acne. Oily skin is a problem and dry skin is a problem for the skin, and the perfect environment is a balance between the two. Over-cleaning our skin causes all the natural oils to go away, causing the skin to overproduce oils in order to compensate. Exfoliating the skin using a cleansing brush like Clarisonic or opting for microdermabrasion are great ways to deep clean the skin, but they should never be done more than once or twice a week. Your skin will also need a hydrating moisturizer to give a signal to the skin that it has enough oil so it does not go crazy on the oil production. If you have extremely acne prone skin though, it is a better option to use gentle scrubs and washes instead.


Treating Acne Naturally with Hazelwood

If there is one thing that is certain, acne is a form of inflammation around the area. It is possible to treat many forms of acne with Baltic Essentials Hazelwood. They are available as Bracelets and Necklaces for teens and adults to wear. Hazel
Black Onyx abd Hazelwood for Pimpleswood works by helping regulate and balance the body’s pH by creating a more alkaline environment. It is also is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that, when applied to the skin, helps treat acne from within. Hazelwood necklaces may be worn all day without having to worry about any side effects; all you will see are results.

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