Baltic Essentials Amber: A Natural Remedy For Cancer Pain

Remedy for Cancer Pain

May 10, 2016 3 min read

Cancer Pain

Approximately 60% of people undergoing cancer treatment are bound to feel the unfortunate experience of pain -- the numbers are significantly higher for those in the advanced stage. Cancer pain varies for everyone (even for those who have the same type of cancer) and it may be dull, sharp or achy; it may be intermittent or continual, and may feel moderate or severe in intensity when it comes. Pain is also influenced by environmental, physical and emotional factors.

What Are the Types and Causes Cancer Pain?

There are four primary types of pain someone with cancer may feel.

  1. Phantom Pain: When someone has had an area of their body removed such as the arm, leg or breast. Many describe this type of pain as unbearable. It is believed that while the "cognitive part" of the brain is aware of the removal of a body part, the "feeling side" of the brain cannot comprehend the loss so it "aches." Nearly 70% of people who have to remove a portion of their body succumb to it. Some state the pain fades after a year once the brain finally comes to the realization there is a permanent missing part on the body and grows accustomed to it. Others may still feel pain beyond that.

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  1. Soft Tissue Pain: It is also referred to as visceral pain and is of often described as throbbing or cramping that comes from a muscle or body organ.


  1. Bone Pain: In some cases, cancer can reach either specific or multiple areas in the bone and cause pain due to damages cancer cells in the bone injury.


  1. Referred pain: When pain in an organ is felt in another area of the body, it is called referred pain. Some may feel pain in their shoulder if their liver is swollen, for example, because the soft organ presses on nerves that end in the shoulder.

While the goal of treating cancer is through the use of radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or surgery, each come with side effects. The chances of experiencing pain for those undergoing therapy is higher for those who have a suppressed immune system. Even after therapy, pain can continue to occur after these treatments or surgery.  


Treatment Options for Cancer Pain

 Any level of pain is a discomfort can negatively affect the daily lives of people with cancer. The amount of pain those with cancer have depend on the stage, the type of cancer, the location, and whether not damaged nerves are present. The pain cancer clients feel may even can cause depression, fear, and lack of sleep.

Science and technology have grown significantly in the last decade alone and offer various ways to treat the cancer itself and the pain that comes with it. Many people find that a combination of treatments work for them to get the right pain relief through surgery, therapy, medicinal, and non-medicinal methods.

There are a number of people who prefer to treat the pain they are experiencing in a natural, holistic way. Baltic Essentials Amber Products come in necklaces and bracelets and are available for teens and adults who want to alleviate pain. Baltic amber beads are a tree resin that has anti-inflammatory properties and can help relieve cancer pain for those who are undergoing treatment and for those who want to use it exclusively. The attractive beads come in a variety of designs and can be worn as an accessory while it treat the pain you or a loved one is experiencing.

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