Natural Remedies for Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky Gut Remedies

March 20, 2017 3 min read

 Leaky Gut is a Systematic Problem

The gruesome truth about conditions is that it often leads way to other issues. Leaky gut syndrome can make sufferers feel pain as well as notice physical or mind related changes over time. There are many causes for leaky gut syndrome, which can lead to other complications of our body systems including the brain. Children with autism often experience mood swings due to abnormally increased intestinal permeability where proteins such as casein and gluten leak through the gut, having an opioid effect on the nervous system. Emotionally speaking, leaky guy syndrome can also cause bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression. Psychological and pathological disorders can be properly addressed once the gut itself is treated.

Leaky Gut

Steps toward a Better Gut

Knowledge is definitely power in gaining back control. Your digestive system does an amazing job at removing debris, but the function is impaired due to certain factors or foods you eat that damage it. Taking the time to research what foods and factors do not agree with you is only the start. It is good to know what foods are healing to your gut as well to start implementing them in your diet. You should also repair the gut with supplements that help restore and cleanse your gut. Finally, after creating a cleaner environment, you should rebalance your stomach with probiotics.

Best Supplements

Licorice RootLicorice Root for Leaky Gut

Licorice is an adaptogenic herb that is perfect for regulating cortisol levels and improving the production of acid in the stomach. Licorice aids the body in regulating its normal processes and maintains the mucosal ling that surround the duodenum and stomach. Those that suffer from leaky guy syndrome due to emotional stress, in particular, will benefit from taking licorice root. Best results can be seen by taking at least 500mg of the herb twice a day.

Digestive Enzymes

As the name suggests, digestive enzymes help the digestive tract by ensuring all food that enters is completely digested. 1-2 of these capsules prior to eating will lower the change of partially digested foods or substances pass through the gut and cause damage.


Quercetin has proven its use to many, and it is able to enhance the overall function of the gastrointestinal barrier by sealing the gut. Quercetin supports the creation of tight, non-permeable junction proteins while limiting the release of histamine and stabilizing mast cells – both of which are responsible for allergic reactions as it is for those withL-Glutamine for Leaky Gut certain food intolerances. Be sure to take at least 500mg of it three times a day with your meals.


L-Glutamine is one of the essential amino acids our body needs from our diet because it cannot produce it itself. Taking the powder or capsule supplement can help repair and grow the lining of your intestines, acting as a shield. L-Glutamine coats the walls while acting as a repellent to any irritants and provides anti-inflammatory capabilities.


The supplement you should not forget to include is probiotics because it is what will help restore good bacteria back in your guy while kicking the bad bacteria to the curb. It is best to probiotics through supplements and in your diet. Detoxing your body is extremely important in treating leaky gut syndrome, but the work you put in by doing it will be of no avail if you forget this step. You should take between 2-5 mg of it twice per day. Consume probiotic rich food, like yogurt, along withat least 50 billion units of probiotics per day from a trustable brand.

Antibiotics for Leaky Gut

Curing Leaky Gut Syndrome 

Healing our body from the inside out is a great way to help decrease conditions and prevent getting them. Following a special method or diet works, but sticking to it or even remembering you have to do it can happen. Baltic Essentials Hazelwoodis the perfect natural treatment for leaky guy syndrome because you can wear it all day without having to do anything and still get the benefits. So long as they are worn, and the wood touches the skin, Hazelwood can provide the body with antibiotics and balance the overall pH of the body, reducing the level of acidity. It is the perfect accessory you will need to gain digestive health and keep it that way.

Heal Leaky Gut with Baltic Essentials Hazelwood

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