Don’t Forget Grandpa This Father’s Day!

Gift for Grandpa

June 07, 2016 3 min read

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A Gift for Grandpa

He’s a part of “The Greatest Generation”, the ones who fought on foreign shores in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam; the ones who survived The Great Depression and the Cold War; the ones who put a man on the moon and saw the rise and crumble of the Berlin Wall. His generation was raised to be patriotic, hardworking, honest and courageous; to work for what they earned, be true to their word and be loyal to their country.  The Greatest Generation were the ones who stayed at a job for decades, married their high school sweethearts and raised their children with morals and values during the turbulent 1960’s and 70’s. 

As each year progressed into another decade, he gained a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom. He learned alongside his father as a young boy, whether it was how to grow a garden, how to shave or how to drive, and passed down those lessons to his own children. As a young man he learned to follow his superior’s orders and to never leave a comrade behind.  Over the years he learned how to be a good husband and father, sometimes stumbling along the way, but always learning from his mistakes and teaching his children to do the same.  He learned a trade and went to work every day to earn a living for his family. He learned some hobbies, maybe fishing or woodworking, and imparted the knowledge he gained to others. Now in his golden years he sees his lifetime of knowledge being passed on to his grandchildren, whether they are learning how to have good sportsmanship on the ball field, learning to catch a fish or learning to pick themselves up after a disappointment.

It’s not easy being a grandpa in this day and age. His bones creak and groan, his joints ache and swell, and he just can’t keep up with his grandkids’ energy.  The shoulders that used to play catch in the backyard are stiff and the knees that used to go hiking on Boy Scout campouts are now arthritic.  The hands that used to deftly bait a hook and plane a piece of wood are now doing good to hold a pencil for his daily crossword; the eyes that once could sight a target 300 yards away now have to rely on large-print books and trifocals.  Even though his body reminds him daily that he is now an old man, in his heart he is still the feisty young man he once was, with hair that wasn’t gray and a back that stood straight.

So what can you give a man for Father’s Day that is part of the Greatest Generation, who has shared his wealth of knowledge gained over a lifetime of living and just wants to remember what it was like to feel young? Give him the gift of authentic Baltic Amber from to ease the swelling and daily aches and pains of life.  Baltic Amber was first produced by trees during the age of the dinosaurs and contains 8% succinic acid, which is absorbed microscopically through the skin to relieve inflammation of stiff joints.

He might not understand how or why it works, but he’ll know that he is loved and cherished when you give him a gift that makes him feel a little bit closer to that feisty young man he used to be.

Grandpa Father's Day Gift - Hazelwood Baltic Amber

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