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Harness the Power of Amethyst

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The Precious Amethyst

Amethyst has served many purposes for a variety of cultures over the centuries. For the ancient Hebrews and Egyptians, amethyst was thought to open spiritual connections with the Divine, and was used by Eastern cultures as temple offerings.  Catholic bishops wore amethyst rings to protect themselves from evil thoughts, and to keep their minds on spiritual matters. It is the stone of Saint Valentine where it is believed to attract and retain the kind of love that endures throughout the ages. 

Benefits of Amethyst

In the modern society, amethyst is known for its ability to calm anger, soothe a grieving heart, and enhance creativity. It can also help promote restful sleep and peaceful dreams. With the ability to bring peace to the mind and balance emotions, amethyst enhances our sense of intuition and creative thoughts. For that reason, it is notoriously dubbed as the Artists’ Stone, Composers’ Stone, Inventors’ Stone, Poets’ Stone and Painters’ Stone.

Amethyst is a stone of the Third Eye chakra where our consciousness lies. When in balance, the Third Eye chakra allows a person to be open to new ideas and dreams. It is also a stone of the Crown chakra, which is focused on how a person thinks and responds to the world around them.  The Crown chakra is related to spiritual connections and helps one to understand their place in the universe.

The beautiful purple hue of amethyst is a perfect blend of the fiery and passionate red hues and the intuitive and creative violet hues of the color spectrum. The two colors meet in the middle to strike a balance, which lends itself to bringing rationality to passion and imagination to logic. It is for this reason that amethyst is particularly useful for diplomats, negotiators and peacekeepers.

Baltic Essentials Amethyst Ring now offers a beautiful amethyst ring so that you can harness its power for yourself.  Whether you use it to help you balance your own emotions, bring harmony to those around you or provide creative inspiration or produce better rest, all of the powers of amethyst are available to you in a sparkling white gold setting will no doubt enhance the beauty of any wearer. It is the perfect way to help alleviate stress of the world no matter where you go. The ring is available in ring sizes 6, 7, 8, and 9 to fit almost any finger and the universality of amethyst makes it perfect for every day wear.

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  • Kay K on

    My birthstone is amethyst so I wear amethyst jewelry often. It does make a difference in the way I feel when I wear it. This ring is beautiful.

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