Teens Need Stress Relief Too!

Relieve Stress in Teens

May 16, 2016 3 min read

What Causes Stress In Teens?

Teens today face more pressure now than ever before. Just going to school and getting good grades isn’t enough anymore; they’re pressured to be highly involved in numerous sports and extra-curricular activities, volunteer activities and after-school jobs. They also are expected to get high scores on their ACTs and SATs to stand a better chance at getting into the college of their choice. Not to mention, teens can will stress simply from the changes, growth, and environment they are in physical changes due to puberty, budding romances, bullies, gossip). In the midst of all this, it can seem as if there is no stress relief for teens as they go about their daily lives as much as anyone one of us. 

Parents always want to give their teens every advantage and chance at success; many teens even find that they are expected to live up to certain expectations. We probably have all been there before or can admit doing it. Nonetheless, parents want the best for their kids out of love. They will drive them to practices and recitals, help them with their homework (well try too), cheer for them at games, make sure they are eating and sleeping properly  -- as well as try to make sure they stay out of trouble! Somewhere along the lines, even parents that are present in their teen's life will not be enough. Many teens find that, in spite of the parental support, they still panic, they still, they still stress.

Stress Relief for Teens 

Sometimes as a parent, if feels as if all you can do is watch your kid as they through certain situations; you cant fix the problem they are going through. However, there is another way parents can give their teens a boost and, it comes in the form of a necklace or bracelet. The secret is green aventurine, a stone prized for its ability to yield positive influences on the wearer.  Since the 1700s, green aventurine has been called the “Stone of Opportunity” because it helps increase the chances of success for the one wearing it in many situations- like a first date or a sports match perhaps. 

Being successful is also a great way for a teen to be confident in themselves. Green aventurine may even be useful for calming down hot-headed teens any they they go through their less-than-attractive outbreaks. It can be be the perfect secret weapon -- I mean gift -- as the stone can relieve stress for teens in moments they go through a behavioral shift. For this reason , green aventurine is particularly useful for teens who get caught up in a whirlwind of emotions and experience ever-changing moods. It is a great protector of the Heart Chakra, which regulates interactions with the outside world, and helps one to understand their emotions more clearly. In supporting the Heart Chakra, green aventurine can help teens navigate the natural ebb and flow of their feelings and become more open to accepting change.

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Baltic Essentials Green Aventurine as Stress Relief for Teens 

BalticEssentials.com has a wide variety of necklaces and bracelets that incorporate green aventurine with other stones that enhance its natural ability to bring about emotional well-being and overall good health. The necklace and bracelet are combined with other stones such as Baltic Amber, which is an anti-inflammatory, Rose Quartz which inspires confidence, Amethyst which balances mood swings, Lapis Lazuli which reduces anxiety, Turquoise, an excellent detoxifier, Crysocolla which boosts energy, and Red Agate which calms emotions. Any teen or anyone who wears this certain to feel much more balanced and harmonious.

With all the pressure and expectations that teens face, it may only taking giving them a beautiful  Baltic Essentials Green Aventurine Necklace or Bracelet to help them deal with the stress as they grow. 

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