Help an Adopted Baby Bond Naturally with Rose Quartz

Help Adopted Babies

August 03, 2016 2 min read

The Road to Adoption

After years of fertility treatments, doctors’ appointments and failed attempts, heartbreak, prayers and an endless stack of paperwork, you’re finally bringing home your own little miracle – an adopted baby. You’ve tried to prepare yourself in every way possible by reading parenting books, painting the nursery, and stocking up on diapers and bottles, but there’s one thing that worries you the most; that special bond between mother and child, that moment when the little one looks at you and instantly recognizes you as her mother. 

You might not have been there for nine months feeling her twirl and kick in your belly, but that won’t stop you from loving her just as much as if you did. She might not have ever heard your voice speaking outside the womb, but that won’t stop her from calling you Mom.  Adoption is a precious gift for both parents and children, finding that one missing piece of the puzzle to make the picture complete. But there are plenty of obstacles in the way, and one of those first obstacles is forming a bond with your new adopted baby.

What can you do?

Almost all adoptive parents fear that their new baby will prefer her birth parents to them; they worry that they may find fault with the new baby because she isn’t theirs by blood. But the truth of the matter is that bonding is a constant, lifelong process, created by each shared experience. However, there is a little something extra you can do to dispel those fears and put those worries to rest – a “mommy and me” Baltic Amber and Pink Rose Quartz necklace setfrom Rose Quartz is known all over the world as the Heart Stone. It is a stone that speaks directly to the heart chakra in a very powerful way, emitting energies of unconditional love, nurturing, peace and comfort; it opens the heart to both give and receive love.  Rose Quartz is used also for disseminating emotional wounds and fears and has been used as a relationship talisman since 600 B.C.  Baltic Amber is prized for its high content of succinic acid, an element that helps to naturally reduce pain and inflammation.

These two stones come together as the perfect solution to help ease your anxieties over being a new parent and help your new adopted baby know that she is loved beyond words.

Baltic Amber, Hazelwood, Teething


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