Amber for Fibromyalgia


Fibromyalgia is often referred to as pain and fatigue to the extreme because it is chronic. Muscle pain and tender points are felt throughout the body.  The constant pain and fatigue is crippling to the point sufferers do not want to do anything. According to the National Institutes of Health, 80-90 percent of those diagnosed with it are women. No one knows why it is like this, but researchers believed that females are more likely to get it compared to their male counterparts due to genetic, hormonal, and immune system differences. 

Common symptoms  

The Pain: The chief complaint is pain described as a ache in the muscles that are found on both sides of the body as well as the top and lower portions of the body. The pain is everywhere though it comes and goes and has its worse days.

Depression: It is hard to do everyday tasks or exercise like a normal person can do. That realization alone is enough to sink those with fibromyalgia into depression and seclude themselves from others.

Tingling and Numbness in the Extremities:There is no definite reason why this occurs, but it is believed either spasms cause the muscles to press on the nerves or the muscles grow stiff.

Tender Points: The tender points are actually separate from the systematic pain although they are scattered everywhere in the body as well.  It feels tender and painful any time the points are touched by anyone. There are nearly 20 tender points with the top of the chest, back of the head, knees, elbows, neck, chest, and shoulders being the primary locations.

Headaches: Nearly 50% of fibromyalgia suffers develop headaches or migraines that may result in vomiting, vertigo (dizziness) or nausea.

Fatigue: It can be hard to rest or sleep when you feel nothing but pain most of the time. Sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome are usual conditions suffers develop. The little sleep is never enough either, and many feel tired throughout the rest of the day and have problems concentrating. It can also have an effect on the memory. 

Increased Sensitivity to Temperatures: Anytime it get gets hot or cold, even at the slightest change in degree, sufferers notice they have to cover themselves with more layers to stay warm or they extremely hot when it gets warmer.   

Periods Feel Painful Too: Women with fibromyalgia will feel extreme pain when their period approaches although feelings of pain (mild) and cramping are normal in women who are in their monthly cycle. Those with fibromyalgia contract endometriosis where the uterus grows in abnormal areas in the pelvis. Engaging in anything physical with your partner may also be another painful event to add to the list.

Natural Treatment for Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease that a person has to live with, so it can be unappealing to have a heavy dependence on drugs. It is possible to ease fibromyalgia pain naturally using Baltic Essentials Amber Necklaces. It is a perfect treatment for sufferers  because baltic amber is an analgesic. it is made of succinic acid that is entered into the bloodstream to that also helps fight inflammation and aching. Our pure amber will help treat other symptoms associated with fibromyalgia such as migraines, headaches, insomnia, and restless leg syndrome. It is able to provide the body with energy while stabilizing the body's pH levels so you feel less fatigued. Baltic amber is a fossilized resin that is completely organic and made in Northern Europe. It has been used for millions of years as a holistic approach to help treat pain without the need of dangerous additives like toxins and chemicals.   

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