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Breathing Made Easier by Turquoise for Asthma

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If you have asthma, you are all too familiar with the uncomfortable feeling you may get from time to time; as if there’s a pile of bricks in your chest. You’re at the pool, the gym or the park living life trying to get some exercise; you’re having a deep belly laugh over a funny joke; or maybe you happened to encounter an irritant, like cigarette smoke in the air. Next thing you know, you feel it -- a tight pinch that begins in your chest and may travel up to your shoulders and back. In almost an instant, you feel your breathing passages start to constrict and your breathing becomes shallower. You start coughing and wheezing, desperately searching for your inhaler before your air supply completely cuts off.  

Using Medication for Asthma

Seconds seem longer than an eternity when you’re waiting for the medicine to kick in while your heart pounds, your palms sweat, and you feel light-headed. Once the finally medicine kicks in, you notice your heart rate increases, your skin begins to flush and you are left with the cases of the jitters. Sure, you can breathe again, but for the next several minutes- or even hours- you’ll probably still have “the shakes” as the medicine metabolizes through the body. 

A Natural Route 

So how can you prevent asthma attacks from happening? One idea is that you could stop going to the pool, the gym, or the park, give up laughing hysterically at jokes, and live in an irritant-free bubble;  however, it doesn’t seem practical nor possible.  Sadly, even using an asthma medicine as a prevention will not always prevent you from having asthma attacks when you least expect them. Don’t you wish there was an easier way, something simple that didn’t require inhalers and nebulizers?

Baltic Essentials Turquoise for Asthma

There is an excellent natural alternative for treating asthma, and the answer is simpler than you might think- turquoise. Turquoise has high contents of copper and phosphorous, both known to reduce inflammation and help open breathing passages.  It is called the “gem of kings” and has been used for centuries to aid in healing, clear the mind and bring good fortune.  Even old King Tut himself prized turquoise so much that his coffin is filled with the precious stones.

Ancient cultures from all over the world loved turquoise for its unique powers back then, such as the ancient Chinese and Turks (from where turquoise gets its name), the ancient Egyptians, and the ancient Incas and Mayas. Even now, the love for the powerful gem remains.Turquoise is known to inspire confidence, mental clarity, and heal the lungs because of its ability to increase circulation.  It is associated with the throat chakra, which supports the neck and lower sinuses. Knowing that, it makes sense to wear turquoise around the neck to receive optimal benefits from it.

Baltic Essentials Has Natural Turquoise Necklaces as well as authentic Baltic amber, which is famous for its power to reduce inflammation. You can reap the highest level of benefits by using both stones.  These precious stones will make breathing easier and it doesn't hurt that they are beautiful to wear. Turquoise, in particular, comes in the traditional aqua blue and a rare white turquoise.  Don’t let asthma prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest; start breathing easier by Purchasing natural turquoise from BalticEssentials today!


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