The Many Types of Acne

Types of Acne and Treatment

November 14, 2018 3 min read

Which Form of Acne Do You Suffer From?

Not all people suffer from the same form of acne during the times it erupts. In a lot of cases, it is possible to have more than one type appear on the skin at the same time. This complex issue can  make how acne should be approached when you are treating the ailment. The rise of hormones or imbalance can happen to any age. It is also of no surprise that our diet and the environment may also play a role in the development of acne, putting genetics aside. The following below can help you understand what type, or types, of acne you may be struggling with. 


Believe it or not, these unsightly white spots that appear on the skin are oil glands that occur due to excessive production of oil which causes the glands to clog. Due to this, the oil remains trapped between skin layers and is unable to reach surface causing  a plug to form. Although no true infection takes place, bacteria may be present as well. Whiteheads do not last nearly as long as blackheads, with an average cycle of seven days.


This type of acne is extremely common for people on and around the nose, chin and forehead. If a pore remains open, it is also known as a open comedo. Black lumps appear because of blocked follicles because of bacteria, dead skin cells, and other substances that react to oxygen when it reaches the surface. It may appear black, grey, or brown.

Papules (Inflammatory)

Papules appear as little bumps or reddish dots on the skin. The area is inflamed although it may or may not be sensitive to the touch. They typically do not contain any pus or display a visible pore. It is best to not pick the area when flare-ups are active as it may result in scarring.

Pustules (Inflammatory)

You may be dealing with pustules the acne is inflammed, hard, and filled with pus that appear as white spots with a yellowish center. Attempting to pick or pop it can also lead to scarring and dark spots. The primary difference from and papules is that pustules contain white blood cells. There are an accumulation of these cells as the immune system tries to combat bacteria that travelled inside a ruptured follicle. The area tends to inflamed and tender.

Nodules (Inflammatory)

This is one of the more severe forms of acne that is larger in size compared to pustules and papules. The inflamed bump is painful although it does not contain pus and is hard and stiff. People may notice them during the latter stages when they are breaking out. Nodules appear due to accumulated skin cells, sebum, and bacteria within the follicles that are formed deep within the skin for a long time. This deepness poses potential tissue injury. They can be dormant, and activate occasionally. Should they be popped or squeezed, deep in
fections are a high possibility as well as permanent scarring. 

Cysts ((Inflammatory)

Cysts are the deepest form of acne that are filled with pus, unlike nodules. It is tender to the touch, and do not come to a head. Since cysts are located so deep under the skin, they do not look like pimples. They simply look like big, swollen lumps that either clump together or occur individually. Scarring and hyperpigmentation are almost a definite aftermath when it heals.

An Option for Treating Many Types of Acne

Baltic Essentials Hazelwood can naturally treat many types of acne without having to worry about troublesome side effects. It is especially helpful for those who are dealing with inflammatory acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Hazelwood is also able to ease pain associated with some forms of pimples because it is also a natural anesthetic. The active form of Hazelwood, acetylsalicylic acid, is delivered directly into the bloodstream where it attacks the infected and inflamed area. This ability is most favorable for deep pimples in the skin where topical agents have little to no effect on the area. It can be used to treat active breakouts as well as prevent them from coming so you can look your best.  
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