Are Moonstone Necklaces Effective for Kids?

Baltic Essentials Moonstone for Kids

December 26, 2021 3 min read

The Power of Moonstones for Kids 

Energy exists in many forms such as gemstones. Many adults use gems and crystals to help improve mood and health. Gemstones are just as safe for kids to use and receive their abundant healing powers.

As kids grow older, they may face certain hardships and moonstones may just be the right friend to help them as they flourish.  

Moonstones come in a variety of colors and their liquid-like sheen emits a radiant aura for those who wear it. The moonstone is dubbed as the “stone of new beginnings” which is a perfect symbolism for children.

Moonstones are made into a powerful chakra bracelet or necklace to help kids with new undertakings. They also offer protection and luck for kids during times of travel and help balance internal energy.

Moonstone Benefits for Kids 

The moonstone is as ancient as the moot itself and holds a variety of mysterious powers. Moonstones are a type of talisman parents can give to their kids as a way to be in better tune with themselves. Moonstone is ideal for kids who have emotional, sleep, or educational issues.

Moonstone is Calming for Kids

Any adult can agree that kids seem to have an endless amount of energy. Sometimes kids may have so much energy that it becomes difficult for them to rest and relax. This is especially a problem for kids who have ADHD.

Whether or not your child has ADHD or another related variant, gemstones can help relax kids and calm them down. Moon crystals help relax the body and soul.

Moonstone Helps Children in School

Education is extremely important, yet millions of children encounter a host of problems in school. Having moonstone amber jewelry can help kids have a higher level of safety and protection in school. It can help reduce feelings of   separation anxiety as well. 

 Moonstones help kids focus on     their studies by improving their     mental clarity, memory and overall concentration. The precious stone   can help kids feel safe and   protected. It can reduce feelings of separation anxiety from parents and or thoughts of inadequacy.

Other feelings of negative energy like fear, anger, or jealousy are concentrated into more positive energy instead. Children have an increased level of focus, mental clarity, memory and concentration. This helps them tremendously in their studies.  

Moonstone Can Improve Sleep Quality for Kids

There are a variety of factors that can take away from good, restful sleep for children. Oftentimes this occurs because 

  •      They are afraid of the dark 
  •       Have nightmares
  •       Are unable to calm themselves/want to continue playing
  •       Don’t like sleeping alone

Moonstones help induce rest in kids who have these concerns. The gem promotes relaxation and takes away negative emotions.

Moonstone Improves Self-Image in Children

Kids go through emotional problems in some ways parents cannot imagine even if they try to shield their children away from certain things. However, allowing your children to face certain challenges is not always a bad thing.

You can use Baltic Essentials moonstone necklaces to help your kid ease through such times such as moving to a new place or school. It can do this by helping them deal with their emotions in a healthier manner.

Baltic Essentials Quality Moonstone Necklaces for Kids 

Giving your kids Baltic amber can help them better deal with internal emotions. Kids who wear amber jewelry and precious moonstones can feel positive energy that may help them achieve certain goals.

Kids can wear any Baltic Amber necklace, such as moonstone, over their neck. Parents can also tell their kids to leave it in their pockets, bag, or place it over their forehead. It is the perfect natural emotional medicinal pouch.

You can find the perfect moonstone chakra bracelet or necklace at Baltic Essentials. Your kids will have better clarity and focus by wearing it.

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