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The Crippling affects of Arthritis

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Arthritis Pain

Many people may experience arthritis during any time in their life. The effects can be detrimental to daily living, and frankly. it is down right annoying. They can hinder you from doing even little tasks, and make you feel or think less of yourself. What if you felt this kind of pain every day? Millions of people around the world do. Arthritis is a condition described as stiffness and swelling of the joints. Joints are something in the body that align two bone together. When a person has arthritis, these joints start to lose lubrication it once had. They start to swell and cause pain because the two bones are now directly rubbing against each other. Arthritis is common in the hands, knees, elbows, shoulders, wrists, fingers, and toes.


Arthritis might only cause you to feel minor symptoms in the beginning stages; however, it can become debilitating over time. Constant pain will actually cause your joints to become stiff and decrease its mobility and function. The symptoms can cause major problems if they affect your ability to walk or complete other tasks. The important thing to understand is that arthritis is a disease that can affect anyone.

There is no direct link to age, but you do have a higher risk of getting it as you grow older. Pain is an experience we all face every once in a while, but those who have chronic arthritis have the pain on a recurring basis. What if I told you there was a way to ease that pain? Would you want to know more about it? Baltic Essentials amber, is actually fossilized tree resin, that has been used for years as a natural pain reliever, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory. Amber contains traces of succinic acid, a natural analgesic and healing agent. One of the great things about the resin is when it makes contact with the it skin: it releases trace amounts of healing that help restore energy and wellness.

Baltic Essentials Amber helps to ease the Pain of Arthritis 

Mothers in Europe put amber necklaces around their babies as a remedy for teething. This is why amber is often referred to as teething beads. Many wonder if amber can be used for teething and work, are there any other ailments can it be used for? Absolutely. Amber has been known to be a medicinal remedy to help relieve the painful causes of Arthritis, joint pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Amber bracelets and necklaces are extremely helpful for alleviating the pain. The bracelets are worn on the wrists for those who are experiencing pain in their hands the most. 

Baltic Essentials Amber itself is associated with sunlight and warmth. It is scientifically proven that Amber, or succinic acid, has a very positive effect on the human body. Baltic Essentials Amber Necklaces and Baltic Essentials Amber Bracelets are completely safe to wear. This is why parents are okay putting these necklaces on their babies, knowing they are safe. They are also sold in pharmacies all over Europe. As a safety feature a knot is created before and after each bead.  This ensures that in the event the string is severed, no beads are lost. The bracelet is also secured with a screw clasp, not magnet or a hook and ring clasp.

As a warning, it is best to make sure that children or adults do not chew on the beads as they are soft. Instead, wear the necklace or bracelet as close to the area with pain as possible. If you have arthritis pain or suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, you will have optimal pain relief wearing the bracelet around your wrist. There are all natural treatments for arthritis and carpel tunnel syndrome available. If you or someone that you love has problems with arthritis, be sure to try Baltic Essentials Amber for pain relief.

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