All About Baltic Amber Collars for Dogs

All About Baltic Amber Collars for Dogs

July 04, 2022 3 min read

There is nothing worse than petting your dog, only to spot a bug in their fur.

Yuck, right?

Nobody wants to discover a little creepy crawly on their dog. Unfortunately, parasites such as fleas and ticks are common. According to the American Kennel Club, they are a year-round threat and as many as one in seven dogs will carry fleas. Fleas and ticks can come from anywhere, including the dog park, grooming salon, veterinarian’s office, and even the grass.

Being blood-sucking pests, they can also make your dog ill. Fleas cause itchiness and often trigger allergies. Ticks on the other hand transmit dangerous diseases, like Lyme disease.

Naturally, you want to protect your pup from these horrid parasites!

One natural, effective, and simple way?

Get a Baltic amber collar for dogs.

What is Baltic Amber?

No matter what breed your four-legged friend is, all cats and dogs can benefit from a Baltic Essentials Amber Repel Flea And Tick Collar. However, you may be wondering, “What exactly is Baltic amber?”

Baltic amber is neither a rock nor a gemstone. Instead, it is fossilized tree resin. Millions of years ago, pine tree sap dripped and hardened in forests all over the world as the globe warmed up. In the Baltic Sea region (modern day Poland, Lithuania, Germany, and Latvia), the amber had a yellow to orange color, thus earning the name “Baltic amber.”

For thousands of years, humans have worn Baltic amber to ward off evil, cure diseases, and help with pain management.

But more recently, it has become a popular and safe choice for dogs, too.

Let’s find out why.

How Do Baltic Amber Dog Collars Work?

As mentioned, fleas and ticks are a growing concern among pet owners. Luckily, Baltic Essentials has necklaces featuring raw Baltic amber beads that repel nasty fleas and ticks.

The science behind Baltic amber is quite amazing. There are two reasons why it works:

1) Electrostatic

First, when the amber beads rub against your dog’s fur, the subsequent friction creates electricity – kind of like a balloon rubbed against your hair! The tiny legs of fleas and ticks cannot cling onto your pet’s fur, thanks to the static electricity, and so they fall off easily.

2) Unpleasant smell for parasites

Secondly, Baltic amber dog collars repel fleas and ticks due to the smell. But don’t worry! This scent is NOT perceptible to the human nose. Instead, your dog’s natural body heat will warm the amber resin, thus releasing an aromatic chemical which parasites hate.

Benefits Explained

Now we understand howBaltic amber dog collars work. Let’s look at the reasons why smart dog parents choose this for their pooch.  

To start, Baltic amber dog collars are safe. Unlike other flea and tick collars, these are organic. They contain no chemicals and come completely from Mother Earth. Traditional flea and tick collars will be made using toxic residue that may increase risk of cancer, neurological damage, organ failure, seizures…yikes.

Conversely, Baltic amber will not cause any such bad reactions.

Another benefit is the cost. Whereas veterinary medical treatments for ticks and fleas can tally hundreds of dollars (over a dog’s lifetime), Baltic amber collars for pets are an affordable and budget friendly preventative option.

Less than $25 USD will give at least 12 months of protection. That’s a fantastic investment in your pet’s health.

Ready to order today?

Baltic Essentials carries Amber Collars for Dogs and Cats in several sizes. Check out our customer feedback to see how “paw-some” these Baltic amber collars really are!


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