Heal Muscle Pain with Amber

Ouch! My Aching Muscles!

Everyone knows that exercise is great for your health; it gets your heart rate up, strengthens your muscles, adds bone density, burns calories, lowers your blood pressure and improves your mood. Getting in a regular workout has pretty much become the “norm” for a lot of people, whether it’s hitting the gym, walking around the neighborhood, swimming laps, cycling, or “Sweatin’ to the Oldies”, there is something for everyone.  However, sometimes injuries happen or maybe you just overdid it, and there you are with aching muscles and joints. 

When you’ve worked out too hard, you feel a burning pain in your muscles due to cell damage to the muscle tissue. Cells require oxygen for energy to work, and when they can’t get enough oxygen, they go through a multi-step process to create lactic acid, so that they can use it for energy.  The process by which lactic acid is created causes inflammation in the muscle tissue, which in turn causes soreness and tenderness of the muscles.  It was previously thought that the lactic acid itself produced soreness, but scientists now point the finger at inflammation.

What can you do?

There are some things you can do to avoid the pain caused by working out too hard, like stretching before and after exercise, as well as staying hydrated. Knowing your limits and building up endurance slowly until you reach your goal, rather than going for an extreme, is also helpful for avoiding injuries, as is letting your muscles have a recovery period between hard workouts.  You can also reduce the likelihood of having inflamed muscle tissue before it even starts with Baltic Amber.

Baltic Amber from Baltic Essentials contains 8% succinic acid, which is a known anti-inflammatory. When worn, the amber warms from the body’s own natural heat and releases microscopic amounts of succinic acid that is then absorbed through the skin.  The result is an improvement in the muscle pain associated with overexertion caused by inflammation and cell damage.

Before your next workout, be sure to properly stretch and drink plenty of water, and make sure you have your Baltic Amber to prevent muscle soreness from even starting. Once your workout is completed, keep wearing your Baltic Amber to keep the soreness at bay and avoid the tell-tale burning muscle pain.