Amber Naturally heals

The History of Baltic Amber

The many benefits of Baltic Amber are a recent discovery in modern society, but it has been known and used for millions of years. Baltic Amber has been a source of traditional healing that has been passed down from one generations to the next over a period of time. It is because of this and word of mouth that more and more people are now becoming familiar with the name. 

Baltic Essentials Amber Necklaces stand out among alternative medicines with proven health benefits. They are also extremely comfortable to wear, lightweight and are appealing to the eye. Baltic Amber offers a natural, safe option for those looking for pain relief as it has analgesic properties and is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. 

Amber is produced from trees from resin that was fossilized many years ago, and some amber has been dated to almost fifty million years. Trees produce and use resin as a natural way to prevent infection from any injuries that they sustain. The resin is a natural antibiotic. Amber may be worn as both jewelry, but it is more than just that. Anyone can wear it knowing it is a natural remedy for pain relief. It is also used to promote fast healing. Amber works well in conjunction with the bodies immune system and has there have also been many scientific studies conducted indicating it has some significant therapeutic values.

How Baltic Essentials Amber Works

There are two main ways Baltic Essentials Amber Necklace works. In order for the benefits it contains to have any effect on us, it must be worn directly on the skin. The heat from the body is transferred from the amber and to the bloodstream where it releases tiny amounts of the healing oils. Another amber is electromagnetically to the body where it provides us with increases energy levels.

Amber Necklaces have been used by mothers for many generations to treat children that are suffering from teething pain. It is also extremely beneficial as a natural alternative to many other medical problems for adults such as; autoimmune disease, hypothyroid, fibromyalgia, and many other disorders. Find out just how helpful this Baltic Amber Necklace could be for you.