Baltic Essentials Amethyst Necklaces Calms Stress

Ease Stress

April 15, 2016 2 min read

Calming Stress 

With life’s daily challenges and adventures, having a centered balance of relaxation is a must. One needs to be able to handle dealing with stress at work, with family at home, and other demands -- all of which can take a serious toll on the mind and overall health if stress is excessive. When the body doesn’t have a chance to rest and relax, it can open a can of worms for ailments to creep in. Headaches, sore muscles, and constant fatigue are just some of the symptoms that are experienced due to stress, fatigue, or lack of relaxation. Often times,  signs are there and the body is begging for rest so it can have a chance to relax. Nonetheless,  those signs are often ignored until the symptoms get worse. As a result, the body crashes, and may even cause injuries that could have been prevented in the first place.

The Power of Amethyst

Amethyst is a well-known stress relieving resource that comes in the form of a precious gemstone. The stone is often in a violet or purple color. Amethyst is a unique stone that stands out from the others, bringing out it’s natural shade of purple without manufacturing or man-made intervention. In addition to being a stress reliever, Amethyst carries other benefits:

  • Blood circulationthe energy carrying properties of Amethyst have been known to improve circulation within the capillaries (veins) of the skin
  • Cell Regenerationstudies have shown that Amethyst can contribute to regeneration of cells which help increase energy levels in the body
  • Mood Improvement can serve as a sleep aid which can contribute to healthier moods
  • Skin Repair can help heal damage caused to skin by surgery or other skin conditions

Your Body Needs to Relax from Stress

Relaxation doesn’t always have to mean resting in one place. One can get their piece of mind and relaxation of the body while on the go. Having a unique contact between what’s worn on the skin and the body’s senses is a powerful, result bringing connection.

Baltic Essentials Line of Amethyst Products

Our beautiful, unique line of Amethyst products can serve as a wonderful gift for any busy person who needs relaxation! Our jewelry will accommodate them everywhere they go, taking the power of Amethyst with them. The Polished Lemon Amethyst Baltic Amber Necklace (picture on the left) comes in various sizes and aids in balancing mood swings, relieving stress and soothing of migraines.

For new moms with babies, matching sets can be assembled which will benefit your baby as well. The Half Amber Half Rainbow Baltic Amber Necklace (picture on the right) comes in an assortment of colors and provides soothing features for teething and diaper rash.

Baltic Essentials Amethyst naturally calms stress 

Be sure to order now and take advantage of our Mother’s Day Special!Save 15% when making the purchase by entering MOMSDAY at checkout.

You can check out a list of Baltic Essentials Amethyst Necklaces on the site. Whether it’s only for mom or mom and baby, provides jewelry that contain natural healing agents to counter the most common ailments. Provide a gift that will be appreciated and used by mom when ordering today!

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