Kids Gain Confidence with Baltic Essentials

Every Parent's Nightmare

Picture this: you’re driving up to the daycare, ready to drop off your toddler for the day so you can head to work and you feel the dread begin to creep in.  You send up a silent prayer, “Please let it be a  good day”, and keep your fingers crossed.  Your toddler, who up till now has been happily munching on Cheerios, realizes where he is and begins his daily resistance.  You carry him to his room, all the while giving hugs and kisses and trying to calm his fears, but as soon as he sees the classroom, he screams and clings to your leg like Velcro.  Doing your best to remain calm, you gently peel him away, speaking in soothing tones, trying to distract him with a toy.  It’s no use. He’s already crying and you’re already feeling like the worst parent in the world.  His teacher picks him up and says with a knowing smile, “He’ll be fine in a few minutes”, as you guiltily trudge back to your car.  Every day it’s the same routine and you wonder if he will ever outgrow his separation anxiety.

What can you do?

Parenting experts agree that there are several things you can do to help ease your toddler through his separation anxiety. Introducing him to his caregiver, spending some time in the classroom, putting up pictures of the caregiver holding your toddler, walking him through the daily process, reading special books to him, etc.  They are all great solutions, some more practical than others.  But what if it’s not enough?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to wait for that phase to pass and could just breeze through the drop-off process like the other parents? Isn’t there something you can do to help your little man be more confident without your presence? Fortunately, has just the remedy you’ve been looking for – a Baltic Amber and Red Agate necklace for toddlers.  Red Agate’s fiery color lends itself to dissolving shyness and fearfulness and instilling a sense of personal power and vitality.  It is a stone that promotes courage and self-confidence, while it’s deep earthly connection promotes security, trust and calm. Red Agate also dispels anger and is particularly useful for helping toddlers overcome the trauma of separation anxiety. Additionally, Baltic Amber’s high content of succinic acid is known to reduce inflammation and pain associated with teething, gas, and other symptoms that may have your toddler up in arms.

So certainly take whatever steps you can at home to prepare your little one for your departure, whether it involves reading a certain book, explaining his day to him, or making sure he has his “lovey”; but most importantly, make sure he has his Baltic Amber and Red Agate necklace to remind him of how much he is loved.