Baltic Amber Helps Pregnant Women with Sciatica Pain

Baltic Amber for Sciatica Pain

August 31, 2016 3 min read

The Magic Behind Baltic Essentials Amber 

As the name suggests, Baltic Amber is associated with the Baltic Sea as it is mined around that area. Like other ambers, Baltic Amber is fossilized tree resin -- but unlike others, it contains succinic acid, a water soluble substance used as chemical intermediate in medicine. When we put on Baltic amber, our body heat allows amber to let out the oily substance known as succinic acid, where it enters our bloodstream. When this oily substance is absorbed, it acts like ibuprofen, reducing the hormones that cause pain and inflammation in the body.  

It is worth mentioning that Baltic Amber is known to have some of the highest concentration of natural succinic acid. This acid, also known as Amber Acid, has been used in Europe for centuries as a natural antibiotic as well as for general curative purposes. It is now produced in commercial quantities as it has been approved for use by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Baltic Essentials Amber is available in the form of Bracelets and Necklaces.

Benefits Of Baltic Amber 

Baltic Amber can help with the following: 

  • Pain Relief

Baltic Amber contains analgesic properties which help relieve the body of different sorts of pains and discomfort such as headaches or joint/muscle pain. Baltic Amber is also known to be one of the primary working methods Europeans use to reduce the pain that comes to babies and teething [pain].

  • Inflammation

An individual with severe inflammation is most likely to suffer from some form of an attack.  An inflamed immune system, for example, cause cells to be severely inflamed, which ultimately causes an adverse reaction by increasing the production offree-radical cells. Such cells can make an individual prone to diseases that are inflammatory related and most of such diseases are often unrelated.

  • Replenishing Energy

Succinic acid is one thing the human body is known to produce. One of the most active substances in the process of respiration in the cell and intercellular energy creation is the salt of succinic acid. This acid is known to restore depleted energy and oxygen supply to cells, thus assisting the body to achieve optimum condition.

Sciatica pain during and pregnancy 

Sciatica is a term used to describe symptoms of pains in the leg that may originate from the lower back down through the buttocks and the large sciatic nerve starting from the small if the back to the back of the leg. Research has revealed that sciatica pains could be irregular, sometimes irritating, and at other times, constantly incapacitating. Symptoms can be painful and debilitating depending on the condition causing the sciatica.

Sciatica is a common phenomenon most women in their second and third trimesters of pregnancy experience, usually when the pressure of the growing child in the womb is on the sciatica nerve. Most pregnant women are likely to experience at least an episode of sciatica pain.

During pregnancy, the symptom of sciatica is different from the ordinary back or leg pains. The kind of back or leg pain felt during pregnancy is often sharp and run down the legs or buttocks.Sciatica usually does not affect the baby in the womb or the pregnant mother. With time, mother and child would be fine, but it is the current pain a mother feels while pregnant that can be unbearable. 

In managing sciatica symptoms, during pregnancy, natural treatment are usually considered better options and safer in contrast to medications. Baltic Amber is one such natural treatment. It helps to relieve some of the distress associated with pregnancy and also increases the energy level of the individual. Baltic Amber is also a completely natural option for pain relief, and it has no side effects. Polished Milk 19 Inch Baltic Amber Necklace for Big Kid, Child, or Adult

Even after successfully delivering a baby, sciatic pain may still be felt so it is helpful to continue using Amber as an option for pain relief. There are also no side effects. Amber can provide the much needed back support; alleviate the back ache a lot of nursing mothers experience from delivering and carrying the baby around.

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